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  1. Note that even if you have bought into the GB, you can still bump up the numbers by buying one of the newer releases such as Fractionate, and MIDI Mod.
  2. Are you going to do a live stream of you purchasing Pathfinder Cello?
  3. I don't think you actually needed to purchase CM #296. The CM Plugin Suite PC Instruments I downloaded that contained Thorn was from the filesilo link for CM#305. I also tried the link in the ZIP file for faster download (it downloaded a file called Legacy CM Plugin Suite PC Instruments.zip), and it too contained the PC version of Thorn. Interestingly enough, the CM#305 filesilo link points to the download for CM#296. You are correct that the standalone download for Thorn only contains the Mac version. Something is a bit messed up for sure.
  4. I have all the Myst games except the remake on GOG too. I just finished Obduction last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I borrowed a friends HTC Vive to try VR but the 3D experience did not really do it for me. For some reason, I much preferred viewing the Obduction world through my 2D monitor.
  5. I am not sure I understand. Are you saying you unzipped the version from the CM Plugin Suite PC Instruments.zip and it was the Mac version? I downloaded it yesterday and it was definitely the PC version. It contained a file called ThornSetup_100.exe. So unless Macs are now using exe's... The CM version was what actually enticed me to buy Thorn from Dmitry before he went with PA. I have subsequently gotten the PA version as well the recently released Tantra 2. As Fleer would say, it is goud stewf.
  6. Thorn CM is still available in the CM Plugin Suite PC Instruments though. It is just not a separate download for PC.
  7. Yes. I was hoping this bundle included the remake. Sadly, it doesn't.
  8. Well, I won't agree to that. But I will make this promise to you. I won't respond to you on this topic again in this or in future threads. However, I do invite you to participate in other topics. Since you really are someone who loves music tech, I am sure you have much more to offer than just perspectives on Apple hardware and software.
  9. Okay. So you ignore me, then un-ignore me to respond and then ignore me again. I actually don't like using ignore. I feel all voices deserve to be heard even if I don't agree with them. Who knows, I may even learn something from a contrary opinion, and even change my own opinion. I think too many people live in echo chambers and are too quick to take offence when someone offer an opposing view. Hugh, I am not trying to be passive aggressive but maybe that is my tendency. Your words sounded angry to me, or at least it seemed you were pissed off with me. My apology was sincere. And maybe even this statement could be considered passive aggressive. I don't know. This has spiraled away from the original topic into popcorn territory. I am fine to let it go.
  10. Point taken about over the top blanket statements. You did see my response to Paul_in_wales though, right? I am not sure of the point of the video.
  11. Yup. That is what I meant to say. It may be a non-issue, because by that time, hopefully you will have found alternatives or discovered you did not need those plugins after all.
  12. Maybe I did missed your point. My point was that sometimes there is a need to upgrade, because the software you need to run is no longer supported or available on OS you are currently running. The cases I stated were things I actually experienced. Yes, you can run Ableton on 10.13 but you may need to run other software as well which will not run on 10.13.
  13. Past experience has shown that when Apple pulls support for an older OS, they also pull support for software that runs on the older OS. Just try finding a copy of Microsoft Remote Desktop for anything older than Mojave, or Garageband for anything older than Big Sur.
  14. I am not opposed to other points views. I do think the M1 Mac could be a great choice, and as I have stated in the past, I think Apple has done marvels with the M1 in terms of power management/performance. I just dislike over the top blanket statements like Macs are the best bang for the buck and M1 blows Intel out the of the water. There are just so many factors when it comes to choosing a platform on which to be creative. I am not intending to attack you personally and if I am coming across like that, I apologise. It is just that this seems to be the only topic you participate in, and every time it is a hard defense of Macs. I don't think you realize how you are coming across. I did not say you were claiming superiority, I said that you were claiming that your choice of a Mac was superior. Do you not feel that? I am very comforable in my choice of Windows as my daily driver. I don't know where you got the impression that I don't own a Mac. I do own Macs, and I work with them every day. I am just not really enamored with them as some people are. So there you go. I am not sure what the source of your anger is, but I am sorry I contributed to it.
  15. The Mac M1 Mini is not a complete system. It does not come with a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. You can't upgrade the memory, and if you want more than 256 GB of storage, you have to resort to an external drive. As soon as Apple pulls Rosetta, all your legacy plugins become toast. If you agree that these discussion tend to go on forever, why do you participate? Why are you trying to convince everyone that your choice is the superior choice? Windows does have something comparable. You have just convinced yourself that it doesn't. Whether you want to admit it or not, your responses approach that of an evangelist.
  16. if Rosetta works so well, why are people bitching because plugin developers aren't producing M1 native versions fast enough? Is the very small performance gain really worth all that extra development?
  17. I agree. I wouldn't mind checking out your site when it is ready to see if it offers something that MSD and other sites do not. We really are not a hostile forum, especially compared to KVR and others.
  18. And it loads so quickly. Instant gratification.
  19. I picked up Spire from Best Services over the holidays for $79.64. For some reason, it has become my most used synth this month. It was almost a no brainer at that price plus Bellatrix had all their Spire presets at 90% off which sealed the deal.
  20. I think the feature he was claiming to be the first to exploit was the automatic scouring of the web. The musicsoftwaredeals thread gives more context.
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