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  1. You would actually be surprised at how few Cakewalk users there are on the Deals sub-forum. I would hazard a guess that most of us are here for the Deals and not for the Cakewalk discussion. So it might worth you while to monitor the Deals sub-forum in the future. Lots of great discussion happens here (and some bitching of course).
  2. InstaScale is such a weird beast. It requires you to learn a whole new way of playing a keyboard. I am not sure who the target audience is. InstaChord is a strumming engine. However there are better, more versatile and easier to use strumming engines that come with OTS, Indiginus and other virtual guitars.
  3. Apparently there is something called shell2vst that separates the waveshell files into single dll files. You could then use Savihost.
  4. For those interested in crossgrade/upgrade/maxgrade information, check out this page: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/eligibilitycheck/
  5. This has been explained many times before. Crossgrade pricing kicks in as soon as you purchase any IKM product worth more than $99. It is that simple. If you are a new IKM customer, until you purchase something worth $99+, you pay the full price. After that point, you pay the crossgrade price no matter what you buy.
  6. You’re clear. My question too. You cannot select something you already own unless you transfer it to someone else first. I am assuming you bought Lurssen in a previous sale, perhaps another group buy which unlocked a bunch of freebies. You are wondering what happens to the freebies you got in the previous sale if you were to sell the Lurssen. Is that correct?
  7. Interesting. The only thing that I can think of is that the MSRP is $299.00 but IKM is now selling it for $249.99. To be honest, there are not that many freebies at the $299 level.
  8. You can do it in Amplitube itself. Click on the icon below the three lines until you see an x in a circle (like above) and it will only show the gear you do not own.
  9. This is not right. Where are you seeing that your entry level is higher than the MSRP?
  10. The GB does not accumulate. Buying in twice gets you two entries at the $99 level but does not unlock anything at the $199 level. Your UNO drum now qualifies you for $299 level so you can now get AmpliTube 5. Also, when Peter says that you qualify for AmpliTube 5 Upgrade from any 99.99+ product, the upgrade price is not $99. It is $199 (I think). It is what I stated before, any $99+ purchase qualifies you for the crossgrade/upgrade price of any IKM product.
  11. So does that mean that V12 has issues with Windows 11? What did they have to fix to get to Windows 11 compatibility?
  12. This is a real good analysis Kenny. I am glad I do not have to choose. Your experiments has given me new ideas of things to try out. I would not have thought of doubling up. I have a fairly powerful machine, but like others, I am concerned about the performance hit. I really do hope IKM can sort these issues out and get rid of that stupid popup that displays every time I start AmpliTube5.
  13. In reality, IKM doesn't really do upgrade pricing. I may be wrong, but I can't think of a single IKM product line where the price of a higher level is less just because you own something in that product line at a lower level. All you need to do is buy any IKM product worth $99 or more , and you get the crossgrade/upgrade price for any other IKM product, no matter the line. It is a good deal but it can be confusing.
  14. I am fine with the mods locking this thread too. I think everyone has had their say and I feel we should move in on.
  15. No hardware is part of the free products. Buying qualifying hardware will get you into the GB . Ninja'd by abacab
  16. It might be racist or gender insensitive (I can never remember) to exclude poly synths from participating. My turn to get my coat.
  17. Yes, I suppose this is true. I guess it is akin to the police pulling over a speeder on the freeway, causing traffic to back up all because one person had a heavy foot.
  18. The remark was definitely uncalled for. However, even well respected long-term members can make mistakes. It does seem like a bit of an overreaction since it was only one post to which absolutely nobody else responded, except to maybe report it. Such a policy does seem to put a lot of power into the hands of some malcontent who wants to kill a thread. I can't believe there is no ability to unlock a thread, once it has been cleaned up, and we all promise to behave like good little girls and boys.
  19. In my neck of the woods, we have a bundle of first class microbreweries. We Canadians take our beer seriously.
  20. Oh you beat me to it. And I had such imaginative titles for this thread... IK 25th Anniversary Group Buy Part Deux IK 25th Anniversary Group Buy Thread- The Sequel IK 25th Anniversary Group Buy - No Poly Ticks Allowed
  21. Pre-pre-deleted just in case what I say is misconstrued.
  22. Hope this doesn't lock this thread, but here is a link to the explanation of the meme: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/thanks-obama
  23. The comment was pretty innocuous, I thought. The poster listed a bunch of bad things that happened to him and then ended it with "Thanks Obi-Wan" referencing the meme about O getting blamed for everything bad.
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