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  1. Old Cakewalk product activation and user account servers are running courtesy of BandLab.
  2. Changing the OS may have invalidated the activation. Manual activation or re-installing the plug-in with Cakewalk Command Center should re-activate the plug-in.
  3. In the Bounce to Track(s) dialog use a time selection and add some time to the end for the tail.
  4. Edit the project templates. File > Open Set the Go to Folder drop down to Template Files Select a template Modify the Note browser data Save If using the templates supplied by BandLab to prevent them from being overwritten with an update make sure to either Save the templates with new names or Use a custom template location
  5. When the transport stops plug-ins and instruments continue to play what is in their buffers as long as Always Stream Audio Through FX is enabled.
  6. Feature requests go here MIDI clips stop when there is no more data. it is possible artificially extend a MIDI clip by placing a MIDI instruction that will not be interpreted into sound by whatever is receiving the MIDI data. This could be a note with 0 velocity, or some CC not used by whatever is receiving the data. A note is probably the easiest. During recording hit any key to mark the end of the clip then edit the note setting its velocity to 0. Or after recording drag the clip out to where it should end and add a 0 velocity note.
  7. Here are the default tools shortcuts
  8. Not knowledge...serendipity. Found by accident while playing with solutions for this thread.
  9. Try holding down the SHIFT while drawing controllers with the smart tool.
  10. Around this time last year SSL was selling it for 19.99, the price I see when clicking the link above.
  11. Studio Instruments has a separate installer. The installer is available through the "Install Add-ons..." menu item in BandLab Assistant and the new Cakewalk Web Installer.
  12. Works for me. I did have to set the default Open/Save folder in preferences to populate the open dialog.
  13. Any editor with LISP syntax highlighting/formatting does about the same as the CAL Editor. I use EMACS because it highlights and formats all the languages I have used over the decades. The CAL editor does have a nice chm for CAL though.
  14. I doubt CAL will be revived as it was deprecated 21 years ago. This was discussed at length on the old forum when BandLab purchased Cakewalk IP. It takes no special software to create/maintain CAL scripts. Any text editor will do. StudioWare panels require a special editor.
  15. The thing about Assistant is it lacks DNA so, like Essential, it has limited functionality with polyphonic material. The feature matrix for Melodyne is near the bottom of this page.
  16. Make sure to uninstall ASIO4All. It can conflict with factory ASIO drivers.
  17. Autohotkey is a good tool to learn, not just for CbB. It is a free scripting language. A little time spent with it can be rewarding. Here is an example showing how to toggle all MIDI tracks. When Cakewalk is the active window: CTRL+b opens the Track Manager, Selects all MIDI tracks, Toggles their state and Clicks OK Note: the "Click" coordinates are based on my 1920x1080 monitor.
  18. Black and Silver are setup the same as Sienna. I have not used a Mac in decades. On Windows I moved one copy of the "DATA" folders to my nebula repository and created directory junctions in place of the original folders. I guess on a Mac, a symlink or mount point may work. Moving the folders to the nebula repository was not necessary but I wrote a script to remove files from the repository for sample rates I do not use. So, rather than modify the script, I moved the folders.
  19. before save both racks bypassed re-open and both buttons have changed, and the MIDI FX rack state not retained
  20. The bug was introduced sometime after 2019.07 The next version I have installed is 2020.11 and it has the bug. There is also a problem with restoring the button image for audio FX racks. Using Tungsten, before saving the project, bypassed Audio FX Racks display a grey button. Open the project again and a different image is displayed. I'll report both.
  21. I have never seen that before. The velocity and channel changed between 2 and 3. There must be more to this story.
  22. If the plug-in still shows up after uninstalling open the Plug-in Manager click on the plug-in name in the "Registered Plug-ins" list at the bottom of the Plug-in manager is the fully qualified file name for the plug-in. Remove that file and the next scan should remove the plug-in from the VST inventory in CbB.
  23. Setting workspaces to None effectively disables the feature. Settings persist across sessions like they did in versions of SONAR Platinum prior to the introduction of Lenses (the original name for workspaces). At the time of their introduction Lenses defaulted to None. The release notes for 2019.11 contain the first mention of the Basic workspace as the default.
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