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  1. Sure there is...click on the trial version...
  2. Element shouldn't be taking over all your audio devices. You can specify which audio device it uses in the options. If you are using ASIO, then that is the nature of ASIO; only one application can be using an ASIO device at a time to reduce latency. You can use FlexASIO to allow mutiple applications to use ASIO at the same time, but you give up a bit of low latency to do that.
  3. I use them to increase my plugin count. The one with the most plugin wins, right? Actually, I am interested in other people's recommendations as well.
  4. Just in case others are wondering, Element is Juce based and you use Projucer to start the process. I have compiled it multiple times under Windows. I have also paid for the precompiled download a few times just to support the developer.
  5. I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and ....
  6. And I thought people around here knew how to use the Internet. Well, maybe they do but are just lazy bustards (TM). Thanks to abacab who is more thoughtful than me, people can immediately find this gem. I use it for a number of things, but especially if I don't want to fire up my DAW. It loads quickly and can host pretty much any VST2 and VST3 including audio and MIDI effects. A cool feature is that you can drop any plugin on it and it will use the plugin right away without having to do a complete scan of all your plugins. Doing so also adds the plugin to your plugin list. You can use it in a live setting but it also has a VST so you can use it in your DAW. It has very flexible routing options including routing MIDI between plugins. I can easily have one MIDI plugin like Cthulhu or Scaler feeding multiple synths or even have the output of Cthulhu feeding Scaler feeding a plethora of synths for some real mayhem.
  7. Who is Fleer? He is dead to me for doing such a horrendous deed.
  8. I use Kushview Element for this. It is a pretty amazing piece of software.
  9. Nevermind. We really need a delete post function.
  10. Easy enough to do. Even search might not have been helpful unless you searched for "Analog Lab Intro" and not "Arturia Analog Lab Intro".
  11. Actually, I think it has been eyeing me for awhile.
  12. Livin' the WUP's life, man.
  13. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"
  14. I ain't getting it if there is no WUP, even if it is free.
  15. Love FrozenPlain's stuff. Note that these are the non-kontakt version so they should work in any DAW without needing NI getting involved.
  16. I got it from BestService last December for $79.64 with some sort of promo code and pennies in BestCoin. I am really liking the synth like I have no other (except maybe Zebra), and I have a lot of synths.
  17. As Fleer is implying, this is old news. And as Mibby has stated, the upgrade is now $69, not $39. Here is a link to the original discussion.
  18. Was just about to post the same! Though this method might be easier on the pocket book, unless you think time is money.
  19. So if a plugin can generate over a hundred comments in three days, it has got to be hot, right? Okay. I'll buy it.
  20. Just to confirm, I did not have AL 4 but bought the Vangelis Tribute. When I loaded the Vangelis presets, I was told some effects would not work in AL V. I was concerned that the Vangelis presets would not sound right which why I asked for a copy of AL 4.
  21. I don't know if this is of interest to anyone out there but when I opened the Vangelis Tribute bank in Labs V, I got this message: I contacted support and they added an NFR copy of Labs 4 to my account.
  22. I wondered if he gamed the system somehow. He has been on this forum approximately 3 years and change. So he would have had to post at least 80 times a day to achieve those numbers. Still a pretty incredible lifetime achievment And from what I understand, his Toontrack collection is still the envy of all.
  23. And the site does not facilitate discussion as to whether the deal is worth looking at or not. But it is still an extremely useful tool, and will only get better when they add the ability to create a wishlist and then flag you when the prices of items on said list fall below a certain threshold.
  24. Glad they came through for you! It is responses like this from customer support that encourage me to continue to support a company.
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