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  1. The Host Bypass feature attached to the button on the left side of the standard VST header is specifically for VST3 plug-ins that support the feature. The plug-in bypass function supplied by the DAW does not depend on plug-in implementation. The state of individual plug-ins in an FX rack has no bearing on the status of the FX rack itself. FWIW, the color assignments may be modified as desired by the user.
  2. Offset mode used to bound to the letter O. The binding was removed some time ago to prevent accidently enabling offset mode. May want to confirm the function is no longer bound to a keyboard shortcut.
  3. Offset mode is enabled
  4. There was a time when BandLab Assistant was the only way to install/activate CbB and the plug-ins bundled with the DAW. This changed some time ago and for most CbB users BandLab Assistant is redundant.
  5. If Cakewalk by BandLab is installed, there is no reason to mess with Cakewalk Installer. Almost all questions regarding BandLab Assistant involve installing CbB and not the ancillary processes. BandLab Assistant is not necessary for day-to-day use of CbB. If you are having trouble logging into BandLab Assistant to access the audio loops or BandLab Mix editor contact support@bandlab.com
  6. This is a guitar amp simulator NOT a guitar synth plug-in. IOW, this is an audio FX plug-in (there is a standalone version too) made to simulate the effects, amplifiers and speaker cabinets in a typical electric guitar setup. The plug-in is not a synth and does not make sounds on its own. Track 25 is an instrument track setup to use Kontakt 7 but all I can tell from the image provided is "Always Echo Current MIDI Track" is enabled. The track I/O assignments are hidden. You may want to review these assignments in the track inspector or change the workspace setting to None to reveal all the controls in the track view.
  7. The only reasons to use BandLab Assistant are to run BandLab (the web-based DAW) to access BandLab loops to (re)activate Cakewalk by BandLab on computers without internet access For all other Cakewalk by BandLab activities use the Cakewalk Installer near the bottom left of this page.
  8. Could you be dragging the plug-ins to an audio FX rack? While this can work, it is not recommended for most synth plug-ins. Instead of dragging the plug-in to a track, try inserting the plug-in using the add track menu (review the "To create instrument tracks" section) or dragging the plug-in to an empty part of the track view below the existing tracks and above the bus section.
  9. The Inventory Tool was folded into CbB Tools for v2 released in 2021. The current release of CbB Tools is available from this post The latest v1 versions of all the tools including the Inventory Tools are still available from my Google page (the same link as in the post above). I just downloaded the zip for the old v1 of the Inventory Tool from my Google page. It appears to be v1.4 from 2018.
  10. The "Generic Low Latency Driver" is an optional driver installed by Cubase. It should not be installed when audio interfaces come with an ASIO driver. Removal is recommended. Removing the registry entry effectively hides the driver from CbB. The RealTek ASIO driver is not suitable for DAW use. It is not a generic driver and should be a problem unless you try to use ASIO driver mode with the RealTek chip. It does not matter if this is left in the registry or not just remember to use WASAPI driver modes when using the RealTek chips.
  11. Some DAWs install generic ASIO drivers, CbB is not one of them. These generic drivers can interfere with manufacturer supplied ASIO drivers. Make sure there is at most one manufacturer supplied driver for each audio interface and no generic drivers are referenced in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO
  12. While the track view only shows the audio FX rack, Instrument tracks have audio and MIDI plug-in racks. The FX rack displayed in the inspector depends on the ausio/MIDI tab selection at the bottom of the inspector.
  13. Memory dumps can get very large but compress quite a bit. Zip up the file before uploading.
  14. Not based on input threshold but it is possible to setup punch points on the timeline. Personally. I just setup a loop and record until satisfied.
  15. To auto-save based on time only, set the number of changes to 0 (zero).
  16. A step sequencer pattern with only rows defined would do. They are loaded per step sequencer instance. IIRC, there are a couple predefined in the Step Sequence Patterns/Templates folder available from the Pattern menu in the step sequencer view. A drum map may work too. This affects the entire track.
  17. That's right. ASIO is restricted to one driver at a time. In order to insure only one ASIO driver is in use, the DAW disables all other ASIO drivers in preferences while any selection exists.
  18. Remove and forget about generic ASIO drivers regardless of where they come from. All a generic driver is doing is adding another layer of software between the actual audio driver (MME, WGM or WASAPI) and the DAW causing the DAW to believe it is communicating with an ASIO driver. This is completely unnecessary with CbB. WRT, ASIO drivers being disabled in CbB preferences. Only one ASIO driver may be used at a time. To change ASIO drivers, deselect both input and output before making a new selection.
  19. Projects get their sample rate one of two ways: if the project contains no audio clips, the sample rate is read from the Sampling Rate entry in Preferences > Audio > Driver Settings If the project contains audio, the sample rate is read from one of the audio clip headers. Here are the instructions on how to change the sample rate of a project containing audio clips.
  20. scook

    BFD3 for $49

    Re-run the license manager to renew the activation.
  21. If CbB is installed, after installing an older Cakewalk DAW, rollback (or perform a simple uninstall) and re-install CbB. This makes sure the latest shared files are installed. It's not that difficult.
  22. A large portion of that are the optional demo/tutorial data.
  23. To avoid the usual mistakes made by editing the registry directly, try the free Tools Editor available in this thread
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