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  1. jack c.

    Hero (Original Song)

    nice harmony and recording.jack c.
  2. good job.jack c. and nice harmony
  3. boy what wonderful production!jack c.
  4. your stuff is so complicated unlike other stuff i know.except for beef (i won't say it).bring up bass.jack c.
  5. keep up the fine stuff.jack c.i'm struggling with mixing/mastering and -14 lufs.they tell me me stuff is distorted/no dynamics.
  6. you have to tighten up all drums and other instruments.quantize.guitar needs some sparkle.you are on the right road.some voice notes are tad off.jack c.
  7. guitar sounds muffled maybe eq some mids off.jack c.nice melody/chords.
  8. jack c.

    Say Goodbye

    has that english uk feel.the lead melody needs more volume and another voice playing same melody.ultravox?
  9. the guitar intro needs some highs and body.jack c.needs some other parts.i don't hear anything off.
  10. jack c.


    real nice job.jack c.
  11. jack c.


    stop posting here and go right recording records.only kiddin------ spectacular.jack c.
  12. so don't expect much....still a work in progress well young man ya have hit a home run with this spectacular song.jack c.
  13. jack c.

    New Dawn

    wonderful sounds/job.boy what a voice!!!!!!!!jack c.
  14. jack c.

    I'm Going Away

    ok so what can i do to make it better?what did i do wrong.jack c.
  15. jack c.

    Isla de Vieques

    down in brasil love it.great job.i adore this type of music one of me huge influences!!!!!!11jack c.
  16. jack c.

    Bad To Be YOURS!

    i likes it.jack c.
  17. some real nice tones and song.jack c.try taking a small amount of highs off strings to make warmer.
  18. jack c.


    nice sounds orchestration.oh my way to short.jack c.
  19. this is radio/cd ready.nothing needs change.jack c.tell all your tracking/mixing/mastering process.
  20. do ya write this music down on paper or just wing it?jack c.totally original stuff.
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