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  1. I am not sure, have not used a Presonus interface in some time.

    Presonus support should be able to provide the definitive answer.

    If I had to guess... Studio USB ASIO Driver

    Export the ASIO entire entry

    Delete the entire ASIO entry from the registry

    Create a copy of the export, remove all but the Studio USB ASIO Driver and import it then start up the DAW.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Dave Oliffe said:

    Ok, here are all of them, in order...

    AudioBox ASIO Driver / ioStation ASIO Driver / PaeFireStudio / Quantum ASIO driver / Realtek ASIO / Revelator ASIO / Studio 192 ASIO / Studio USB ASIO Driver / StudioLive AR ASIO / StudioLive Classic USB / StudioLive Series III ASIO


    I believe all of those except for the RealTek were installed by Presonus.

    The RealTek should be removed. It is a problem driver.

    Of the Presonus drivers, the Studio 1824c only uses one of them. The rest serve no purpose but the DAW has to check them every time it starts to see if something is connected to the driver.

  3. Ran against 2021.01 and 2021.04 again. Both updated OK, full installer for 2021.01 and update installer for 2021.04.

    Ran Studio Instruments Add-on only against damaged SI install (missing files). Fixed OK.

    Bonus, now I know which installer contains the demo files.

    Would rather have them in a separate installer.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Lord Tim said:

    My understanding is that this replaces the initial install that Bandlab Assistant is required for currently, and then once CbB is installed then you'd update in-app.

    This and grabbing installers for machines without an internet connection.

    All it needs is the logic to handle activation and BA would be redundant (at least for CbB download, install, activation and update).

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  5. 1 minute ago, jesse g said:

    I think I am going to just create a new account and forget about them sending me an  email to change the password on my previous account.

    If all you purchased and registered before was software, you will need to create a new account. The old software only accounts were not migrated to the new store.

  6. I am all for something new.

    Re-releasing Dimension Pro is a step backward.

    Dimension Pro was dropped from the product line around 2015. 

    The last update to the plug-in was in 2010.

    Of course, like other legacy synths, it was still bundled with certain versions of SONAR.

    Dimension Pro, Rapture and Cakewalk Sound Center were replaced by Rapture Session/Pro.

    If BandLab were to release an old Cakewalk synth, these are the likely candidates.


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  7. Often unexpected MIDI playback is the result of a plug-in with "Enable MIDI Output" selected on one or more tracks  and the input on the track with the mystery playback set to "All Inputs - Omni"

    By default, synth plug-ins capable of sending MIDI data have "Enable MIDI Output" selected. This setting is on the VST drop down in the plug-in standard header.


    Deselecting "Enable MIDI Output" when not needed and avoiding "All Inputs" input settings fixes this problem.

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  8. I tried running the new installer (Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Download_Setup_1.0.0.013.exe) with

    • 2021.01 build 98 installed 
    • 2021.04 build 175 installed

    in both cases, the appropriate version of 2021.06 was downloaded and installed.

    The installer did not detect the existing add-on installs. Maybe it should have some notation if previously installed but still allow re-install.

    Neither gave me the chance to run the program after install completed

    I wonder if the new installer should mention in-app updating if it detects a previous install?

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  9. Using v1.2.3 of Hornet AutoGain Pro Mk2 VST2 

    1. Add the plug-in into the FX rack of the track needing the effect
    2. Enable write In the plug-in UI
    3. Write enable an automation lane for the plug-in's Gain
    4. On the track used to control the level create a send to the plug-in

    Start the transport

    I did notice, the plug-in UI must be open in order to send data to the automation lane.

  10. 4 minutes ago, msmcleod said:

    One gotcha with SI Bass that gets me every time, is the fact that it's transposed down an octave, while still only playing the range of a bass guitar.

    That may explain why SI-Bass has a built-in transpose control

  11. 7 minutes ago, msmcleod said:

    fair enough - although personally I just freeze the track, or if I need to keep it copy the frozen audio to another audio track 

    While I have not personally experienced the problem, over the years there have been reports of MIDI data vanishing when unfreezing a track. 

    Also, in order to freeze a track there must be MIDI data in the track and it is impossible to manipulate the plug-in UI while freezing.


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