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  1. Hey Tim , It's funny I actually spend a good deal of my spare time chopping up loops and song segments trying to come up with all sorts of wacky sounds and arrangements .. Most of them never see the light of the day...sort of like a musical crossword puzzle for grins and giggles just to pass the time away . thanks for the song listen and having something nice to say about what I did here . Oh BTW , the video you did on your porch brought up some real fond memories for me . When I lived back East I used to ride my motorcycle to a Village on The Hudson River called Nyack . In The Village of Nyack over by the water they had a boat launch and a real cool Gazebo . Anyway I dubbed this Place The Magic Gazebo . In my mind I turned The Gazebo half into a Universal Transporter and a Portal with a direct link to being heard and taken seriously by all the Invisible Powers That Be ... I always felt good when I went there. I spent many a 2 AM there with and w out a date ....I sure miss that place . all the best , Kenny
  2. Is this what you got ? Looks like a real good match for the BeatSkillz Mararja VST I bundle ...(+ other assorted percussion /drum sounds ) One of these days I would like to get a hardware controller for doing beats away from the computer .. all the best , Kenny PS I'm very happy I got this deal .
  3. Hey Billy! Don't you wish you were here with us ? 😎 Kenny
  4. I think she may have to lift up her arms to get the correct Balance since things can get a little lopsided all the best , Kenny
  5. If we look closely at the versions of the software featured in that bundle we will see much of the software in that deal are a few numbers back .. ex Studio One Producer 2.0 The thing is ....I do remember those deals ...I think they go back to my SPlat days FWIW . they gave me GAS back then at the time .. Yikes now I'm having GAS flashbacks from the ghost of deals past .. As usual , I wanted that deal back then and didn't have the money ..like I still don't ....🤪 Kenny
  6. Most DAW's will give you the option of how you want to load the synth , as a stereo or a multi output . Which is the way it's so posed to be . I installed both the stereo and the multi output versions of these synths on my computer . This is a heads up for anyone that buys this and installs both the stereo and the multi output version on the same machine . In Cakewalk I inserted the BollyMaha 2.1 as a simple instrument ( to take these screen shots ). My first screen capture shows the GUI in Cakewalk by Bandlab ... My second screen capture shows the preset dialog drop down menu . Notice how each preset name has either an (S) or an (M) at the tail end of the description ? This becomes very important because if you are using the synth as a stereo plug w a stereo output you will need to choose the preset that has the (S) in the description . If you choose the ( M) while the synth is loaded as a stereo track all the pads will not sound . I have chosen the preset with the (M) accidentally a few times when I had this loaded up as a simple VST I insert . What happened is only the first pad will sound . All other Pads will be silent . Not the end of The World ...more of a Muse Kill ..until I figured it out ..lol Here we have the BollyMahara 2.1 loaded up as a Multi VST 1 w stereo outs in Cakewalk Here the Pads are mapped out automatically VIA Cakewalk ....I have yet to find a way to have the plug map the outputs to the tracks I want to send them too. While I was doing this post I realized I needed to correct something from my last post . In my Cakewalk browser I have the bonus folder w some midi beats and wave loops The Midi files that Beat Skillz provided as a bonus do not have to be transposed +24 to sound on the correct pads ... The +24 transposition is for all other non Beat Skillz drum and beats midi files .Sadly the transposition thing at + 24 still needs to be done .. Yet we still have unfortunately 2 things ... #1 , when auditioning these midi files in Cakewalk and any other DAW for that matter , the start of the Midi file has a number of bars of the midi file starting w the intro w no data ... something like 4 or 5 bars before a beat shows up ..In Cakewalk it may take about 15 seconds for the beat to play GGGGRRRRRRrrrLOL In Reaper I can see the blank space of the midi file ..In Cakewalk for some odd reason it does not show .... #2 , Here is a screen shot of what happens when I drag a Beat Skillz bonus midi file from Cakewalks browser to the first bar in my time line .. Notice how it placed the midi file at bar 9 point something ? GGGRRRRrrr number 2 LOL .... Anyway I'm not looking to knock the product ...I like these drum plugs a lot . I'm just putting out the info in case someone here goes for the deal and hits the same stumbling blocks I have .. all the best, Kenny
