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  1. you can actually use both. NX creates the binaural signal and adds the environment response to simulate the studio (like if you were not using headphones). Sonarworks flattens the sound curve for a specific set of headphones. Nx has a few "supported" headphones with the correction curve, but you can turn it off and use Sonarworks to flatten the curve after NX.
  2. edit: I didn't read the mail all the way to the bottom.. the link was there 😂
  3. I really like tracktion Waveform, but I stopped using it because of a plugin latency compensation bug on the sidechains, which gives funny results for example when using phase alignment plugins. I hope they fix it on this release. It's one of the two windows DAWs that support the Mackie C4 (the other one is CbB 😁), and Logic ProX on Mac.
  4. I think he was mentioning he did the video using Neural DSP Gojira and that he did not add any effects after it except for some EQ and compression, and that he did not use the Silvera Solo preset for the lead sound.
  5. The plugin is very far from a one trick pony. Three different amps with very different characters, a great pitch shifter, a very nice delay and reverb, and can go anywhere between clean, deep melodic tones to ultra high gain rhythms. You shoud give a try to the demo, because the Neural DSP video only shows one preset: Silvera Solo, and I think it's not fair to the plugin itself.
  6. The Archetype Nolly also has some nice high gain tones, and very smooth clean tones. I bought it during BF. It's worth demoing Gojira is next on my list :D
  7. Pollux

    Wave $10 Voucher

    Non Linear Summer or Abbey Road Chambers
  8. Pollux

    Izotope Insight 2

    was waiting for this one to go on sale!
  9. Yup. tried to use it for the Guitar Rig Pro 6 update and didn't work.
  10. same over here. I have a couple of extra codes if anyone is interested
  11. Pollux

    Softube Vol 1

    damned you Larry!!! 😂😂
  12. FREE Live Rig standalone app can load ONLY Nembrini Audio plugins
  13. So far... a lot of stuff I didn’t need 😅 (but GAS feels sooo good) harrison mixbus 32c, the 5 AVA plugins bundle and the voice strip neural DSP nolly, parallax and dark glass (fell Insta-in-love with these three) melda mautoalign, the free bundle upgrade and mdrumreplacer Accusonus ERA bundle Wavesfactory trackspacer Slate digital subscription AMR ReValver producer pack Acustica Amethyst Izotope Excalibur Softube Drawmer s73 i don’t dare to do the math... 😂
  14. Pollux

    PA Mega Bundle Sale

    the annual subscription price is $249.99 so the actual savings are $50/yr. still good value for the money. But not very cool for existing customers, as this does not apply for subscription renewal......
  15. Pollux

    JST Flash Sale

    I got it a couple of months ago for a similar price. Not worth a cent. Toneforge and Bassforge are average amp sims, the "VIP" plugins are just regular freebies, and the "VIP membership" is a joke (especially the JST VIP Facebook group).
  16. No problems over here. Thread Scheduling Model 3 made a huge CPU usage improvement on my machine
  17. Pollux

    JST Massive Sale

    Got the Toneforge Metal Starter pack on sale and with an extra 40% discount with a coupon. Even like this it's not good value for the money. Hellraiser is good but not mind-blowing, The other plugins are okay-ish and the extra content is not worth the hassle.
  18. I replaced a 3 screen setup for a 32" 4K monitor. I find it much more comfortable and it allowed me to tweak the placement of the speakers to a better position.
  19. Hello all, there is currently 50% off the Forward Audio faMegaIRBundle, which includes faIRmageddon 3 Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses: - Marshall 1960A (TM) (1995 Limited Edition) Red - Engl E 212VH Vintage 2×12 - Mesa Boogie 4×12 Rectifier – regular price is 139€, discounted price is 69,50 €: https://www.forward-audio.com/mega-impulse-response-bundle/?source=discount_bar "faIRMegaBundle is the most complete sound design solution for the modern guitar player. The combination of faIRmageddon with a myriad of High Quality Impulse Responses leads to an infinite number of sound possibilities. I swear to god I will get rid of all my expensive cabs and use this instead from now on. Holy Moly." "faIRmageddon is the ultimate Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Designer for the growing needs of guitar players of the 21st century. It’s carefully designed to give you what every guitarist and audio engineer dreams of: Your own UNIQUE sound! With faIRmageddon you’ll be able to load, combine, adjust, merge & manipulate your IRs to achieve this goal with ease. You’ll love how this plug-in will change your perception of guitar sound forever!"
  20. Hi U-Man, MCU and C4 protocols use MIDI to send and receive information. AFAIK there is no Mackie SDK, but rather a documentation set about which button / fader / encoder uses which MIDI CC. Faders use 10 bit for a higher resolution than the 127 values of the standard CC. Both protocols are different. The C4 had very little DAW support (only Cakewalk, Logic and Tracktion) and was discontinued years ago. The displays are controlled sending binary information encapsulated within the MIDI messages, and it's different between the MCU and the C4, which is why you don't see anything when you set it as an MCU. If you want to understand how they work under the hood in Cakewalk, you can check https://github.com/Cakewalk/Cakewalk-Control-Surface-SDK As for using only a C4 without an MCU, yes, this is possible. You can control track levels, pans, plugins and most of the button functions the MCU has. The cakewalk help file is pretty comprehensive about using the C4 (attached). Hope this helps! MackieControl.chm
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