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  1. I wonder who or what is on the other side of that see saw ...could be something like a Ford 150 pick up truck to get her up in the air so high Kenny
  2. 🤣 Good thing you didn't because after all this social distancing my poor right arm looks just like this after a S.L.I.P. scantily-clad woman picture show ... I'm gonna have to change my screen name to The Jack Hammer if I keep having to hold my guitar pick this way ... . Kenny
  3. Hi S.L.I.P. No as far as what you just asked ..Yet I think I solved the problem ... I have a few lap tops . On the Windows side 3 are W 10 and one is a W 7 64 HE pro ....after reading the fine print over at Celmony SP ? I noticed the Melodyne 5 machine spec listed was Windows 10 only ....I was on my Win 7 machine which I happen to love and I had installed the upgrade straight up on good faith w out reading all the other Jazz a smart person would read ..lol I just got done doing a system restore and uninstalling all traces of Melodyne ...then I hunted down my older Melodyne version Zip and did an install from that ...everything thing seems to be working OK and I'm back to what I had before .I guess things would have been smooth had I been been using one of my Win 10 machines ... thanks for offering your help Kenny
  4. Oh Man Fleer ! this notification is getting to be a habit 🤣
  5. Both of those videos were pretty amazing .....I'm impressed with the brains it took to design and get all that to work... Kenny
  6. Tonight I was offered and upgrade from 4 essentials to 5 essentials on one of my computers . I wish I never downloaded it ... it was my legit upgrade w my serial number .. I paid close attention to the install and did every thing correctly and now this is what I have ..pics Now I have to play the waiting game ...on my support ticket I was OK w 4 and I have upgraded on my other computer to the next version of Melodyne up from essentials a while back I just don't like when stuff breaks for no reason Kenny
  7. Way to many Vanity U tube videos are posted by some of the content creators mentioned in this thread ...and for the record I'm not cool w it .. In my book your music and the way you play count's way more to me than what you have to say on any musical topic .... I'm also not cool with u tube in general ...before u tube people used to make music . Now they make stupid videos on how to make music , or using gear or what ever .. That would be OK on one level except most of these people start coming off as if they are teaching Brain Surgery, yet none of them have been to medical school ... I guess they may have really taken the fake it to you make it pill featured the Matrix and believed in it's power . Kenny
  8. So what If I'm Kenfused ... we still are having Fun ? aren't we Kenny
  9. Where are we even going ? We are going to Nepal to start a brand new chapter in life . Kenny
  10. Bill " the OP "happens to be a Vet ...IMO , that snarky comment happens to be in very poor form too a Vet . ..If you happen to feel so inclined to say something along those lines to vent your frustration why don't you say those type of comments to the greedy a hole's that are out there selling and hawking their wares ....their the ones mucking up the holiday.... not the people that served .... Kenny
  11. My phone sounds like your phone Dave ...when I want to move photo's off my phone I have to take it apart enough to be able to get to a storage mini card .. Once I do that I place the mini storage card into a full sized adapter and let my computers card reader show me the file's I'm looking to move over ... 1/8 of an inch hair length ...wow that is pretty short ...I have long white ear bush's and nose hairs that could use a trim down to 1/8 🤔 Kenny
  12. Yep , they do fight each other just to see who can get away the furthest and quickest ...Who want's to be caught in public stuck on a leash with that ? Kenny
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