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  1. Luxury! Back in my day, we were over the moon when double sided double density floppy disks were introduced with a whopping 720KB capacity. And we couldn't believe it when high density was introduce with 1.2MB total.
  2. Ya. Me too. I used to be interested in Wusik's stuff, and he did develop a few useful things, but his marketing style and erratic development have given me such a bad taste, that I have pretty much written him off. He has been promising and selling upgrades to Wusik Station 10 for so long now, it is a bit of a joke. Now I see little mention of WS 10 on his site at all. I hate to say it but he spends more time on marketing schemes (Patreon, group buys, deep discount sales), than he does actual coding. I know he struggles with mental health issues and I wish him the best. I am just not going to invest any more time or money into his products.
  3. I went ahead and bought it as well. I am actually having a lot of fun with it. It is actually a pretty good bit of kit. I was a bit hesitant because development has stopped completely it seems. There was talk about additional guitars including an acoustic guitar and other features but that was back in 2013 and nothing since. It does have midi out and midi drag and drop so you are not limited to the guitars it comes with that issue is mitigated somewhat.
  4. Looks like I need to download the demo and try it out. I watched some videos on the Sugar Bytes site and am now more interested.
  5. This is really old software and this review from 2010 was not that great. https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/tech/sugar-bytes-guitarist-303497 The current version is only 1.05 and it does not seem that much has changed since 2010 (except dropping 32 bit support). Does anybody have any recent experience with this? Like Vernon, I was initially interested. Not so much now.
  6. Cut my Tull teeth on Aqualung and Thick as a Brick. Even did the crossword puzzle and connect the dots!
  7. Apparently, there are Pro owners over at KVR who have been able to get them... https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=559501 Also this is from the email I received:
  8. Direct link https://emergenceaudio.com/product/quantum-source-code/ So what makes this "source code"? I got so excited, thinking this was something I could feed into my compiler.
  9. I was mostly referring to hardware drivers, not installed software. Having to re-authorize installed software is not a Windows 10 issue but a function of the copy protection used by the software. I just cloned 5 Windows 10 drives today ( smaller to larger drives) with absolutely no problem. The computers booted up fine with Windows 10 fully licensed.
  10. You should have little problem if you are cloning the drive and putting it back into the same computer. I have actually found Windows 10 to be less picky about hardware changes than XP as long as you don't change the way the hard drive is accessed in the BIOS, aka AHCI vs IDE/Legacy vs RAID).
  11. Yes. Sphere and Pro users. Not for Artist and below.
  12. I just found out that CM and FM are available through my local library using RBDigital. That is a better deal than even $1/issue.
  13. Future Music is also available. Anybody have any experience with Future Music? Is it a good read in addition to CM or does it cover the same territory?
  14. Sort of how I feel about a couple of other companies that shall remain nameless.
  15. "Today only"...let's see if it still says that tomorrow, or Tuesday, or all this week.
  16. I have found new homes for all my spare AAS serials. My AAS account feels significantly lighter.
  17. Yes. I hate this "premium only feature" BS. At least with Amplitude 5, they made it so you can hide presets for equipment you do not own. I hated that in 4. You click on a preset only to have it tell you that you do not own everything required for the preset and that it may not sound right.
  18. The ice cream truck still passes by my house in the summer. Still have to fight that urge to run out and flag down the truck.
  19. Doug Rintoul

    AAS Give Away

    So I bought the AAS Humble Bundle and contacted AAS to see if they would exchange some of my duplicates for different packs. They were generously willing to give me two different packs. However, I still have a number of duplicates which are doing me no good and only cluttering up my AAS account. I am feeling rather generous, because of AAS's generosity to me so I want to give away what I can't use. I think I can just pass them off to others by filling out a form on AAS's site. I don't believe there is any transfer fee. Here is what I have to give away... Lounge Lizard Session 4 Strum Session 2 (x2) Ultra Analog Session 2 (x2) Angelicals Cinémathèque (x2) Multiverse Synbiosis PM me if you want any of these. I don't want anything for them. Maybe just pay it forward to someone else someday.
  20. These are Reason Rack instruments, so if you have that (included in Reason-Lite), you can use these in any DAW that supports VST3/AU.
  21. I I wondered about this myself. So is A-List Acoustic Guitarist = UJAM Amber, Fingerpicking Nylon - A-List Guitarist = UJAM Silk, Pop Chords A-List Electric Guitarist = UJAM Sparkle, Power Chords A-List Electric Guitarist = UJAM Iron?
  22. Didn't get the email about the $10 voucher. Last email I got was about the 50% off bundle.
  23. I have had the PACE problem with Sonivox plugins, specifically VocalizerPro, and some of the Orchestral Companions I think. I have not had any PACE problems with Air plugins (and yes I know they are now owned by the same company) mainly because I did not install ILOK with the installer(note it is not an option to not install with the SONIVOX plugins). However, once the plugins are installed, they work well for me. Xpand!2 is actually pretty comprehensive as is Structure even if they do have a rather archaic interfaces.
  24. Looks like a Rompler with a few bells and whistles added. Not the game changer described in the videos. What problems are you have with AIR plugins?
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