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  1. Their Delay and probably the Vintage Verb
  2. Yes - it's the best out there for gritty folk/bluesy stuff
  3. Did you mean Indiginus The Fiddle? It's a very good fiddle. The Boulder fiddle is also excellent. There's also Embertone's Friedlander which can be a little less formal than the Joshua Bell; not an outright fiddle but still usable for this format.
  4. 30% discount on RC-20 Retro Color until 25th https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/addictive_fx/effect/rc-20_retro_color?utm_campaign=2023_q3_rc20-flash-sale&utm_source=xln&utm_medium=newsletter RC-20 seems to get good reviews. Is it worth it?
  5. Oh, I love Uilleann Pipes!! I already have Dicky Deegan's and Ilya Efimov's, and also the fairly decent set in the Kontakt Factory. For the real thing, has anyone here been to the Transatlantic Sessions shows? They go on tour in the UK in February each year to seven or eight venues. Led by Shetland fiddler Aly Bain and Dobro-meister Jerry Douglas with the top drawer of Celtic musicians (Phil Cunningham, et al) and including guests from UK and USA (and further - they had Tommy Emmanuel a few years ago). Anyway - Mike McGoldrick is one of the band and he plays U-pipes. These events are fabulous nights.
  6. Has anyone experience of Realphones? I was looking at them lately to compare with my current combination of Morphit+Can Opener. I saw one thread which brought out the Russian ownership of the company which claimed a Russian/Ukranian collaborative team with the company claiming they've taken their operation out of Russia with no taxes paid in Russia now. Of course this has no effect on the technical capability of the application, but people do have opinions these days. Anyway, Realphones say: ====================================== Hello friends! Congratulations to the girls on the beautiful spring holiday March 8! Let the melody of love and happiness sound in your heart. Let life give you many pleasant surprises and sunny moments! Today we are announcing a Spring Sale! It will last only 5 days! Hurry up to purchase Realphones with a 35% OFF for all packs of plugin! SHOP NOW The offer is valid until March 12, 2023. Upgrade to Realphones 2.0 will be free for anyone who purchases a license in 2023!
  7. It's a great lightweight-yet-fully featured editor, like Audacity, but more professional. I have the icon in my taskbar, and use it a lot for basic functions. I certainly don't exploit the full capacity of the program. But like kitekrazy, I've had this for a couple of decades at least. I also have Wavelab, but Goldwave is a great one-click accessible app.
  8. Truly innovative. A great loss
  9. That's what I did. As far as I can see there is nothing missing, ad it works fine (at least using kontakt 6.7)
  10. Agreed - great track. Excellent production.
  11. After Friedlander, Joshua Bell and others (including that sax thing) this was a 5-second no-brainer. Great sounds
  12. Yes, probably subconsciously at first, but then I realised. The Grease Band also used the riff.
  13. Agreed. See the demo on YouTube or the BFD site. Just bought it. I got BFD3 yesterday. Sounds are great. User interface is almost at Windows 3.1 level. My main misgiving is the reports of the flaky license management, Does anyone know what happens at the 90 day mark? Don't tell me Elon Musk is about to buy the company.
  14. jerrydf

    8DIO Jenifer

    Thanks Grem. I used their downloader initially (the slow and broken downlaod). I've just d/l'd the rar files direct without the d/ler - much faster! Installed - It's ok. Certainly the voice is pleasant, although the overall scope of the instrument is a little narrow.
  15. jerrydf

    8DIO Jenifer

    Arghhh .. 8 hours of downloading and "Jenifer.rar" is corrupted, please download again ... I will, but it's the last 8dio I buy jdf
  16. jerrydf

    8DIO Jenifer

    Still, at $20 it's worth a punt. However, dig yourself in for a long wait. The 600+ MB is downloading at a trickle of 30kb/s
  17. Yes, that did it. Installed ok now, Thanks BTP
  18. Update failed here too, with a Java error. Is it ok to run it outside of the IK installer?
  19. Me too. I just watched the video - some wonderful sounds! Five nki's of the instrument including persussion end effects, etc.
  20. Amazing Larry, really excellent. Now, I'm not complaining, but where's the Irish roadie?
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