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  1. Have a look at clip selection groups
  2. Instead of Note Off, CbB exports Note On with Velocity = 0 which is considered by the spec to be the same as Note Off. At least that is what I see when reading MIDI files created by CbB using MIDICSV and reviewing the MIDI spec.
  3. Try the Bounce to Track(s) function with Channel Format set to Split Mono
  4. MIDI files only contain MIDI data. They contain references to instruments defined by the MIDI standard only. Usually entire performances are opened in Cakewalk using File > Open from the main menu or the Start Screen. Import is used for clips. Import strips out data such as tempo. When opening MIDI files in Cakewalk, if no MIDI output device is selected in preferences, the DAW loads the MIDI file and sets up TTS-1 (the GM synth included with Cakewalk) to play the file. Once opened, swap out TTS-1 for what ever synth plug-ins you wish.
  5. An audio interface could be a dedicated external device, a card or chip in your PC that converts analog audio to digital data for the DAW. To a DAW a USB microphone is an audio interface as it not only captures audio (the microphone), it contains the hardware to digitize the audio too. For BandLab specific information, the BandLab help page may be a good place to start. That and the BandLab Facebook group
  6. This forum was created for Cakewalk by BandLab. BandLab (the DAW shown in the OP) uses a Facebook group for peer support and discussion. That said, recording volume is set before the DAW. DAWs have no control over audio record level. Lowering the level in the DAW just lowers the playback level.
  7. Try adding an ampsim such as TH3 in the FX Rack on the guitar tracks.
  8. Try enabling Input Echo, the button is to the right of record in the track header.
  9. Not free but can be had at a pretty nice price, iZoptope Insight 2 is currently on sale.
  10. To modify Aud.ini using preferences see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x22B1C
  11. Wouldn't this be a DAW thing? Just route track midi to selected track? Not all VSTi's can broadcast their MIDI data. If the plug-in has the feature, select "Enable MIDI Output" in the VST2/3 drop down in the standard header. This will make the plug-in available as an input in instrument/MIDI tracks. If the plug-in does not have the feature this option will be disabled. If this is the case, here is a way to drive multiple synths using the same MIDI track
  12. For low latency, performance running the MOTU ASIO driver and interface are your best solution. the DAW uses one ASIO driver at a time. As the interface using the ASIO driver handles all I/O. You could try other driver modes and the internal sound chip to use speakers connected to the computer.
  13. BA keeps track of what it has installed and disables those options once installed. To reset these install options requires deleting registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Installers or use the new Cakewalk Web Installer. Currently it ignores the registry entries.
  14. BandLab uses Facebook instead of a forum. They also have support page and an email address - support@bandlab.com
  15. Drag the upper left edge of the clip slightly to create a small fade-in Edits should be made at zero-crossings when possible. From https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=EditingAudio.08.html
  16. support@cakewalk.com can reset your old Cakewalk account password
  17. The Nomad BlueTubes plug-ins were bundled with SONAR X3 Producer/Studio and SONAR Platinum/Professional. They were never bundled with CbB. Either run an advanced install of X3 or the Boutique FX Suite in the Cakewalk Command Center. For a more complete installation, you may want to Uninstall CbB Perform a full install of the last, most complete version of SONAR you own then Re-install CbB. For more info about installing legacy Cakewalk plug-ins see
  18. That's right. In fact, multiple instances of a synth has nothing to do with. Multiple tracks using the same instance change the behavior of replace synth.
  19. To see the standard header for 32bit plug-ins, hold down the ALT when adding the plug-in to the project or when ever opening the plug-in's graphical interface. The good news is, the plug-in mentioned in the OP has a 64bit version. Try it instead of the old 32bit version.
  20. The name of the plug-in was added after my first reply There is a 64bit version of La Voz Cantante at the developer's website This is vocoder. It may have a sidechain in addition to its internal MIDI driven synth. A lot like TAL-Vocoder. Most recently discussed here
  21. The replace synth option changes depending on how the synth is setup. It appears like what you want to do is use an existing audio track along with MIDI track 10. However, there are other MIDI and audio tracks setup to use the same instance of the drum synth. In this case, add the new synth using one of the methods that relies on the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog such as the + on the synth rack or and do not select any track options in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog. Once the synth is added change the MIDI track output and audio track input to the new synth.
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