  7. As of right now 12: 05 PM West Coast time there is still 8 hours and change left on the clock to get this one for free w Nucleus and some free modules . The Clock is Ticking Down 🤪 Oh BTW , working w this and learning how to create sounds in a Modular environment wasn't as hard as I thought , if any thing it has helped my ability to approach any soft synth that I have in my rig with much more confidence. Kenny
  8. Those tortoise style pick guards on your Fenders are a classic look . Your G B sure looks like a real nice guitar . The Les Paul is what it is an Iconic Guitar period . Kenny
  9. Sorry you are having problems Zo ...this thing Rocks . I have Voltage Modular up and running fantastic in both Win 7 64 and Win 10 64 . Kenny
  10. I had gotten this bundle a little while back from Audio Deluxe . Both of these are very cool and I love them . They both sound Fantastic and I plan on using them more than I have so far . There's a few quirks I may as well mention as a heads up in case some one does not about them . I had gotten confused about the product as far as installing it and where I was so posed to keep the sample Library ...so let me save you some time and head aches . The installers come as a stereo out put or a multi out put format ..each installer is over a Gig each.I wound up down loading both of each ...multi and stereo ...as per each plug Both plugs have very large sample libraries for use how ever you choose to use the samples . So here's the deal . The Gigs and Gigs of files / the sample library files are there and are included so you can load them into your 3 rd party Hardware and software VST instruments / samplers . Having those are awesome and you can download them and place them where ever you decide to have access to them ... The simple truth is each installer for each plug has the sounds and files / presets within the installation .If you run those you are good to go if you want to not download all the samples until a later date . I didn't know that so I drove myself crazy for hours trying to figure out how to get the plug to load the samples I had additionally downloaded as the products sample library ... On the Advice of my counsel Denny Crane ..I'm so posed to say what do you want from me? I'm a guitar player man LOL I have loaded some of the sounds I got from this deal in Session Drummer and other drum plugs . IMHO they sound great .they were worth the sale price of the plugs alone .I love having those samples to use in other programs and VST instruments. When you run the installer for the plug , the sounds come installed and mapped already ( Duh ...LOL ) Full disclosure ,for the Life of me I could not figure out how to change individual sounds on each of the pads within either of these 2 plugs . I am willing to be corrected but as far as I can tell I don't believe these two plugs come with the option to load up and change the samples on each individual pad within a preset . You can change the panning , the volume , and the pitch of each pad . Anything more please on this , If you know how to ...let me know ... All that aside I love these two plugs and the amount of versatility sound wise they bring to the table are worth the small quirks . While I'm at it I need to say these are not mapped out exactly like most drum plugs . You can load them into a Cakewalk or any DAW for that matter and when you go to audition a drum midi file you will be greeted w a resounding silence ... These 2 plugs seem more in line w the performer that want's to tap beats out w a keyboard a hardware synth or go hog wild in Abelton Live ... For people that want to play a Session Drummer midi or any other 3 rd party mid file through either of these 2 wonderful sounding plugs ..let me tell you the secret hand shake you will have to greet the plug with ... What you will need to do is take a drum mapped midi file and transpose it up two octaves ...meaning + 24 ...once you do that you will have the beats playing at pretty much their intended sounds and mappings . From what I can tell the drum mapping appears to be a chromatic C scale ...