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  1. Generally input echo is used when recording soft synth and monitoring audio through the DAW. Input echo is usually turned off when playing back audio and MIDI clips. Automatically enabling input echo can have unwanted side effects like MIDI data from one track playing the "wrong" synth. This is because an instrument/MIDI track automatically changes input to Omni if it is set to None when input echo is enabled.
  2. Enabling "always echo current MIDI track" means every time the track has focus input echo will be enabled. While convenient a better solution is disable "always echo current MIDI track" and manually control input echo. An input echo button is on all track strip headers in the track view, track inspectors and console strips.
  3. While waiting for the MIDI equivalent of audio patch points, there are a couple of ways to drive multiple MIDI tracks with the same MIDI data 1) Duplicating tracks. To automatically keep multiple copies of the same clip in sync make sure to link clips when duplicating tracks. When linked, changes made to one clip propagates to the others. The link option is in the duplicate track settings dialog. When working with clips instead of tracks Paste Special has an option to link clips. 2) Virtual MIDI Cable - both LoopBe1 and LoopMIDI are free. They may be used to send a MIDI track to multiple MIDI tracks. LoopBe1 provides a single virtual cable. LoopMIDI can provide multiple virtual cables. The manufacturer of LoopBe1 has a paid solution for multiple cables.
  4. There is a link to the CbB shortcuts in the program's Help menu. The url is http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=KeyboardShortcuts.html
  5. The user defined layouts should be immediately below the the "Sort by" layouts. If they are not visible, it could be they are on a compressed drive, they are not located in the folder specified in preferences or there is some other problem parsing the files.
  6. You should be able to print the shortcuts pages in PDF format today. Go to http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=KeyboardShortcuts.html and print the page. Instead of sending the output to a printer, select "Microsoft Print to PDF"
  7. That's done. First, someone told me to disable the onboard sound device in the Bios, finally I unabled it again yesterday and assigned Windows sound. The problem some run into when running a their DAW audio interface as the default Windows audio device is the DAW and Windows are not configured to run the same sample rate. If one has projects at different sample rates, it may be convenient to run Windows audio through the onboard chip to avoid having to deal with the sample rate mismatch issue.
  8. To embed an image in a post requires a link to the IMAGE. For example, using an image I uploaded to http://imgur.com. The image hosting site I have recommended since your first post. The link quoted may work if the site allows linking directly to the image. This is a link to the page containing the image https://imgur.com/3Oa2ztH Adding this type of link does not embed the image because it is not an image, it is a link to the page containing the image. Similar to what was done in this thread and other attempts to embed imaged. Notice, it lacks an image extension. This is a direct link to the image on the page https://i.imgur.com/3Oa2ztH.png The forum recognizes this as an image will automatically embed the full-size image like this
  9. There is a shortcut to toggle the setting. It is CTRL+W The option switches the CTRL+SPACE and SPACE shortcuts.
  10. A LOOPER PLUGIN WITH ALL THE THINGS We are incredibly pleased to announce that Enso, our feature-packed looper plug-in for AU, AAX, VST, VST3, and iOS AUv3, is now available for purchase in the Audio Damage store. Enso combines traditional digital looping features with more esoteric "Frippertronics" style musical looping to provide a luxury-level loop tool that will work anywhere you do, from the home studio to your morning commute to the stage. Demo available on our website. Early bird pricing of US$59.00 until March 4th, US$79.00 after that.
  11. There is a link to the shortcuts in the documentation on the CbB help menu
  12. It would be helpful if you review the existing requests in this area. Some of the new threads created are duplicates of previous request. WRT a beta program PM @Noel Borthwick he should be able to tell you if they are looking for beta testers.
  13. The upgrade to 4 required surrendering a license to an older version. Unless you had 2 or more licenses for v2 or received a v4 license without upgrading, the v2 installers may be useless.
  14. Position the cursor, hold down the ALT key then click-drag. The cursor does not change until the click. It has worked the same for all versions with the Skylight UI. See http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Views.36.html#1692167 Note: there are a lot of hot spots in the console view so, cursor position is important. For example, it should work in the location shown in the video above (IOW just above the track/bus label) and the In/Out label above the drop down.
  15. In the past, Celemony support has supplied v4.1 installers on request. This version works fine with CbB.
  16. Arranging buses in the console view works just like arranging track in the console view, ALT+drag
  17. I just tested the 64bit VST version of Bigcat's Sonatina Trombone. As a rule, I install plug-ins in manufacturer folders in the default VST folder. In this case I unzipped "Sonatina_Trombone_-_64.zip" into "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\bigcat\Sonatina Trombone." After unzipping into this folder, it contained a file called "Sonatina Trombone - 64.dll" and a "Sonatina Trombone - 64.instruments" containing a file called "Sonatina Trombone - 64.mse" I have CbB set to automatic background scan so, starting up CbB the scanner found the new synth. After adding the synth to a new project, it played OK.
  18. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Troubleshooting.19.html
  19. FXpansion is one of the few drum synth manufacturers who implement the VST2.1 effGetMidiKeyName opcode which CbB uses to populate the PRV notes pane names. IOW, using BFD3 there is no need for a drum map or extending the master.ins to see instrument names in the PRV. It would be nice if all of the drum synth manufacturers bothered to implement this feature.
  20. I use the smart tool almost exclusively. To make multiple selections with the smart tool - after the initial selection (right-click+drag to lasso with the smart tool), hold the CTRL key and repeat the right-click+drag to lasso more notes. Here is a small video - after the initial selection the CTRL key is held the rest of the time to select and deselect notes across two clips.
  21. There is nothing special about the thread other than the sticky flag set by a host (IIRC Karyn). It does not matter who created the thread the forum is set to read only.
  22. Try delete with ripple edit enabled (ripple edit addresses problems with "delete hole"). If the problem persists there may be a problem with your project template(s). If this is the case, consider building new project template(s).
  23. Cakewalk does not select empty measures at the end of a project. Select all selects through the last bit of data. To truncate a project, move the Now marker to the "end" of the project Select All then Select From Now then Delete Special (make sure all data types are selected in the delete special dialog). This should remove all data to the right of the Now marker
  24. Open your profile using your user name link in the upper right and look at your activity Prior to this thread, you created this one
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