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  1. I seem to have had a number of crashes in this version or perhaps the last few versions, but basically it happens when working with clip gain sometimes it just completely dumps me out of the DAW.
  2. I have given up waiting and started using LoopCloud now. Great app.
  3. If it's floating it will dissapear from view entirely
  4. I am a bit confused. You seem to say you do use the Browser but are requesting changes to the Plugin Manager ? If you already use the Browser then I can't see why you would use the Plugin Manager too.
  5. This is the right place, it migh be easier to split them up and make one post per request. A lot of folks add FR : to indicate Feature Request to the post title D is already a default shortcut for the Dock, but if you right click on the plugin you can press D once the menu pops up and it will jump to Delete, then just hit enter. You can get pretty quick at this with practice and it's faster than using the mouse I find. Remove all FX plugins would be a nice option to have in the menu Can you clarify ? Do you mean between track folders or the plugin layout category folders in the browser ? Learn to use the Browser instead of the insert FX menu Not sure which menu you mean - can you clarify ? Again I would learn to use the browser it's much faster, you can make whatever categories you want without having to worry about separators and plugin layouts
  6. I am similar and always reach for the gain first . I was also mixing live gigs on an analogue mixer some years before it was possible to use a PC for audio recording, I also had an ADAT when the only viable option was using a computer as a midi sequencer. You didn't want to clip them !
  7. Lol - see..all those mixes and I never figured that out 😃 Actually...I get the vague feeling I did know it once many many years ago but because I've never used it I forgot 😶
  8. Over 25yrs and over 1,000+ mixes in Cakewalk / Sonar I can't honestly it's ever happened to me that I have particularly noticed. So I am not sure what you guys are doing 😃 However as Wojtek Stecyszyn mentions , perhaps the solution is to have Fader Undo...then it beenfits everyone ...not just the careless drivers
  9. Please make them work with the mouse wheel too
  10. Many plugins have it build in but that's what FX send / returns are for - and you only need one instance of your FX
  11. Will it ever become non - experimental ?
  12. +1 We need to be able to scrub through the audio file if we want to
  13. But if I manually add it to my Arranger Selection and perform various operations i.e. copy / move the arranger section etc. ...it doesn't crash and behaves as expected ( I can only say I have tried this with Melodyne as I rarely use the other RFX ) So all it's really doing is forcing me into additional steps of manually adding them. If you are saying we shouldn't perform any Arranger operations on un-rendered RFX Clips then fair enough but it seems a bit of a workaround.
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