( at + 24 ) Last but not least ins some of the additional product that comes in this bundle you have mid files w traditional beats for the genre of these instruments . It appears to me that there is something going on with those ...format maybe ? Let me give you an example . In Cakewalk I have my browser pointed to the folder where those additional midi files are stored . Now in most cases you load a VST instrument and choose it for your synth preview ...I had done those steps and when I went to hear the midi files that came with the bundle and there was no sound ...when I went to preview them VIA the traditional approach in Cakewalk So what I did next was this , I dragged the midi file from Cakewalks browser into my projects time line . it placed the file some wheres around bar ten in the time line ( every time ) also the midi file it had a few empty measures before there were actual midi notes showing in the file showing the midi data for the synth to play ...Hhhmmm, to make the file usable in my project and time line I had to do some cropping and editing . Now for the sake of this post , I am not looking to find fault or to complain about these drum instruments ..All this Jazz aside I really like them and I am happy I got them both for around $30 dollars US . My only reason for writing this long winded post is to offer a possible solution to anyone who buys these instruments and does not have a clue as to some of the workarounds I am offering here to help save you time .. all the best, Kenny
  11. I had those type of crashes you mentioned for a while myself . I would get them while I was auditioning a MAGMA patch in real time while playing my song . Also the older preset would hang and I would see both the older preset and the new one I was looking to hear in the menu . they were both highlighted ... In my case I did not get to flustered about these problems ...for a while I would just stop the tune and change to my intended MAGMA patch . Never had a crash in Reaper , Waveform 10 or any other DAW's I use Splat was sensitive while using MAGMA , Cakewalk by Bandlab seems much better able to deal w MAGMA'a quirks ... I have hosted all my 3rd party plugs in MAGMA and on that level MAGMA is beyond the call of duty and what constitutes a cool app in my book . Yes I do have bitter sweet feelings about MAGMA , Nomad Factory told me a couple of years ago they would look into why MAGMA did not want to work on my i Mac ..That was the last I heard of them after repeated attempts to communicate and seek a solution . all that aside I absolutely LOVE MAGMA . dealing w the problems and learning to let it slide for now is still worth it to me Kenny
  12. Sorry to hear all that ...I hope it can be salvaged and set right for you . I'm very happy over here w my purchase ...all is good . I started w Voltage Modular free , Bumped up to Nucleus (also free in this time frame as an add on ). Then I grabbed Ignite for $25 ( Half Price ) then I went with the deal Cherry Audio has for Core w Misfit Audio Electric Drums ..$ 25 ( on sale as an upgrade for $125 .00 less than the advertised cost ) I'm have so much fun w this synth ...it has a great sound to it and to be honest even the free w Nucleus would have kept my busy for a while all the best , Kenny
  13. Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus The ultimate introduction to modular synthesis https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plug-ins/cherry-audio-voltage-modular-nucleus In honor of their Year One Anniversary Celebration, Cherry Audio is very proud to introduce Voltage Modular Nucleus - absolutely FREE for a limited time! This collection of 22 modules and 67 presets is the ultimate introduction to modular synthesis. This package includes all of the fundamentals of subtractive analog synthesis, including oscillators, filters, envelope generators, amplifiers, and mixers, plus a sequencer, arpeggiator, and a full suite of useful utility modules and powerful effects modules. With Voltage Modular Nucleus, you can discover the thrill of patching modules together in new and endlessly creative ways, and explore all of the capabilities of Voltage Modular, absolutely free. they also have some upgrade deal going on that are sweet . https://www.audiodeluxe.com/brand/cherry-audio I wound up getting the free version a few days ago and fell in love w it ...I did upgrade a couple of tiers and I dig this synth . Kenny
  14. Yes , they work in Cakewalk by Bandlab ... Kenny
  15. Its all good I edited my post also Kenny
  16. I had lots of bad endings in my real life ...girls , job's , friends ,housing , the in-laws , the outlaws , the good , the bad , the fugly I so-pose those experiences are what helped keep me playing the guitar ( as an outlet and a form of relief ) Now all my bad endings are pretty much a Beta version of the poor mans song copy protection program ...LOL Thank you for the kind words you said ... Hi Daryl ! I heartily accept your complement . thank you , it means a lot coming from you Then there is the other side of me that knows deep down in my bones I'm just guitar player # 347,678, 00 out of a pool of 10, 453, 287, 990,00 other guitar players Whew , it's a good thing I'm not a lawyer ...i always argue both sides of the case.. ouch ...then I will have to change my screen name to Kenny Crane LOL what a nice thing to