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  1. Craig , OK when you are on You Are On lol I'll give you that I wonder if my 4 seconds of credit will roll over ...if I was riding a Bull I would have had a halfway good run at four seconds .. When I was young I used to think that ,,,Now it's like Oh man The Grimm Reaper is probably come and snag my culito pretty soon ... I was at the right place at the right time with the right people . paulo, gulp , I could have been a contender sniff sniff waaahhhhh lol When I went home after the video shoot in Central Park I had a cheese sandwich for diner ...times were tough for me back then Thanks for the kind word . Not that Rake , That Rake was a Hoe all the best, Kenny
  2. 😂Sure I could back then , that was when I was young ... Anyway nothing has changed for me as a result of that video ...I still have to pay extra for my Garden Tools 😂 Kenny
  3. Oh boy music in general sure was crazy back then 😂 If you think We Built This City was bad how do you think I feel about this one ...I'm the guy humping the rake at 1 : 47 Kenny PS, I thought it was fun back then . Oh well at least the rake had a good time
  4. Apparently he only dreams big in Shadows 😎 Darth! I'm your Father . Kenny
  5. Hi Dave , It is nice to see you around here and I'm glad you enjoyed this song. Sure , if you want to run something you have done by me just let me know . The collab we did years ago still goes down as one of the best I've been a part of still to this day . all the best, Kenny
  6. Thank you for the update and hot fix ...it solved a recent problem I was having . Kenny
  7. I would be all tongue if that little hottie in the wet suit went to capture me . Kenny
  8. Wow Larry ! I have to say you did a great job on your version of Time . You have good chops on the guitar and vocals .Plus, I think you have a golden ear man . I can tell you have patiently worked on this song and didn't settle for a second rate performance or second rate instrument sound ... All your songs elements are top shelf and impressive sounding all across the board . all the best, Kenny
  9. Jesse ! Your song is Crazy in a good way . Kenny
  10. Hi Bjorn , I enjoyed watching and listening to your video immensely . You really know how to set up a real nice visual theme and then marry it to Music . I have seen a few of your videos over time and I like this one the best. I wish I knew how to do videos w music on this level of creativity and quality .. all the best , Kenny PS that was a cool transition at 3:27 on....nice one
  11. Hi Jeff ! thank you . Hi Tom ! I'm super glad you enjoyed this . Hi Dave ! it is nice to see you again in the songs forum . I know you are very active in other sub forums and Yes I have learned a lot from you . (it's to bad I forgot most of it ...lol ) I'm lucky I was still on the front page for you to hear this one ...Indeed you are a friend ..thank you for taking the time to listen . all the best, Kenny
  12. Hi David , I enjoyed listening to your song Rise . Love all the cycles of chord changes and the subtle use of tonal / key modulations . Your song highlights and showcases your great touch and playing dynamics .. You certainly compose and write some really good Music . You sound great, Kenny
  13. The minute you hit the cold ocean water decked out in your speedo becomes the same moment "your boys" will have joined the coveted armadillo shell look a like club ... 🤣 Kenny
  14. .... one I just made up ... Kenny
  15. Craig , The guy that did that song had an entire flock of Llama Lamps ? Well , that certainly explains why I like that tune. Be ins I'm a former Funny Farm Escapee on the run hiding in plain sight ... Kenny
  16. If you decide to get a Llama Lamp be sure you wear a wet suit when you record . When Llama lamps get excited they are known for spitting out tunes Kenny
  17. Ya . shrooms ! that sounds good ......I wonder if they would work for me or not since I'm already like this w out them ... What ! No Llama Lamps ? Kenny
  18. Ouch that studio looks uncomfortable and seems a little drab . OK . Fixed. Kenny
  19. The Lava Lamp Genie is here to grant your wish . Kenny
  20. Hi Rik, Thanks for giving this tune a listen . I did give your tune a listen . It sounded good . Hi Starise , Constantly learning and working on my chops seems to be an area of music where I get a little satisfaction . Then the next day it's all like what just happened ? My fingers just got a case of instant amnesia.... lol ... FWIW , what ever progress I've made on the guitar always feels mercurial to me . Yes, I hope to keep on sharing wit Y'all ... thank you for your support and encouragement . Cool Beans , Hi Larry ! I'm glad you gave this clip of mine a listen . Thank you for taking the time to comment . all the best, Kenny
  21. Hi Douglas Kirby . Thank you for the kind words you said . I appreciated hearing them ... Hi Rik , Thank you very much for the song listen and having nice things to say about my playing .It means a lot too me . all the best, Kenny
  22. Hi Rik , I like what you did Your version is a good listen You had nice octaves going during the songs opening phrases .. I enjoyed the space and breathing room you left open as the song played . Yeah , nice use of electric Gypsy type of scales and sounds , Sounds good man . all the best, Kenny
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