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  1. Hi there, am just getting familiar with CW! This is the second day that I have played with it, Have watched several tutorials on YouTube. I mostly play with karaoke. So the issue is: I import the background karaoke track MP3 on one track, create another track for my vocals. But I find it near impossible to lower the MP3 track volume adequately! I tried the volume dB slider to the left of the track, that did not help. I then selected the track and went to Process, tried to lower it there, no good. Then based on a video on YouTube I found I had to bring up Console view, and turn down the knob that says Pre-Gain. That works. I have to experiment more as what really counts is to produce an MP3 that has the right balance of my voice and the karaoke background, and adequate total volume. Also, I have to experiment more with the In and Out USBs so I can hear exactly what is being recorded. Oh, one other question. I love to play karaoke MP4 files on my cell phone and sing along. But importing MP4 into CW, only shows thumbnails and not a live video. Is that normal? No way to watch and listen to a karaoke MP4 file and sing along? Thx much! So far I find it far more advanced than Audacity which I've used for a couple of years now. The problem I have found with Audacity, is that my vocal volume, if I push it to an extent that seems to have a good dB signal, distortion occurs. I had to repeatedly amplify to improve; even then, the MP3 volume is not that great. I now have to see if with CW I can get adequately loud MP3s of the final mix. Raja
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