say . thank you . In my Soundcloud song link I posted the original links of the song version I had to work with .It would be easy for you to compare mine VS the BT. On this musical performance , I added a lot of my own stuff and changed things around . As far as the weird bass goes I didn't deliberately do anything to alter it ( once again it may or not be embedded in the original track ) I do know that I played a lot of Organ + synth on this tune and I used a few synths that are new to me ( Voltage Modular ) I did carve the E Q 's on all my synths, also my guitar work on this does go into the lowest octaves of the guitars range ...so who know s ? IMHO the main thing is you enjoyed a good deal of what I played guitar wise on the tune . thank you for the listen . Hi Jim, You have the right forum . Now all you need the right sub forum . Over there they call their members song forum "Twanger Central " https://www.tdpri.com/forums/twanger-central.21/ People post their own tunes over there like we do here plus all sort of other things ..ex .. short playing videos and clips . The cool thing about Twanger Central is they play over a weekly backing track. Everybody that feels like playing over the BT posts their playing example of what they have done with the track . The thread for this weeks BT the one I played over is at over 1100 views .It seems the weekly bt's get good exposure . The spectrum of players can range from a few guys like me ( they do have some good players ) to casual players that care more about busting a nut on the guitars fret board . Overall the vibe is generally non competitive , and people give feedback or say what they enjoyed about another players track . FWIW I never play the " Hello I'm Inspector # 68 & I'm a legend in my own mind as A Top Shelf Bedroom Producer Card " on them ....LOL Like I said they keep it light, non confrontational and more about the playing ...and enjoyment / fun factor . It may or not be ones thing , but I find it to be an outlet / a form of fellowship and most time whether I participate or not on a thread submission level I do enjoy having a new backing track to play over ... AS far as Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 goes , Jam Origin as a company has been very nice to me . I bought the Mac store app version years ago and when I could no longer get or download what I had I contacted Jam Origin and they gave me the full version of Midi Guitar for both Windows and Mac . I have been wanting to do videos demonstrating Midi Guitar for a long while ,,,,I had gotten my first guitar synth in 1982 and I have adapted my playing .. Most folks would be very surprised at how far I can take Midi Guitar as far as a real time performance goes .. On this song I played all my guitar parts and synth parts in real time VIA recording my synths not as midi but audio in aux tracks .. I'm not kidding when I say this Midi Guitar didn't even break a sweat over what I was playing tracking wise ... nice talking w you Hey Alan , how are you doing ? Thank you for the song listen, plus giving me constructive feed back ..I'm very glad you enjoyed my tone and lines . all the best , Kenny
  17. Hi David , Yeah , a real nice groove , This is a super cool composition you did here . I like this tune very much . Kenny
  18. Kanye , Dr Tele Funk ! is " hear for you In Da House!" We only want's to help you w a cure ....if that is even possible ... 😎 Kenny
  19. I don't even consider Mixbus 32 C to be a GAS purchase because I love Mixbus and Mixbus 32 C is something I really want ... But , Dang every time Harrison puts Mixbus 32 C on sale I don't have the bread . Gee I wonder if I can get $ 79 dollars for both my Jalopy's ,they both run . One is 45 years old and the other is 22 years old ... Oh Well maybe next time ....until I can swing the bread I will just have to continue using Mixbus 5 . Kenny
  20. Well you certainly have Chops in that Style and Musical Genre . Kenny
  21. Hi David ! thanks for giving this tune a listen and having a kind word to say on my guitar playing . what do you mean by guitar trackers ? Thank You . BTW , there is a different master up than the one you heard , in any case , thanks for the listen .. 🤣 Hey Steve , I don't like the ending either ...I was desperate to finish at the time ... Over there they start a song play along thread on a Friday and by Tuesday it's all tumble weeds .. The main thing is I always have fun when I do these type of things and hopefully I may bring a smile to another musicians face ... That is the only reason why I post these tunes over here . I am glad you did like the main gist of what my guitar playing was doing in those places of the song you did enjoy . all the best, Kenny
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