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  1. I bought the Total Bundle during the end of year sale in 2012. Since then, new plug-ins have always been very attractively priced. Great company with great products. They also have a referral program. First time buyers can get an additional 10% discount using a code provided by an existing customer. This code is time-limited (within 2 months) and may be used for any plug-in or bundle. It may be applied to products on sale too. When redeemed. the person supplying the code receives a $12 credit toward a future purchase. So, first time buyers make sure to ask someone to mail you a code. It takes your e-mail address for the existing customer to send the code through the FabFilter website.
  2. File > Export creates an html file containing a table from the data displayed. Select does not do anything. At least that is how it works for me. To further process the data, load the html into a spreadsheet tool or view it in a web browser.
  3. And writing right-mouse click random XY movement, same track with plug-in automation enabled just like above.
  4. Here is a video showing left mouse button click-drag in the XY pad in Z3ta2+. Writes automation as expected. Rapture works the same. Enable write automation in the plug-in Open the XY pad Start the transport Click drag in the XY pad
  5. scook

    TH3 uninstall

    AFAIK it has no separate installer. Removal is a manual process. The plug-in only requires a serial number when attempting to unlock the extra features in the full version. Running as TH3 Cakewalk does not require a serial number.
  6. Yeah, as I mentioned above a lot of drum plug-ins do not bother to follow the MIDI standard. TTS-1, a GM synth, will play the Alesis right out of the box. Other plug-ins will either need their config altered in the plug-in or using one of the other mapping methods.
  7. Drum maps exist in the project. Drum map presets exist on disk. Drum map presets are saved by giving them a name in the Map Settings Presets entry and clicking the save icon next to the entry in the Drum Map Manager.
  8. Given the variety of drum plug-ins involved MFX Transpose or drum maps may be worth learning.
  9. MIDI standard channel for drums is 10. I expect hardware to follow the standard. Most drum plug-ins ignore the channel assignment. Unfortunately, most plug-ins do not default to the MIDI standard at all. Try switching the AD2 map in the plug-in UI to General MIDI Click the ? in the upper right of the plug-in UI Open Map Window... In the upper left of the Map Window change the Map Preset drop down to GM Click on OK.
  10. Whatever method you choose forget about musical notation and work with MIDI note numbers. MIDI musical notation is not standardized, MIDI note numbers on the other hand are constant. IOW note number 35 is note number 35 in the hardware and all the software. What note 35 represents in musical notation could be one of several values. If you cannot change the hardware, just record the values in CbB and build the map after recording the data. The map building tool in AD2 is pretty easy but the one in CbB while a little clumsy is a one and done thing (at least for the default AD2 settings). AD2 also has the ability to use its default mapping or GM. If the Alesis is sending GM try changing the AD2 setting. The AD2 map tool is the first option under the ? at the top right of the plug-in UI/
  11. Yeah, most drum plug-ins have their own mapping tools which are often easier to setup than drum maps in CbB. That said, if I did the mapping in a plug-in that did not properly display in the PRV such as AD2, I would extend master.ins to handle the display. I created an AD2.ins for the default instrument layout. It is available here. I also built ins files for SI-Drums and SD3. All are in the Instrument Definitions section of this forum.
  12. TAB binding was removed to accommodate screen readers. The binding may be re-established in keyboard shortcut preferences using AudioSnap Go To Next Transient Marker in the Global Bindings area.
  13. Do not create a project then use File > Open. Instead use File > Open to Open the MIDI file. If no MIDI output devices are selected in preferences, TTS-1 will automatically be setup to use the MIDI file. Regardless of the MIDI output preferences, no buses are created so it may be desirable to Add a bus, Right-click the bus header and Select "Set as Default Bus" and Rename the bus to Master. If TTS-1 was added to the project, change the TTS-1 audio track to the bus. Save the MIDI file as a Cakewalk project Now the MIDI file is ready to be used as a regular Cakewalk project.
  14. The notes may be remapped either in the drum controller in software between the drum controller and the DAW such as MIDI-OX or in the DAW with MFX Transpose or drum maps
  15. Of course, vst3 files are dlls. Not having any Slate products, I was not sure if the extension was wrong or the vst3 was missing. I have received a VST3 from one manufacturer with a dll extension. CbB does not care where VST3 plug-ins are installed but some DAWs do. Chances are putting the file back in the default VST3 folder will work. Should you choose to perform the experiment, make sure to enable "Generate Scan Log" in preferences. Then if the plug-in fails to scan, the log may help explain the issue. Also make sure "Scan in Sandbox" is enabled. This is the default. Manual scans should always be run from preferences.
  16. File > Open preserves MIDI file tempo data. File > Import > MIDI does not. This is intended for adding MIDI clips to an existing project using the project's tempo map.
  17. Files with a dll extension in the default VST3 path are not scanned. These files are considered support files, not plug-ins, Only files with a vst3 extension are scanned in the default VST3 path.
  18. Rollback installer link is in the release announcement, but I doubt the problem is related to the update.
  19. scook

    30 Arturia Updates

    I updated when seeing this post No portal or synth updates for me today and I have V Collection 8 and a few FXs The Nov 25 update was a big one and updated the portal too.
  20. My guess is most DAWs have a sample-based synth with guitar samples. Just like MC, it is not obvious from the name that CSC had guitar samples. Then there are GM synths. These too have guitar presets.
  21. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Plug-ins.2.html#1813385
  22. You could rollback and test for yourself. CTRL+A has to select everything. If it did not exports based on CTRL+A would lack the leading silence, if any, in the project.
  23. Please keep the conversation in this thread about issues with the 2021.12 early release. "How to" posts not related to the early release and feature requests should be posted elsewhere. Thanks
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