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  1. My guess is,,,this  is spam. A little different than most in that the link was added with the OP and relevant to the forum.


    That said, if this a genuine request for help...consider returning the "AKLOT" interface and spend a little more for an entry level Focusrite (such as the Scarlett Solo) or Presonus AudioBox series device.  

    Devices such as the one linked in the OP that ship with ASIO4ALL in leu of a proper ASIO driver are defective by design, at least when it comes to this application.



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  2. Unless one needs the features offered by BandLab Assistant, the Cakewalk Installer may be a little easier to use, especially when the add-ons are involved. Unlike BA, the Cakewalk installer does not track previous installation attempts.


    By default, Studio Instruments place plug-in specific folders in three directories:

    • C:\Program Files\Cakewalk \Studio Instruments
    • C:\Pprogram Files\Cakewalk\Vstfiles
    • C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Studio Instruments


    Assuming the plug-ins are installed, they may have scanned incorrectly. This has been reported before. The plug-ins were in the VST2 Audio FX section in the Plug-in Manager and FX plug-in layouts. If this is the case, run a VST Reset from CbB preferences. Enable "Scan in Sandbox" and "Generate Scan Log" before pressing the Reset button. Review the log, if the reset fails to pick up the plug-ins. as synths.

  3. The Melodyne differences are likely due to when the licenses were issued.

    Free upgrades to Melodyne 2 Essential came directly from Celemony for licensed v1 users. This includes SONAR X3 users.

    After Melodyne 2 was released, new SONAR purchases and upgrades from products that did not contain a Melodyne license got the new version in their Cakewalk accounts.



    All the rest of the account errors are network foo due to recent server name changes

    Hopefully someday Bandlab will sort it all out

    Pretty sure support@cakewalk.com are aware of the problem.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, OutrageProductions said:

    Or you could <Save a Copy As> with a 'raw' name and then reset it and strip out all the bells & tweaks.

    I do a lot of "Save As" too.

    Saving under different names in the same project folder sharing the same audio predates fancy stuff like mix recall.


  5. 13 minutes ago, Broken Silence said:

    Yeah, same here. Just thought if I was able to make a decent enough video, I could put it on Youtube, as naration might explain it better. LICEcap looks useful. Is that the same cockos that makes Reaper? I'll put somethiong up when it's good enough to understand. I don't know all the lingo, so some of what I'm saying may not be clear, unless I give an example. I'm keen to show what I do with AD Drums, because I expect there will be situations when people could make use of the methd that I use.


    I mostly use LICEcap for this forum. It is from the REAPER dev,

    ScreenToGif allows image editing with text which can be handy.

    ScreenToGif can edit LICEcap captures or any animated gif.


    Video production for Youtube is a completely different subject better discussed with others.

  6. Cakewalk published AD2 templates a few years ago

    IIRC, the AD2 multiout templated used a single MIDI track, definitely before the introduction of instrument track per-output was added to CbB, 


    If you feel like putting together a text/image-based tutorial there is a dedicated Tutorial forum

    There is also a dedicated forum for templates


    Bear in mind there is a 50MB per-user upload quota. To avoid the quota, I use https://imgur.com to host images and Google Drive for files to download and link to them in my posts

  7. 40 minutes ago, BOBONA said:

    Is this an unsolvable problem? What even causes the crackling? Why don't I have Wasapi Exclusive and is there a way I can install that on my system? I'm just looking to understand more about this, since there isn't much info I could find online.

    It is impossible to say with the information provided

    Even a purpose-built audio interface with an excellent ASIO driver may not be able to overcome a poorly setup computer. 

    Laptop manufacturers make this even harder by restricting the ability to adjust the BIOS.

    That said, removing unnecessary software and checking DPC are good starts.

    Cakewalk does not write drivers for audio hardware.


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  8. FWIW, Aux tracks are just regular audio tracks with a patch point as its input.

    They follow all the rules of regular audio tracks.

    IIRC, there is some garbage collection of unused aux tracks and patch points, but I don't recall exactly how it works ATM


    CbB has only two basic track types

    • audio
    • MIDI

    All tracks in the track pane are based on these two basic types.

    Aux track = audio track with patch point input

    Instrument track = audio+MIDI track pair pointing to the same soft synth (aka simple instrument track)

    Synth track = audio track with synth input


  9. According to the website


    PC: Windows 10 or later (Intel i5 7k+ or AMD Ryzen R5+ Series processor recommended).

    Compatible with any DAW that supports AAX, AU, and/or VST3 plugin formats.

    CbB is a VST3 host that runs on Win10 and later on Intel and AMD CPUs.

    So, the DAW fills their specifications.

    There is a free time limited trial; let us know how you get on with it


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