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  1. All in all - not a great experience. However if they were to announce a new brush kit, I'd be there.
  2. Yes, but after IK updated things my Product Manager has the time limit restored - now 179 days left on everything, but the drums are no longer showing "Update Available" - just the green "Installed." Since it was apparently a "minor" update I decided to leave things as they are. I don't hold out much hope for their new AI modelled amps if this is what they do to IKPM and everything else in the back office.
  3. Ah yes. I gave up on this last night, and after the MODO Drums SE fiasco. Just tried again this morning in CShop/account/restore purchases and there it is. Thanks
  4. IK reply: This an update for the software. Do note, this update is just some fixes that we made to the software for a smoother experience for the user. The update fixes small issues such as certain bugs etc. So it seems in this case it seems that the improvements are not that big, and we can probably do without them. However, I've responded and suggested that the updating outside of a rather slim 180-day cut-off is rather exploitative. Edit - in the last minute they replied again to say they've reactivated my downloads. Sure enough, they have, but now there are no updates shown on any kit. They chop and change a bit don't they? ... worse than a UK Conservative Party leadership campaign (believe me there's nothing worse than that).
  5. The "updated" kits seems rather random, and also coincidental given they had to sort out the IKPM to recognise the new SE purchase. I assume it's an error, but as you say it would be good to know. I'll ask support.
  6. I already had the 1.0 stuff. and I agree there's the 12 which are overand above the base software whicj I assume is the "Studio" kit. Black Oyster*; Brit Custom; Bubinga*; Djentleman*; Extreme*; Grungy*; Jazzy; Metal; Plexi*; Reference*; Rock Custom*; Silver The *kits are now showing in the Product Manager as "Update" (in oramge on the right hand side of the window; the other kits show the normal green "Installed), but the "Update" link doesn't do anything. There also seem to be a new range of cymbals and hat available including a 2022 model in each.
  7. I've just checked the IK Product Manage and the Modo CE is there, and the three kits are in the "Sounds" Thanks and well done IK - Peter and everyone. This is excellent service!
  8. RIGHT - IK M have responded to my ticket - We're very sorry to hear of your troubles with the software. We have pin pointed the issue now. Our team is aware of this behavior and hard at work on resolving this behavior it as quickly as possible. This issue should be resolved by tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience. - pretty quick, too - I'm impressed so far!
  9. Yes, and I haven't even had it! Ok - I had Modo 1 with ten kits I upgraded to CS (1.5) for the s/w engine, and no extra kits. Both the 1.0 and the CS show up in my products on IK Product Manager, and the ten kits in the sounds. Now - I have this SE 1.5 which apparently allows me the three new kits. It's authorised and registered. But SE 1.5 doesn't show up in IK-PMgr, and of course, there's no new kits in the sounds. See my next post ....
  10. Oh, yes. That must be it. The problem is IK Product Manager states "Modo Drum" latest installed = 1.5.0 So does that negate the three kits I thought I'd bought with the SE?
  11. No - sorry - the full but un-updated Modo before the three kits were released. They were locked out in the 1.5 version I had. I'll edit my post to clarify. Thanks for pointing it out!
  12. I started with Full Modo 1.5 with the original 10 kits (and the new three locked out) and bought the SE for the three additional kits. My IKM profile/products tells me I now have MODO SE and that this includes the three new kits. They've (apparently) downloaded, installed, authorised and registered but I can't see MODO SE in the Product Manager, and neither can I see the kits in the sounds in Product Manager. I can't see any trace of files of the new three kits on the PC.
  13. How sure are we that Ozone 10 Advanced will be one of the near-future upgrades included in this? O10A + RX9 -> 10 would be worth it for me plus Insight, etc. For Neutron 3,4; I've never got on with the trials (or the elements version).
  14. Why does their Fretless promo video start with a saddle-view of a Telecaster?
  15. Looks interesting https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/gullwing-audio-vintage-mutes-announced-classic-console-mutes
  16. jerrydf


    Hi Steve, Welcome to the club (from me here in Warwickshire UK) Rule #1 - you can never have too many plugins Follow Larry and kiss goodbye to that credit card. Jerry
  17. Yes thanks - I'm in it! I've deleted the video player dll, now it's hung on Chord Pads. I think we'd better let them test it a few more days.
  18. I've installed and registered, etc. But the start up hangs on "Initializing Video Player." Safe mode doesn't help either.
  19. Oh yes - I remember that now. Thanks Brian. ps - sorry for double posting the image - I couldn't work out how to delete one of them
  20. Whilst we're dicsussing the vagiaries of the IK processes, in my product manager I have a days eft indiation for all of the sounds (actually counting from when I registered them in the group buy last October). Since I've bought and registered these (with the serial number from my products page), why do I have "days left"?
  21. If they had a brush kit for Modo, I'd probably buy that. Assuming the new kits stay locked, can we demo them?
  22. So, that was strange. I monitored the notes, and sure enough, I had the fault. So, just playing around I checked other midi instructions, and tried out the octave up/down pad. That fixed the problem - all notes now work! I don't know how/what happened, but there you go. Anyway, thanks again Acaab - I'll keep Midi-Ox handy just in case.
  23. Thanks abacab, I've downloaded that. I'll play around with it and see what happens jdf
  24. I've had the i-rig 49 Keys for a couple of months now and I haven't ventured too far into it apart from just using it as a simple keyboard driving Kontakt and Sampletank both standalone and in Cubase and Cakewalk (on Windows 10). Today I noticed a key wasn't sounding (either in Cubase, Cakewalk, or on those standalone hosts) and so I checked other keys and it seems every eight semitones keys don't produce a note in those apps, and doesn't appear to be sending midi messages. The keys not producing sound (going up the keyboard) are: G#, E, C, G#, etc. I've reset the i-rig (i.e. through Edit Mode), and that didn't do anything to help. I suspect there may be some sort of mapping issue somewhere, but I'm rather lost for what to try next. Has anyone seen this before, or can anyone offer any remedy?
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