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  1. You were sort of right. You can now use the current voucher 2 times.
  2. Yup. I live just north of you in Abbotsford. It started snowing early this morning and has been going since then. This is our back deck and yard...
  3. Canada always gets blamed for the cold weather. I am not sure, but I don't think closing the borders are going to help.
  4. Thanks for sharing. It is a touching song and a great sentiment. My dad passed away on October 31st after a long battle with Parkinsons so I relate to it well. This will be the first Christmas without him. Christmas and family were an important part of his life and I know it will be hard without him this year. Christmas is a good time to celebrate family and friends and I am thankful for those still here.
  5. @bdickensWhile I agree with you, I think we may be straying into the religious discussion territory. Maybe it is best to leave it at that.
  6. Well, the volcano is not really ready to erupt...but it will some day. It is pretty amazing how disasters can bring out the best in people. When our neighourhood was flooded last month, we all came together and stacked sandbags, and made meals and help clean out sewage soaked carpets and appliances and drywall. You get the picture. I met neighbours I had not talked to since we moved in here 20 years ago.
  7. Merry Christmas to all from a snowy west coast of Canada. We haven't had a white Christmas in years. First we had fires and a heat wave with record breaking temperatures in the summer. Then major floods about a month ago. And now snowpocolypse has hit. I am waiting for the volcano I can I see from my window to erupt. That would be the perfect end to an absolutely mind boggling year.
  8. I am curious. What is the difference between Commercial (Standard) and Commercial (Royalty Free)?
  9. Thanks for clarifying this. I agree that we have lost touch with the underlying hardware in the attempt to make things easier to developed. I myself started out in the age before personal computers. My first programs were written using punched cards on IBM 360/370s. I programmed not only machine code but did microprogramming back in the day. Not sure I would want to go back to those days but I will admit that my degree in Electrical Engineering has made me a better programmer. I am not trying to brag or anything, basically agreeing with you. Maybe this is a philosophical question: Is this really necessary? Isn't it enough if they do their job? Of course it is not necessary if the plugins already do their jobs. But new features or new plugins may require the new features on processors such as AVX extensions so they do not become CPU hogs. Some plugins try to provide a fallback if AVX extensions are not available and this can lead to issues.
  10. I am a PC person as well. I have a MAC mini because I need to support it in my job. Your scenario is exactly what frustrates me about the Mac world.
  11. I don't know your background @marled. Have you actually done any software development? It is a complex process. Just because a plugin works in your environment does not mean it will for everyone everywhere. When a bug is reported and fixed, an update is released for everyone whether you need it or not. Moving libraries around was only one example of things that can cause problems. You are correct in that it should be relatively easy to support. But the miriad of DAWS available is another issue and to test for all DAWs is a momumental task that takes time and resources, even for a simple plugin. There is an axiom that the only bug free piece of software is one that does not do anything useful. The old Sonar plugins still run so smooth because they are Windows only and Microsoft has tried to maintain backward compatibility. They also do not try to use new features that can be found in modern day processors. They are also not nearly as complex as something like SampleTank. I am not trying to justify shoddy coding. There are lazy software developers out there who provide poor support. But I think we are quick to complain sometimes not understanding the complexities involved in trying to support even simple tools.
  12. True. My comment was supposed to be a bit cheeky.
  13. The policy is good for Apple, but not so good for developers and end users. And it works well in the phone space. However Apple's PC market share is still only 15%. I have a perfectly good Mac Mini that would run the current OS X if Apple would let it. In fact, I shoed horned it in and it run with absolutely no problems. But Apple support policy won't allow me to officially upgrade. And unfortunately, current versions of some Apple programs won't run on older OS Xs. So I either throw the hardware out or go the non-official route.
  14. DEXED is only a 3.25 MB downloads. Just saying...😃
  15. Part of the problem with the current ecosystem is the diversity of platforms that need to be supported. Some people like to move their libraries from the default location to any where there is space. There are different OS's and even different versions of the same OS. There are different processors, different motherboards , different antivirus` programs, and different graphics cards. It is naive to think that you can release software that will work in every configuration without bugs, even for simple plugins. And thus the need for updates.
  16. It is 2021 and they are just releasing 2012 versions? 😆😆😆😆😆 Actually it is just the title that is wrong.
  17. Never heard of JRV before and now in the same day, there is a bump and a APD deal. What is going on here?
  18. If you are Canadian, you get the same US price in Canuck dollars. Now that is a good deal.
  19. Sale excludes the Vintage Gent.
  20. That is how I discovered the link I posted.
  21. Hmm. It wasn't for me. Unless I missed it somehow. Anyway, I am happy with Humanized.
  22. What do we want? Our AAS Free Gift. When do we want it? NOW! Just discovered you don't have to wait for the eMail. Just go here... https://www.applied-acoustics.com/portal/gift/ log in and voila, you can pick your free gift! P.S. Analog Orchestra is not one of the choices. Humanized is though.
  23. But, but, but the banner says NEVER ON SALE. Are you saying you don't believe them? I am shocked!
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