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  1. NoteMapper may not be the solution. Since this is not about using the data in the DAW, I might use a different approach. If I had a bunch of MIDI files that I wanted to delete notes from I might create a CAL script for each filter then Load a MIDI file Select All using CTRL+A Process > Run CAL and select the CAL script filter to run Use "Save Copy As" to rename the filtered file If I had more than one CAL script, hit CTRL+Z to undo the first script then repeat steps 3,4 and 5 using the different CAL scripts until done with the MIDI file Close the MIDI file Repeat all steps until all the MIDI files are processed. Here is a sample CAL script that deletes all notes values above 77 deletes all notes value below 60 deletes all note values 61, 70 and 75 deletes all non-note events Copy the script and paste it into notepad or any text editor Adjust the high, low values (values in green) and add as many notes to delete in the switch statement (lines in blue) as necessary Save to "C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\CAL Scripts" with a meaningful name such as organFilter1.CAL The name can be anything but the ".CAL" extension is important Create as many scripts as needed adjusting the values for each organ.
  2. In this case, something like the free NoteMapper from Code FN42 may be a good solution. It appears as a synth to the DAW. Pass the MIDI through this plug-in setting the probability to 100% only for the notes needed and use this plug-in as the input to the MIDI tracks for the organs.
  3. It might be plug-in related. To invoke safe mode, hold the SHIFT key down while opening a project. Safe mode provides a way to skip plug-in during project load. Here is more information about plug-in issues. Here is more information about reporting crashes to BandLab
  4. May want to clean up the clips with an FFT filter, then boost the level. Most 3rd party editors come with noise reduction tools. The free ReaPlugs includes ReaFIR which works in CbB. I use iZotope RX for clean up but it too comes with plug-ins should I need to work in CbB. iZotope Elements frequently goes on sale for ~20$.
  5. When exporting tracks and buses they default to starting at 0 regardless of where the first clip is located but it is possible to make a time-based selection either before opening the export dialog and/or in the export dialog itself too.
  6. Export tracks/buses starting at 0 or export broadcast wave files assuming the recipient is using a product that imports BWF files based on their timestamp.
  7. scook

    Boz Digital Panther

    AFAIK, the only PC modules made by Boz are an older version of Panipulator and Bark of Dog Hoser XT Plus 10 db Compressor and Equalizer
  8. CHANGE YOUR WORKSPACE SETTING and next time please do not append unrelated posts to threads.
  9. When documented features appear to be missing check the Workspace setting Changing the track control drop down works but will not persist across sessions as long as the workspace is set.
  10. MFX plug-ins are handy tools, just not for forcing MIDI channel data.
  11. I doubt it. That function is built into each instrument/MIDI track via the channel drop down.
  12. The channel drop down is available on instrument track headers if Workspaces is set to None and the track control drop down is set to All.
  13. Track controls in headers in the track view may be hidden either by a workspace or the track control drop down (image below) Setting workspaces to None and the track control drop down to All reveals all track controls. All track controls are always visible on track inspectors. The channel drop down is the one above C in the image below
  14. Use the channel drop down in the track header or track inspector to force the channel CAL cannot process data in real time but drum maps, and MFX plug-in do. If passing data on to hardware, MFX plug-ins may be the simplest solution.
  15. When it comes to Kontakt and volume issues, the first suspect is the per-project setting Zero Controllers When Play Stop
  16. scook

    Bandlab Login Fails

    From what has been posted, you received at least two write failures during install. I have no confidence in the install. In 2021.04 audio waveforms by default have an outline. This is set in the Track View menu under Display > Show Waveform Outlines Since the images above do not have the Refresh Activation option in the Help menu, they must be from a version older than 2020.11. FYI, the program must refresh its activation at least every 6 months. Updating periodically is a good idea, The activation is refreshed at needed when updating. Here is some more information about activation.
  17. scook

    Bandlab Login Fails

    There is always support@cakewalk.com
  18. scook

    Bandlab Login Fails

    Could be a corrupted installer. Could be a disc problem. Could be anti-virus/malware software.
  19. scook

    Bandlab Login Fails

    Only an install will add files like the one that is missing. A reboot insures nothing on the disc is marked as in use, so the install has a better chance of running to completion. If you prefer more authoritative help contact support@cakewalk.com.
  20. scook

    Bandlab Login Fails

    Forget about BandLab Assistant. The Cakewalk Installer is a more reliable way to install CbB. Reboot before running the install.
  21. It depends on the interface, but this should not matter that much since the DAW records the input signal before the plug-ins. Once recorded the clip gain may be adjusted as needed for TH3.
  22. this ^ see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Plug-ins.2.html#1863476 Like most plug-ins it may be applied destructively or non-destructively on a per-track or per-clip basis and is fully automatable.
  23. scook

    Bandlab Login Fails

    Could try running the Cakewalk Installer near the bottom of this page.
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