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    For some time now, rollback installers are provided in the product announcements to roll back to the previous version. These rollback installers may be sequentially applied to get back to older releases. The rollback installer for 2022.02 is in the 2022.06 product announcement.
  2. Try setting the preset in the plug-in, make sure the channel, bank and preset drop downs in the MIDI/instrument track are set to None and forget about adding this info to the MIDI data. These drop downs may be found in the MIDI/instrument (MIDI tab) track inspector "C" below or the track header when the Track Control Manager drop down is set to All
  3. Please, do not cross-post thanks
  4. You are welcome. If you ever need access to the audio and MIDI track hiding in an instrument track, bring up the track context menu for the instrument track and instead of "Make Instrument Track" there will be an option to "Split Instrument Track". While rarely necessary as most audio and MIDI controls/functions are available on instrument tracks there are a few things that require audio+MIDI track pair such as synth audio recording.
  5. By default, ALT+F4 has no global binding in CbB. If you have unsaved changes before export, consider saving before starting an export. To interrupt an export, click the x next to the progress bar in the transport It may not respond immediately but ultimately should show the dialog in the image above just before stopping the export.
  6. The 200th issue of CM came out in 2014. At that time, it was possible to create accounts and register products on the Cakewalk website. In 2017, Cakewalk went out of business and the customer account database was closed to new accounts. Without a Cakewalk account, there is no way to register Cakewalk products.
  7. Assign the MIDI track output to the synth. The MIDI output drop down is always available in the track inspector and depending on the Workspace and Track Control Manager drop down may be available in the track header. In the images above, it is impossible to tell if the track inspector has been collapsed or removed from the UI and what the Workspace setting is (it is off image in the upper right of the UI) but the Track Control Manager is set to Custom. By default the Custom setting does show the track output drop down when a track header is expanded. Assuming the default Custom setting for the Track Control Manager drop down, here is a video showing how to route a MIDI track to a synth and the optional step of creating an instrument track from the audio+MIDI track pair.
  8. In the project that does not expand selected track take lanes, is auto track zoom enabled? If so, disable it.
  9. You are welcome. This is a common problem with 3rd party MIDI clips and affects all the Cakewalk sfz engine synths. I made the SI-Bass image posted above around 6 years ago. Of course, the issue is a lot older than that. The data that messes with the synths is often at the beginning of the track (but can be anywhere in the track) and may be viewed/removed in the Event List view. That said, the more expedient solution, as noted above, is setting up the synth to ignore the data.
  10. Whether a plug-in is multi-timbral or not is up to the plug-in manufacturer not the DAW. Refer the plug-in documentation for its feature set.
  11. No, track templates work at the track level. FX Chains will not work on partial clips either as they reside in FX bins and operate at the track or clip level. You will have to split the clips to process sections individually (some of this could be scripted), use plug-in automation or use Process Effect from the clip context menu after making a selection (this could benefit from scripting after making the selection).
  12. There is not enough data in a MIDI file to completely build a project using an arbitrary collection of plug-ins. Track labels are part of the MIDI spec, plug-in references are not. There is no requirement to move or delete anything when adding plug-in and audio track information to a CbB project created from a MIDI file. An Instrument track is a presentation layer above an audio+MIDI track pair. After opening the file, add the synths using any method other than the Add Track menu such as Insert > Soft Synth from the main menu or dragging a synth into the project from the plug-in browser. These methods open the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog. Select the "First Synth Audio Output" from the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog and point the appropriate MIDI track's output to the synth. That is all that is necessary to complete the track routing for a synth. Creating an instrument track from the audio+MIDI track pair is optional. To convert an audio+MIDI track pair to an instrument track, select the tracks then choose "Make Instrument Track" from one of the track header context menus.
  13. Usually when a Cakewalk sfz engine synth (DimPro, Rapture, Studio Instruments...) goes silent, the cause is unexpected MIDI data in the track. The easiest fix is enable "Do not intercept NRPNs" in plug-in properties
  14. For GM MIDI files, if there are no MIDI output devices selected in preferences, while opening the file, CbB automatically adds TTS-1 to the project with the appropriate instrument assignments.
  15. Been doing the same when I have more than a few plug-ins from a manufacturer. Reorganizing plug-in folders makes the more simplistic plug-in menus used by some hosts much easier to work with.
  16. It does not violate the recommended VST3 plug-in paths. The spec does not require plug-ins be in the root of "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3" or the recently added "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Common\VST3".
  17. Not sure. If you have an old Cakewalk SSO account, log into your account and see if the redemption page still works. I doubt it will but there is no harm in trying. The Cakewalk account database was archived when the company went out of business. No new accounts can be created.
  18. Unless you want to retain the interim results, this is no different than having both effects in the FX Rack at the same time and bouncing/freezing one time. If I were to implement this in autohotkey, I would start by creating a template containing the plug-ins and use the script to replace the template for the track. The script would require placing the cursor in the track before running the script and I might not bother scripting the bounce/freeze electing to click on the freeze button in the track after running the script.
  19. Create two instrument tracks one using ''Instrument Track per Output with stereo Outputs'' and one as a ''Simple Instrument Track'' then compare the MIDI tabs on the two track inspectors paying attention to the drop down above immediately above "C" in the image below You should see the one created using ''Instrument Track per Output with stereo Outputs'' is forcing the channel to bx_oberhausen channel 1 where the ''Simple Instrument Track'' is set to None (IOW, use the channel embedded in the MIDI notes, in this case 14). After setting the channel drop down, it does not matter what channel is actually in the data, the channel assignment forces the data to the specified channel. Note: this does not actually change the data in the DAW. It makes the channel change when streaming the data.
  20. The data in on channel 14. Multi-timbral synths use the channel assignments. Most other soft synths ignore channel assignments. Unlike most synths, the bx_Oberhausen only plays on channel 1. This is why I suggested forcing the channel in my original post and what you are doing by using the ''Instrument Track per Output with stereo Outputs'' option in the add track menu. Your controller should have a way to set the channel.
  21. So, you are saying you have verified the data in the track is on channel 1?
  22. The difference between ''Instrument Track per Output with stereo Outputs'' and ''Simple Instrument Track'' is the channel is forced to 1 (Instrument per-track assigns channel outputs sequentially) in the former and the channel is set to None in the latter. This indicates the issue is the controller sending MIDI notes on a channel other than 1. You can verify this after recording, opening the track in the Event List looking at the channel column or select the notes and look at the channel in the Event Inspector.
  23. Yes, this would be the same if the data was coming in on any channel except 1 (instead of ignoring channel info bx_Oberhausen only works on channel 1), the plug-in was bypassed using either the Host Bypass (VST3 only) immediately above the power button in the plug-in UI or the plug-in power button itself or the level in the plug-in or the volume in the track turned all the way down. What the video shows in MIDI activity in the track inspector but no audio out. If other synths work in the track but one does not, I would re-install the plug-in before re-install the DAW. Regardless of how the plug-in works outside the DAW. May want to verify the problem exists using both VST2 and VST3 formats. That said, re-install the DAW is certainly something else to try.
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