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  1. I don't have the device so this may not help at all...

    The labels shown in the drop down would be up to the plug-in and not the DAW.

    The DAW does not know what purpose the input serves.

    Here is an example of FabFilter Pro-C sidechain input in CbB, the plug-in in instantiated on the TTS-1 track 2, the image shows the track 1 menu w/ Pro-c in the sends


    "Input 2" is likely the sidechain input in Console 1 too

    IOW send drop down labels are constructed by appending the plug-in name with

    • secondary plug-in input pair names supplied by the plug-in  (there could be multiple input pairs which would result in multiple send selections) and
    • track name
  2. 56 minutes ago, sjoens said:

    Mercury and Tungsten are CbB default themes. Why in the world would they ever need updated.

    Mercury is a theme in name only. This "theme" is comprised of the resource files used by the DAW. 

    Theme files store differences from these resource files.

    Tungsten is one of these theme files with a special extension and location. Other than these 2 things it is the same as user created themes.


    Both Mercury and Tungsten may be updated with the DAW.


    When the DAW starts up, it attempts to validate the theme. If this fails for factory supplied themes, I have doubts about the installation. A simple CbB uninstall/reinstall would be on my short list of remedies.


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  3. How to add time rulers from http://legacy.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Playback.06.html


    To add or remove Time ruler formats using the Plus/Minus buttons

    • Click the Plus button and select a Time ruler format from the pop-up menu.
    • Click the Plus button and select a Time ruler format you would like to add from the pop-up menu.
    • Click the Minus button and select from the pop-up menu to remove an active Time ruler format.
    • Right-click in the Time ruler and move the cursor to Time ruler format in the pop-up menu. A list of all Time ruler formats appears. Active formats are checked, inactive formats are unchecked.
      • Click a checked format to move it down one row.
      • Click an unchecked format to replace the topmost displayed format.


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  4. The VST scanner recursively traverses paths defined in CbB attempting to load every dll file it encounters, except in the spec'd VST3 folders where only files with a vst3 extension are loaded.

    Chances are the scan path contains folders it shouldn't.

    Post a image of the VST Setting screen (link above) if you need help setting up the scan path.

    This preference screen also provides a "Generate Scan Log" option which may help.

    Enable "Scan in Sandbox" if it is not already.

    Always run scans from preferences.

  5. 7 minutes ago, musikman1 said:

    If you just upgraded your comp and kept the same hard drive with all your data on it, then maybe just try having Cakewalk re-scan all your VSTs. This can be located in the Utilities menu/Plugin Mgr.

    Ever since the introduction of Preferences > File > VST Settings decades ago in SONAR and continuing through CbB, the recommendation from the developers has been to perform all VST scanning operations from Preferences and not from the plug-in manager. The ability to scan from the plug-in manager is provided for backward compatibility and does not take advantage of some of the advanced features offered in Preferences.


  6. There is one condition I know of that will cause a plug-in to not be scanned. That is if the plug-in is a VST2 dll and is in the spec'ed VST3 path. Other than that, if the plug-in is the scan path, the VST scanner will attempt to load the plug-in at least once and register the result in the VST Inventory. Unless we have the log from the initial time these plug-ins were scanned, chances are we won't know what happened.

    Assuming the "Skipping VST2 plug-in in the VST3 folder" is not the issue and the plug-ins failed to scan the first time, they may be marked bad and are in the excluded list.

    If this is the case, to force scanning of excluded plug-ins in CbB Preferences File > VST Settings 

    • set Scan to Manual Scan
    • Enable Rescan Failed Plugins, Scan in Scanbox and Generate Scan Log
    • Click the Scan button
    • Disable the Rescan Failed Plug-ins option (the two rescan options should normally be disabled
    • reset the scan frequency as desired

    Look for the plug-ins, if they are not listed review the log and check the entries for the plug-ins.

    The ultimate hammer is VST Reset. Running a VST Reset clears the VST Inventory in the registry and completely rebuilds it. Make sure when running a VST Reset to enable the sandbox and logging options. These options are only available in Preferences, they are not available in the plug-in manager.  


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  7. 40 minutes ago, T-Boog said:

    Btw Scook, you mentioned the Realtek/internal sound chip. I'm using the ASIO driver with my interface. Does the internal sound chip still come into play in this case? (Forgive my ignorance. I'm still trying to learn how these things work)

    Probably not, Reatek is not the only manufacturer of audio gear NOT designed for DAW use.

    Some companies that sell products intended for DAWs have devices that just don't seem to be up to the task because of poor driver support.

    Hardware/drivers may not be an issue. It may be something else entirely.

    Of course, if one was really looking for answers they would be more forthcoming with information.

    Describing symptoms without describing the patient is bad medicine.

  8. 12 hours ago, Sleetah2000 said:

    I'm primarily concerned with identifying the low hanging fruit items rather than hand wringing over entries that should potentially stay.

    Chances are you've already overthought this. Often, excluding plug-ins is the best solution. They are effectively unavailable for new projects while still loading in existing projects and templates. Going any further runs the risk of plug-ins missing from existing projects.

    That said....


    Here is a post about a tool to display all VST2/3 plug-ins found by Sonar Xn Producer/Platinum/CbB. It may be helpful.


    If the VST2/3 plug-in binary is not in the scan path, the next scan removes it's information from the DAW's VST Inventory in the registry. 

    Whether this is done by removing the scan path from the DAW configuration, moving the plug-in files from the scan path or uninstall the plug-in is up to the user.  The last option is the most complete as the plug-in is no longer resident on the machine.


    DX format plug-ins are host bitness specific. 32bit DX plug-in are not even seen by 64bit DX hosts like CbB. Unlike VST plug-ins, DX plug-ins are registered during installation using the Windows utility regsvr32.exe and do not need to be scanned by the DAW to be available. The same regsvr32.exe is used to unregister plug-ins. This is a manual process and may be performed at the command line. The command needs to be run as administrator. Like all Windows command line utilities /? brings up its help. But I feel like this is already TMI about the handful of DX plug-ins on your PC.

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  9. 7 hours ago, T-Boog said:

     Hi. Is there a reason why playback gives no probs at 1024 buffer size but crackles/clicks at 2048?  (I have 7 audio tracks with effects and 3 VSTs with effects. Nothing is frozen yet).

    Reads like minimal hardware, a lot FXs (or really CPU intensive ones or both), very poor configuration or a combination of all three.

    There are limits to what a PC can do using the internal sound chip. CPU, SSDs and RAM are not going to compensate for Realtek.

    If this is a hardware limitation getting the project to all audio tracks by freezing and/or bounce+archive may be an important part of the workflow.

  10. 1 hour ago, sadicus said:

    How to have each Instance of Scaler have a Unique Output name?

    They already do or the DAW could not tell one instance from another

    In the image above the unique names are insured by a counter appended to the name of the plug-in

    • Scaler 2-1
    • Scaler 2-2
    • Scaler 2-3

    By default, this is also used for the track name.

    Change the name of the plug-in instance and all the I/O referencing that plug-in will update accordingly,

    Try modifying the names in the synth rack. I believe the instance counter is retained and displayed in menus regardless of the names used.


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