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  1. +1 Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it :-)
  2. Think of a tree. Leaves are tracks, stems are branches and trunk is master out.
  3. Most of these mastering software apps like lots of headroom to start with, so make sure the file you export from CbC stays in the green is my advice.
  4. Try changing up the Key Map if you're in BFD. IME sometimes the Roland set that you are using might work best with another Key Map.
  5. That's great, Tom. I tried it, it did not work here. Then I remembered the advice that I've seen many times and I reset my aud.ini file to default settings. That seems (knock on wood) to have done the trick. I'd still be curious to know what Noel sees in the dump file... All's well that ends well!
  6. Thanks scook. That got it down to a 191 MB file size but the limit appears to be 4.88 MB.
  7. Noel, the size of the dump file exceeds what I can send you in a message. Edit: Noel, I put the file on Dropbox and sent you a link.
  8. Update... that did not fix the issue. Here's what I am observing. If I open a project and then immediately close it it does not present the issue. It is only after working in the project that something get instantiated that causes the hang on close. I will let you guys know if I see anything that clues me on why.
  9. I think I fixed it. I had been using the MIDI I/O of the Babyface Pro for my Mackie Control, before I got the mio instead. But even though i changed the settings in Cakewalk so the Mackie worked fine, I neglected to uncheck the box in Totalmix to tell the Babyface Pro. Seems the hang is gone now, fingers crossed.
  10. Not really. I'm running a Babyface Pro on USB2 at 48 samples all day long. But thanks for your concern.
  11. I posted about this problem (might have been on the old board). It's not closing the program Noel, it's File>Close to close the current project and so as to open another. I get the spinning wheel hang and have to close the program using the big red X in upper right hand corner. To be clear, I can close CbB without a hang but I cannot close the current project while still leaving CcB open. Only MIDI hooked up is a Mackie Control connected via mio MIDI to USB adapter. Could that be the culprit? I'll try your suggestion, and report back, Thanks!
  12. https://help.uaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207805936-Windows-Optimization-Optional-Settings
  13. I like to use ReMatrix and import impulses from Jim Roseberry's Reverb Tools collection. Lots of 48K and 96K files and the Lexi 480 is great!
  14. Windows 10. I most always have to close a project by exiting and reinstantiating a new CbB. If I use the Close function it hangs interminably and requires task manage intervention.
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