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  1. Interesting twitter thread from Steinberg this morning (unless they've been hacked): +++ Hello all, For many of you this is the announcement you have been waiting for. While we put our heart and soul into developing ground-breaking products in your best interests, we haven’t accomplished our promise to provide you with the user experience you deserve in every part of Steinberg’s technologies in recent time. We have been listening to your feedback for years, but significant changes need time, and we had to carefully lay out our vision for the future. But now the time has come to put our approach to license management at the center of our attention. We have decided to adopt a new license management technology that everyone will benefit from to prepare for coming requirements. An authorization system shouldn’t get in your way, but support you in the onboarding process. Anti-piracy protection technology shouldn’t restrict you as the customer, but secure your investment. A license management shouldn’t stop you from using your products, but enable you to be creative, whenever and wherever you are. At this point in time, all we can tell you is that everyone at Steinberg is strongly committed to providing you as soon as possible with a solution that offers more flexibility, more reliability and, of course, a seamless migration. It’s too early to announce details on the schedule or the new environment, but one thing is for sure: The future will be dongle-free. The Steinberg Team
  2. jerrydf

    Hyperflute Element

    I sleep all night and I work all day
  3. Merry Christmas to you all from leafy Warwickshire Cheers and fill your glasses, please. Full Kontakt not required. Jerry
  4. It is now mine (with a free harmonica)
  5. Can I send you a list of things to look at tonight?
  6. Call me old-fashioned and unimaginative, but the delay I keep returning to is Replika XT. For subtle colourations I sometimes use Audified's STA. jdf
  7. Thanks Pseudopop. I don't use loops either, I was just interested in the Kontakt instrument.
  8. Thanks Fleer. Listening to it I was wondering about introducing it to the guys in the Indiginus Blues Street Brass as a jazzier clarinet. jdf
  9. Thanks Larry. Has anyone got this? The demo sounds interesting and convincing. Does anyone have any experience with Rastsound generally?
  10. Also at Amazon UK - prices are fairly near £/$ parity
  11. jerrydf

    IK Krazy Deal

    Yes, I would be interested in the cajun box, but this isn't quite up to the mark. I've been looking for a good Marc Savoy cajun box vsti for a while, but there isn't anything out there. My band mate (now no longer with us) had one of these boxes, and they're really glorious, like a musical combined harvester, a real honking majestic beast!
  12. jerrydf

    2020 - The Musical!

    And it goes like this (apparently) ... [edit] Checking it - it's nothing like it!
  13. jerrydf

    2020 - The Musical!

    I thought I heard a bum note there
  14. Great videos, Aiden! I always catch the Transatlantic Sessions bands when they come round, Jerry Douyglas, Aly Bain, et al, and including Michael McGoldrick on Uilleann Pipes, watching for tips to transfer to vst! I got Dicky Deegan's pipes a few months ago and they're a beautiful sound although I haven't really dealt with the shake ornament with the same degree I can on the Kontakt factory pipes, but Deegan's are clearly worth working on. If you're into Celtic music, don't miss this offer.
  15. E-V-E-R-Y time I try to login to IK either their custom shop or Authorisation manager, my login details are rejected. I try to reset and the website has error codes. So I have to contact their support and that takes days. The lastest farce is the Custom Shop which tells me mu client needs up dating. So I download and install the new one, and I getthe same message telling me it needs updating again. They are the most un-user-friendly set I know. It's appalling service. Jerry
  16. jerrydf

    I have returned!!!

    Welcome back Larry. I hope the family situation is under control. Brave yourself, PayPal.
  17. Aren't they that crispy bread stuff that posh people have in their soup?
  18. "Another, probably unrelated key ..." - and yet he makes it sound so natural, no discontinuity at all
  19. Listen to Brian Wilson
  20. .. or - "Perfect Pitch" - an accordian* in a skip (dumpster) from 20 feet. * could be substituted for banjo
  21. There's a couple in Dimension Pro in section 23 - Ethnic and World. They're not bad. The Kontakt factory ones are probably better.
  22. I agree with the preference to go truly acoustic. However if you keep on the piezzo track, you may find some impulse responses (IRs) which may help. I don't know of any for violins, but I used some with guitars. The IRs are designed to be used wth a piezzo pick up and give quite a good natural acoustic feel. I've done the same with mandolins (in fact a mandolin IR may actually work for a violin).
  23. jerrydf

    PSP 20 for $20 Sale

    All 20 are now 20USD (each) at JRR and Audio Deluxe
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