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  1. I engineered and mastered the song. Here's a link to the lyric video: https://youtu.be/usdT3LKOoE0 Here's a link to the band's website and facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/somestupidband https://www.somestupidband.com/
  2. What about getting the presets? I can't seem to them. Here's the instructions from the site:
  3. Took a couple times. I had to add it to my cart and then remove it. Then it showed that I had it activated. Who knows.
  4. I followed the instructions, but no luck. Can someone explain how to get it?
  5. Have hi plugins been deemed safe to install. I recall about a year ago his original site was attacked.
  6. I've never heard of Babelson, are they legit??
  7. Had to uninstall via the control panel. Did the old shutdown and restart. Reinstalled and presto! It worked.
  8. Yeah same. Then again, it's never worked properly.
  9. It's not bad, but it definitely has a long way to go. The control panel for each band gets in the way. You can't reposition it, or if you can, it's not obvious. There are snaps and pops when bypassing the plugin. It's missing that polish that other plugins have. Needs more work, but good ideas.
  10. If I weren't receiving this plugin for free, I would not purchase it. I have plenty of delays and plugins and can very easy route them in the same manor. Ah well, it's free, I'll take it.
  11. Looks like you need Fat Channel XT. I just went through the whole installation process (without having Fat Channel XT) and nothing shows up in my plugin list. Oh well, I didn't really need these.
  12. Do the require having Fat Channel XT? This from the website:
  13. I love how CLA is talking about limitations with hardware. Not having a zillion choices. Then here's Waves throwing more reverbs and delays into an already saturated market.
  14. Without a doubt it's going to be some form of CLA Reverbs and Delays..... Or something CLA Depth. His most recent videos on Waves website are dead giveaways. He's doing zero mixing in the videos and just talking about all his wonderful reverbs and delays and how HE uses them. So far this type of video, at face value, has nothing to do with Waves. Unless it directly correlates to a new product that somehow emulates his reverb and delay workflow.
  15. They only gave me $4 in Jampoints, is that because I already had a license?
  16. It's the new CLA Baseball Cap. It helps you hide any sort of receding hairline in an attempt to appear younger. Younger ears hear more!!
  17. It would be great to have the Plug-in Manager highlight the plug-ins listed in the Registered Plug-ins section that are currently part of the current Plug-in Menu Layout. I often find myself having to double check my plug-in list to make sure they are list in my Plug-in Menu Layout.
  18. No reply? Has anyone checked this plugin?
  19. I was looking around for a new EQ, something with a little more bang for the buck. I came across a company Crave DSP and their Crave EQ plugin. I had never heard of this company let alone their EQ. I looked on YouTube and googled it. Just about everyone who has tried it, liked it. I gave it a shot and holy hell, for $70 USD, pretty impressive. I was just curious if anyone else here has tried it. In my opinion, there should definitely be more chatter about this one. Here's a link to the site: https://cravedsp.com/crave-eq
  20. So I just tested out the Presonus VU meter and I have to agree with Zo, not good at all. I typically use VUMT Deluxe, super awesome. It's behavior is as expected, a 300ms average volume. The Presonus VU isn't really acting like a VU. Instead it behaves more like PPM. Even with the sensitivity all the way down, it's not reacting to an average volume, just reacting slowly to peaks instead. Not usable simply because it's behavior is not predictable. [EDIT] Ok, no joke, I think the Presonus gods were reading this thread. I reopened Cakewalk and I was going to remove it from my plugin list and it came up missing!!! I then uninstalled it, then reinstalled it, and it will not show up. Oh well, no real loss.
  21. Here's a good free one. https://www.tb-software.com/TBProAudio/mvmeter2.html
  22. LittleStudios

    IK Black 76

    It wouldn't surprise me the the serial number associated to the FREE version of the Black 76 has already been flagged. Waves is one company that is fully aware of how a user obtains a plugin license. I imagine IK being another major player in the plugin world also keeps track of how licenses are obtained.
  23. LittleStudios

    IK Black 76

    Can someone explain why someone would want to redeem the code during a future group buy? Am I missing something here?
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