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  1. Now I wish I didn't have everything already so I could join in on the excitement.
  2. Kenny, I am sorry if I pissed you off. It was not my intent nor was I trying to play games with you. You are right, I should have left well enough alone and not responded to your post at all. Having done so, let me see if I can explain myself a bit. If what I say does not help deescalate the situation, then ignore it and move on. I have no interest in antagonizing you further. I honestly do not get off on such interactions. The "game" I was referring to was the one of doing updates. It does seem like you cannot please every one; there will always be someone who will be upset with you no matter what you do. I was not trying to be a customer service rep; in fact my comment regarding having to download the whole Amp5 when you only own one or two plugins was meant to be a criticism. That comment was not directed at you at all. All I was saying was that the install and update process could be more streamlined, and that is something it sounds like you agree with. To be honest, getting a thumbs down was kind of a bummer. My response was an attempt to minimize the effect on myself. Doug.
  3. Seems like you can't win in this game. People complain when you don't update often enough. People complain when you update too often. I guess IKM could implement an incremental patch system so that you do not have to download the whole batch every time. What is probably more onerous is that you have to download the whole of Amp5 even if you only own one or two plugins. You think you are being censured? Then why am I still able to read your post? Rather, I think it is what people call giving a different perspective. It is not really IKM's fault you have a crappy Internet connection. So why are you downloading the update again?
  4. Well that is it for me. I have ridden all the rides in the amusement park, some more than once. I'll will stick around to see how this thing turns out. Oh, the drama! Oh the suspense. Besides, I need to see if I get kicked off the island when this thing reaches 19.
  5. We know which time zone you are in.
  6. I really hope we reach level 20, not because I need more slots; I don't. I just want to see what the last few levels would look like that would take us to 24 freebies at 25K.
  7. And now we are at 758. That is like 250 in three hours.
  8. The only thing I am really missing that the GB won't fill is the extra gear you get with AmpliTube 5 Max. I completed my T-Racks 5 to Max level without buying Max, and I don't really care about SampleTank Max. I know this has been said before, but I wish they would make the extra AmpliTube 5 Max gear available in this group buy.
  9. One more level and my dance card is full as well. It has been a grand ball!
  10. Well this is super embarrassing. I can't believe that after all these years, I was miss hearing the lyrics for the hidden track! I always thought that it was "Imagine she's a pretty nice girl" but of course it was "Her majesty's".
  11. Note that if you use the KANDY-2499 code, you actually can get it for $24.99.
  12. Here is the link to the actual bundle in case you are interested: https://www.waproduction.com/bundles/view/titam-edm-bundle-3
  13. Simon is correct. There is a past releases button that will lead you to a place to download previous versions.
  14. If you used Product Manager to install AmpliTube, the previous versions are in the IK Multimedia download folder. You should be able to install the older version over top the new version. If you can't find a copy of the installation files, I think I can give you access to 5.0.3.
  15. There are two reasons that Resonator is not included in the group buy. First, it is brand new. Second and more important, Resonator is created by a third party (Indiginus), not IKM.
  16. 2 to go? Really? Let's just drag this out.
  17. Call me a prophet. Either that or the counter is acting up for me again. Your choice.
  18. Up until your post went off the deep end, I actually agreed with your assessment of UIs. I haven't looked at Expressive E yet so can't comment on that, but I was not a fan of the trend toward flat and minimalism. I know some people will say it is all about the sound, but a good UI can inspire as well.
  19. Doug Rintoul

    Gone again!

    Hope you are back in time for Black Friday. Have a safe trip Larry.
  20. Can you roll back to the previous version of AmpliTube and see if you CPU load decreases with the same project?
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