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  1. People. I didn't realise there is so many interested in Deep In Lab theme. That makes me very happy and fill me with responsability of doing it the best I can. And that is what I'm doing.

    Stay tuned to this thread for an upcoming release.
    Thanks a lot::.

  2. @Brian Walton, thanks for all you said about my themes.

    9 hours ago, Brian Walton said:

    I'm sure you have have also made other refinements since then as well.     Any chance you would just post the current draft version?  

    I'm working on Deep in Lab, and it will be ready soon. When I say "will be ready" doesn't mean it will be 100% finished, but at least 80%.


    9 hours ago, Brian Walton said:

    Just as you have updated (and changed) your Boston Flowers Theme over time, I'm not sure I understand why this would be any different here.  

    There is a difference between Boston Flowers and Deep in Lab: Boston Flowers design is much more compatible with Mercury (its base theme) than what Deep in Lab is with Tungsten (its base theme). That means if I finish Boston Flowers in a 50%, you would think it's 100%, not noticing that some buttons or details are originals from Mercury (anyway, after one year and half of design, Boston Flowers is finished in a 99%). That wouldn't happen between Deep in Lab and Tungsten. If I leave remaining details from Tungsten into Deep in Lab, they will look rare and ugly. That's why I have to finish Deep in Lab at least to an 80% before its first release.

    BTW: there are new details in Boston Flowers that I will publish this weekend.

    Brian, stay tuned to this thread for an upcoming release. Thanks a lot::.

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  3. 7 hours ago, Brian Walton said:

    Just checking in, been in the   "coming soon during quarantine" for a couple months....still making updates?

    Dear @Brian Walton, thanks for yor question.

    I apologize for my delay. This theme is taking me a lot more time than I thought, because every design step is a challenge of what I would like to represent with it. The process is not being as fluid as with Boston Flowers, my other theme. You know, sometimes I look at Deep in Lab and think "I like it, but it doesn't convince me totally, it needs something else to be perfect".

    Anyway, I won't stop until I get it, but I need some days more.

    Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned.

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  4. On 5/16/2020 at 11:40 PM, HeatherHaze said:

    There must be a better way?

    The most agile video format I found to work into Cakewalk is mp4 (H.264) in SD resolution. To convert your file you can download Freemake Vídeo Converter (freeware).

    Try it and tell me. Good luck::.

  5. The possibility of inserting a whole .cwp file as ONE "Active Clip" into another project. This would be useful to build mastering projects, in which every Active Clip could be an existing song project.

    Some details:

    • Active Clips would be temporal files (supose .cap extension, for instance).
    • They could be generated by drag and drop .cwp files into any other project. (for understanding reasons, I wil call it the "mastering project")
    • Once the .cwp file dropped in the mastering project, Cakewalk would ask the user if he/she wants all tracks separated (what already exists) or one Active Clip.
    • Active Clips would be something like "freezings" of the source project's entire mix. (or maybe give some possility of choosing busses)
    • Active Clips should be able to insert clip effects, automation and every tool available for common audio clips. Even region fx.
    • They should be able to crop and fade freely.
    • They could have some kind of waveform preview, affected by the effects and processors applied in real time.
    • They would show the source projects markers (not movable) in the clip header, as a reference.
    • Every time the mastering project is opened, it should scan all .cap files involved. If some of them (or all) have been modified, the mastering project shoud detect it and do a new .cap file of that source cwp project. This allows going back to adjust the mix of a song in the source project, then comming back to the mastering project to keep working with the updated Active Clip/s. (that's the reason of the term "Active")
    • Once we finish the mastering session, we could export every Active Clip to an audio file with one click, using Arranger Track sections to make some kind of "batch export", suposing the user makes one section for every Active Clip.

    I invite the users to give their opinion, and ofcourse the bakers (to send me to hell)🤘

    Anyways, thanks for all you are doing with Cakewalk.



  6. 2 minutes ago, Colin Nicholls said:

    One person's "dated" is another person's "tested, trusted, familiar, efficient, muscle-memoried".

    Maybe, but apparently for some people "dated" means different things depending on the software in question.

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  7. I don't pretend to say what is good or bad in terms of esthetic, but is funny how some people complain at Cakewalk's GUI, and at the same time they adore Pro Tools, which is the most dated looking GUI of all 2020 software in the world.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Royarn said:

    Looking good so far, Big thanks to all concerned. Had to revert to Cakewalk theme as I couldnt read the words Proch in at the top of the inspector, otherwise until further experimentation I'm pleased with this version.


    If you are using a custom theme made by other, most of them wew updated to the new CbB version. Search for it in the UI Themes thread:

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  9. 20 hours ago, Olaf said:

    Show Aim Assist Time (additional question: why not place the time display rectangle ABOVE the ruler in the Navigation Bar, on the free space of the contextual menu?

    I guess because if you are using more than one ruler format at once, the ruler (and therefore the aim assist information) will be wider than the space available above the ruler. Your idea is not bad, but just would work fine if you use only one ruler format.

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  10. 6 hours ago, msmcleod said:

    You can export multiple arrangements at once, so the way to do this is:

    1. Create multiple arrangements, each containing the section you want (so from the arrangement dropdown, select "New", then drag the section in there & repeat)
    2. Select "Export As Audio" from the Arrangements dropdown.
    3. On the export dialog, select the arrangements you want, sample rate, bit depth etc... and click "Export"

    Thanks @msmcleod.
    And what about exporting a batch of sections as separate files? For instance, export many songs after the mastering session. That would be fine.

    I mean, the new "sections" by themselves can be used not only for arrangement purposes (whis is great), but also as simple (but useful) regions, which many Cakewalk users have been waiting for a long time.

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  11. One question, is it possible to export several arranger sections in separate files at once, each file with the name of the section as the filename? Something like a "batch export". If not, what about that? It is very useful for mastering purposes, but also for voiceover recordings, dubbing, etc. If it is already possible, don't kill me.


  12. 1 hour ago, Noel Borthwick said:

    I get people getting worried about updates

    I hope you know that they are a minority. The best thing is what you do every month. Of course, every step forward can bring collateral issues, but you are always there listening to us to fix them.

    Thanks a lot👍::.

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  13. Deep in Lab
    Dressed to go on::.

    This upcoming theme celebrates the 2nd year of Cakewalk's renaissance, dressing it with the new colors of its evolution by BandLab.
    (available sometime in quarantine)


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  14. 1 hour ago, robbie111 said:

    Hi MarianoGF love Boston Flowers and hoping you will update it to work with 2020.04

    Thanks @robbie111.
    The update is done, I'm just waiting for the bakers to realease the official 2020.04 version, then I publish it.
    Stay tuned to the first post of this thread 👍::. 

  15. When the world is paralized, you are working in favor of Cakewalk. Thanks a lot for the effort and for the great new features.

    I found some strange graphic behavior: 
    When switching themes, something rare happen with the graphics of the Inspector header:


    Once you come back to your initial theme, everything is fine again.

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  16. On 2/5/2020 at 5:35 AM, puddy said:

    Okay for me music making is a hobby (for now) but there's nothing worse than opening cakewalk and glaring at it's UI. Sure I keep updating and hoping for the day that the look would be modernised.

    Meanwhile you can enjoy this beautiful theme 🕶️


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