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  1. If the interface has functional MIDI I/O and the appropriate drivers are installed then the interface should be listed in CbB Preferences > MIDI > Devices (web help links are flaky ATM use local help or pdf).

    If the keyboard is connected to the interface, the interface is handling all MIDI I/O with the DAW.


    One other thing that may be an issue is the MIDI Driver Mode setting in Preferences > MIDI > Playback and Recording 

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  2. This is because the DAW is communicating with the MIDI driver associated with Komplete Audio Interface (assuming they are listed and selected).

    The DAW has no idea what, if anything, is connected to the audio interace MIDI ports.

    If the interface MIDI ports are not listed, that is a problem.

  3. Yeah, local help is the best workaround to the current web help issue and probably the best help format available from Cakewalk for most users.

    Re-introduced a year ago, it probably should be advertised a bit more given the circumstances.

    The chm is updated with every release and offers the same context sensitive help the web-based system does.

    The pdf does is not follow as regular an update schedule.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Krister Fruberg said:

    has anyone else any problem to reach 'Cakewalk Online Help' pages

    probably everyone who has tried to access the pages since early Jun.

    Retrying may eventually load the page

    Fortunately, the pdf and chm (local help has been optional install since 2022.06) still work reliably. To use the chm instead of the web, in Preferences Edit > Preferences > File - Advanced select Always Use Local Help (one day this link may be useful)

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  5. Funny this subject should come up; I was re-reading the link below yesterday.

    I do not keep up with tech much these days, but this still may be relevant to discussions about plug-in UIs and Open GL.

    This link starts in the middle of the thread where the interesting stuff starts (at least what I found interesting)


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  6. On 7/18/2023 at 12:34 PM, Xoo said:

    I think they are DX effects that cane with an older version of Sound Forge, so recanning VSTs won't help.

    This is my guess.

    SoundForge did and may still include plug-ins with the names "Simple Delay" and "Volume"

    They were DX format (although there is nothing in the CbB missing plug-in message to indicate format) and available for 64bit hosts.

    I see them in my plug-in layout today.

    So, they came with SoundForge Pro 12, 13 or both. The only SoundForge versions installed ATM.

    Probably bundled with other MAGIX products too.


    Depending on the age of the project, it may require installing a 32bit DAW and SoundForge to get the project to load the plug-ins.

    If one has a 64bit version of SoundForge available that may work too.

    I have not used the SoundForge plug-ins in a very long time and never in Cakewalk products except to test. 



  7. Disabling the audio driver prevents the hardware from being seen by the DAW and it will stay disabled until some Windows update decides to override the setting.

    Removing drivers without removing the hardware that needs the drivers just makes work for the operating system.

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  8. Some machines expose suppressing on-board audio in the BIOS.

    Some users leave the RealTek enabled and use it for non-DAW audio. Some run all audio through the DAW audio interface.

    RME handles multiple clients well so either method should be fine. 

    For NVIDIA , on Win10 I opened up the old Windows Device Manager and disabled the driver. Does Win11 still have this? Do need to check periodically. Windows updates may revert the setting.

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  9. This is your thread

    If you do not believe the problem is solved leave the subject alone


    I am not sure what 

    9 hours ago, A Tolerable Quietude said:

    general problem remains


    9 hours ago, A Tolerable Quietude said:

    I think if restarting hadn't worked, Max Arwood's suggestion of experimenting with MIDI CCs, probably starting at CC 14 and working up from there, would be the best course of action.

    That's the point. Reboot cleared the problem. 

    This common "fix", suggested by software support centers worldwide, is not merely an expedient to improve call center statistics.


    MIDI is not going to change the way VST automation works in the DAW or plug-ins. MIDI and VST automation have very little in common. They are implemented using specifications from different governing bodies addressing different questions.


    "MIDI automation" in the DAW track view is converted into CC data on-the-fly and merged it into the MIDI data stream fed to the plug-in MIDI input. 


    Could the addition of some plug-ins uncover a bug in the DAW? Sure, but it could also indicate an issue with the OS, plugins, installer, some other software or a cocktail of causes. We may never know because rebooting the machine seems to have worked in this case.



    thanks for moding the subject line

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