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  1. Yes, this is a job for the Theme Editor. View Background (odd) and View Background (even) are set in Track view > Clips Pane
  2. scook

    No MIDI input

    Maybe Don't see many threads like this but allowing the program to restore the default file seems to work every time.
  3. scook

    No MIDI input

    Delete or rename %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\TTSSEQ.INI
  4. Gibson/Cakewalk produced a SONAR Reference Guide pdf around once a year and a chm file with every release of SONAR. Both of these files were reformatted snap shots of the web-based help. The local help (chm file) option was removed from CbB preferences. BandLab continues to provide the web-based help with a much smaller staff. When BandLab purchased Cakewalk IP from Gibson there was some discussion of producing a downloadable version of the web-based help. To date, this has not happened. Bear in mind, there is a list of tasks for the current BandLab staff including a bunch of yet to be released plug-ins. Each of these plug-ins require documentation updates too.
  5. There is a bug in the process. My understanding is all new project uploads should be private.
  6. Set the Track Control drop down to "All" and adjust the track size to see the controls
  7. Essential provides a limited number of detection algorithms. Read about them here Polyphonic material requires Melodyne Editor or Studio. Watch for sales.
  8. If Bias (or any FX plug-in) works with MIDI data make sure the "Enable MIDI Input" is selected in the VST2/3 drop down above the plug-in UI. When enabled, the plug-in will be listed in MIDI track input drop downs. Make sure input echo is enabled on the MIDI track Any plug-in may use MIDI for automation via Remote Control and ACT
  9. For future reference, when a "General Error" is encountered, try starting and stopping the transport then save.
  10. scook

    How To Copy A Project?

    To create a new project at the same directory level as the original. On the main menu click File > "Save As" Click the icon pointed to by 1 Enter the new project name in the field pointed to by 2 Notice the Project and Audio Path fields at the bottom of the dialog are automatically filled in with the new paths.
  11. There should be a Display drop down, Audio and MIDI tab at the bottom of the inspector. They are not shown in your image above. If they are not there, it may be the display resolution is too low. The minimum resolution required for CbB is 1280x800.
  12. The speed of light depends on the media it is traveling through. It will be much slowing going through fiber (but still pretty fast).
  13. It may help to know which version of Melodyne the OP is using and what task is "too glitchy"
  14. Not necessarily, there are some 32bit plug-ins that perform better in jBridge. That said, the faster one can retire 32bit plug-ins the better. Unsupported, not maintained, requiring an additional layer of software to work, 32bit plug-ins are not a good idea.
  15. Latency is the result of the audio interface driver buffer setting and Plug-in Delay Compensation. There is only one audio driver in that setup.
  16. There is a setting in preferences but chances are you won't need to mess with it. The BitBridge server runs automatically when scanning 32bit plug-ins and when 32bit plug-ins are loaded into a project.
  17. Yes, BandLab bought the BitBridge code too. CbB includes it.
  18. Starting with 2017-11 if running the previous release, BA downloads an update installer instead of the full CbB installer. This is a much smaller file and may only be applied to the previous release. BA downloads the full installer only on the initial install and if the installed version is not the previous release.
  19. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.03.html
  20. Video tutorials can help. There are quite a few tutorials on SONAR and Music Creator which are relevant to CbB. The first release of CbB was the unreleased last version of SONAR with a few tweaks. There are quite a few tutorials on the older Cakewalk products on the old company website here For a more in depth tutorial on an older product (SONAR X2) have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR1DLE2UIfM&list=PLKRYWdEpbc5PgUgvrNuSvVyfv5qkll0qj and the X3 update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX09_s9wsDI&list=PLKRYWdEpbc5MtPslyvpY_tkunB34cvU75
  21. Don't ignore free plug-ins. FabFilter products are excellent but price is not necessarily a good indicator of quality or utility. There are hundreds of useful free plug-ins. One could spend quite a bit of time at the kvr products pages. Here are two examples: The Melda Production MFreeFXBundle. Completely usable as is and the license which unlocks extra features is a bargain when on sale. Melda routinely puts plug-ins on sale at 50% off. Their product bundles go on sale a couple times a year Blue Cat Audio has a collection of free plug-ins worth a look
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