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  1. We found the suspect and he's up $hits Creek for doing that . Kenny
  2. Wibbles! what ! do you have to use this" Walker " on the day after the farmer wont let you jump over the stone wall? or are you talking about these Walkers ? Either way , I sure hope it's the chips ... Kenny
  3. let us not forget millions of chickens and pigs are slaughtered each year Kenny
  4. What are you saying . No more worshiping the hot dog ? Kenny
  5. Duke loves Pringles that come 3 to a tube w the tennis ball flavoring .... Steve if your gonna get your coat why not run out to the store and get Duke a tube 🥳 Kenny
  6. After doing a google search I was surprised to find out Yak - burgers are a thing and they are said to be quite tasty .... Everything I like that tastes like chicken has been off the menu for some time .... I guess playing a solo candle light acoustic concert for a lady starting with the tune Stairway To Heaven just don't seem to get the creamy silk in the panties effect like it used to .....Oh well ....... Speaking of how to overcome the issue of vaginal dryness when on a first date , We have a message of wisdom and encouragement from our very own Professor William Yakespeare Kenny
  7. One Elmer ditched the store bought junk chair , he found satisfaction in having a custom made chair built to fit his generous physical proportions. Kenny
  8. That door my friend is the secret door of all men fantasy's.... Behind that door lies temptations and activity's that I can not speak of here on this forum because there may be children present . Kenny
  9. I'm not here to debate but is that an Ikea ? Kenny
  10. Having said that ! I want my becan now 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓 Kenny
  11. In addition to The Coffee House Platter you will also receive an in home live performance of An Evening Of Bass Solo's Kenny
  12. Kenny PS I nominate this post for a slice of 🥓 award
  13. Our Music & Mix's are the Punchiest in The Business They are guaranteed to knock you out . Kenny
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