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  1. support@cakewalk.com can reset your old Cakewalk account password
  2. The Nomad BlueTubes plug-ins were bundled with SONAR X3 Producer/Studio and SONAR Platinum/Professional. They were never bundled with CbB. Either run an advanced install of X3 or the Boutique FX Suite in the Cakewalk Command Center. For a more complete installation, you may want to Uninstall CbB Perform a full install of the last, most complete version of SONAR you own then Re-install CbB. For more info about installing legacy Cakewalk plug-ins see
  3. Either ALT key works on a standard US keyboard
  4. That's right. In fact, multiple instances of a synth has nothing to do with. Multiple tracks using the same instance change the behavior of replace synth.
  5. To see the standard header for 32bit plug-ins, hold down the ALT when adding the plug-in to the project or when ever opening the plug-in's graphical interface. The good news is, the plug-in mentioned in the OP has a 64bit version. Try it instead of the old 32bit version.
  6. The name of the plug-in was added after my first reply There is a 64bit version of La Voz Cantante at the developer's website This is vocoder. It may have a sidechain in addition to its internal MIDI driven synth. A lot like TAL-Vocoder. Most recently discussed here
  7. The replace synth option changes depending on how the synth is setup. It appears like what you want to do is use an existing audio track along with MIDI track 10. However, there are other MIDI and audio tracks setup to use the same instance of the drum synth. In this case, add the new synth using one of the methods that relies on the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog such as the + on the synth rack or and do not select any track options in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog. Once the synth is added change the MIDI track output and audio track input to the new synth.
  8. Really should find a 64bit replacement plug-in. That said, to open the standard header for plug-ins loaded into BitBridge hold down the ALT key when opening the plug-in UI. Usually the header opens behind the plug-in UI.
  9. The MIDI track is currently points to MT-Power DrumKit. Do you want to replace MT-Power Drumkit or add a new piano synth and point the track to it?
  10. A synth requires at least one MIDI and one Audio track an instrument track The image above shows just a MIDI track. If I wanted to use Track 10 with a synth, I would use any of the methods other than the "Add Track" menu to add the synth and its audio track. These methods include, dragging the plug-in to the project from the plug-in browser and Insert > Soft Synth from the main menu. Both open up the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog. This may be used to add the synth and the audio track(s). Once the synth and audio tracks are added to the project use the output drop down on the MIDI track to point to the synth.
  11. Cantabile Lite is another free option. Other than DAWs, I have not used any dedicated VST host in some time. It is more like VSTHost than SAVIhost.
  12. Usually MIDIGuitar is added to an audio track and the MIDI data from the plug-in is used to drive a synth. While it is possible to host the synth in MIDIGuitar, adding the synth to the project using either an instrument track or audio+MIDI track pair setting the input of the instrument/MIDI track to MIDIGuitar is a better solution.
  13. The image shows a MIDI track with its input coming from MIDI Guitar and the output drop down open. Since it is a MIDI track, the output must go to something that can process MIDI data. The output of a MIDI track cannot go to an audio Master bus.
  14. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x1A5A0
  15. Dumps usually compress a lot. Kill the upload and zip it first. I'll get a copy of the update installer in a minute.
  16. yes, uninstall it. Since you are already on 2021.06, it's a good idea to run the update
  17. scook


  18. Try using the Export module instead of the Export dialog.
  19. May want to uninstall ASIO4All since you have a manufacturer supplied ASIO driver. If it still hangs, capture a hang dump. Here are the instructions I doubt the update will make a difference. The size of the update depends on whether you are updating from the previous version or several versions back. The DAW will download the update installer (which is much smaller than the full installer) if possible otherwise it will download the full installer.
  20. Only one ASIO driver may be used at a time. Deselect both the input and output drivers before making a new selection.
  21. IIRC, iZotope Vocal Synth was on sale for $49 when I posted the link. The sale is long over but I am sure it will be repeated at least once more this year.
  22. From http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x18324
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