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  1. I knew you would like that keyboard chick Dave ... I had a feeling you wouldn't want to touch the "Pick Muse" with a ten foot pole . She hung around with a couple of dogs and I was interested in her , Those facts alone may have tainted her reputation I like your story about the girl in the club ...too bad she left before you could hook up ... Kenny
  2. Get Well soon Dave Signed w Love " The Pick Muse " In other Island News Kenny
  3. Hey Bill , I have a Historic Gibson R8 VOS ...I LOVE IT Don't listen to all the negativity on u tube . Life's to short Why listen to them anyway ? Most of those guys wished they could play half as good as you play on your worst day. I'm glad to hear you are happy with your new Les Paul . Peace out, Kenny
  4. Now I'm feeling all nostalgic ....I'm thinking about dusting off my Ibanez Midi Guitar and slapping on some new strings . As a guitar it is a fantastic guitar . I'm beyond happy w it . I have used it on countless recordings and played plenty of live gigs using it only as a regular guitar . As a midi guitar it was very good for a 24 pin interface . I remember I actually rewired the interface cable ....whew ..... I got her brand new in 1987 , Both Ibanez and Mannys Music gave me a super deal on it ..... As far as the Gittler guitar goes , I used to see one at the Museum of Modern Art ( N. Y. C. ) my first non museum Gittler sighting was memorable . I was working at The Bowery in a furniture store . I went out to pick up lunch at Katz's Deli ...on my way to pick up lunch I stopped to pick up some subway tokens . I was shocked as hell when I saw a NYC subway token booth clerk jamming away playing his Gittler Guitar in his bullet proof glass both 🤣 Guy was super nice too me and he enjoyed talking up his Gittler ( at the time it only cost 2 Grand ...now they are 8 grand ....I think the price must have came down because the last time I checked I thought they cost more ) Of course I didn't even try to ask him to play his guitar or any thing ...I did go back a few time to chat it up with him ... Here's a realistic review of The Gittler guitar ...VIA a u tube video by someone that enjoys playing Classic Rock type of tones ... Kenny
  5. Nice guitar Craig .....I always wanted to get a transtrem Steinberger ..never seemed to make it happen ..still on my list Kenny
  6. OK FWIW , I do like all types of wacky guitars and strange guitar variants . The weirdest guitar I still own and play is this model . ( stock Photo ..mine is just a clean ) Back in the day in the early 1970's I had a ten string Chapman Stick # 4 ...sadly I sold it because I need the coin ... A guitar I still dig the idea of getting some day . is "the Gittler ....I knew a guy that had one chances are that one may never happen ....oh well at least I had a dream lol. Kenny PS , if I was still doing dwugs which I'm not I would probably want one of those Relish Guitars ...it's secondary function and design options scream I am the ultimate in stash guitars
  7. Welcome to Guitar Pick Island Kenny
  8. 😎 I don't know what to think , seems like a cool guitar in it's own way ... FWIW, I'm more into the skill of the Indian and not so much into the what features of his arrow are 😙 All guitars sound exactly the same when they are in their case ... that is until you pick it up , plug it in and start to play it Kenny
  9. 🤣 It came naturally for him ...he loves the attention ... I myself don't care for all the attention ... even though I talk about him a lot ...I'm more like the proud parent . I kid you not when I say this .. . Duke stops surface street traffic . People in cars laugh , honk , wave , yell things out phrases like " I like your dog ". I can't help but feel like I'm walking down the street w Brad Pit or somebody on that level of fame as far as every body knows .. Even though I often kid around I don't hit on the women ...I feel it's too predatory ... When I went w out a dog for a couple of years I took care of some horses that weren't mine ..it filled the hole in my soul , so I let it be that type of moment of joy for whomever has the need to go there w my dog . He is a big friendly dog and people like being around him Kenny
  10. 🤣TMI ? nahh this next section will certainly be though , I have seen him go face first into a mini skirt on more than one occasion . Once he gets up there he does the ole nose nudge and lifts the lady clear off her feet . Once that happens It's a blush fest for the lady and myself . He don't seem to have a care in the world when he does that ....in his mind he is innocent ..in my mind I'm like Duke your such good boy .I want to be just like you when I grow up .lol Kenny
  11. You caught that ? lol .... 🤣 Duke's cold wet nose has gone places I only wish I could get too. Glad to see my teeth made it .. Say ... what 's this taste Duke ? my teeth taste sort of weird . Please don't tell me its your butt hole... all the best, Kenny
  12. Poor Kenny... is right ...I never even got to hang with her . Duke beat me to it . Kenny
  13. Who's that ? CCLarry's new Secretary ? If so , It's about time CCLarry got some help around here . The sheer amount of Deal Workload CCLarry has maintained on this Forum would have crushed any other mere mortal . Kenny
  14. I still love and use Harrison Mixbus 5 all the time . Whew , That Mother of all bundles for $99 dollars is what I wish I could get ... I will need to sell 3.4137931 Blue Rusted out Ford Pinto Station wagons fast to get that deal before it's gone Kenny
  15. Hi Dave , In your opening comment you talk about being brought back 4 times..... In a way that makes you an Alpha Cat ... Kenny
  16. When I'm in doubt of my Senior Manhood , I'm not gonna bother to check my fiber ...I'm gonna check my Willingness 😙 This trio will even work better than slapping an unconscious guy while he is out cold. Kenny
  17. I'm glad to hear you are still with us and doing well Dave . Being above ground and playing in a sucky bar band sounds pretty good to me right about now ... all the best , Kenny
  18. I Have A witness. He saw the whole thing . This is what he has to say about it . Kenny
  19. Look at BassDaddy . He thought it was Publishers Clearing House that knocked on his door . Kenny
  20. This Pawn Shop score is my first Jaguar . This guitar is from The Squier Vintage Modified series . It's pretty much a vintage spec recreation of a Jaguar from Fender / Squier made in Asia. I'm OK w that ...dropping a grand plus for a Made in America Jag is out of the question right now .. According to Leo Fender The Jaguar was Fenders top of the line guitar back in the day . Compared to a Tele or a Strat The Jaguar has a lot of quirky things going on that are so much different than what most Tele or Strat players are used too ... Short Scale ( 24 ) Vintage neck Radius ( 9 .5 ) , Totally different Vibrato / Trem system and last but not least a pick up switching system w some very interesting controls and combo's that can be had . I'm grateful to have gotten this guitar ....I'm still bonding with her / it Thank You BassDaddy . it has been nice rapping w you , Kenny
  21. Kenny PS , sorry about the neckline .....
  22. Honey , Something has come up at work , they asked me to work a double shift . See you in the morning Kenny
  23. What ! , I think I have seen that car in my neighborhood . Some guy on Craig's List is trying to sell it ... Kenny
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