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  1. thanks everyone for taking time to write your thoughts / experience, eventhough the OP can't did not reply
  2. I see a massive determination, those characters/ lines are going down !
  3. trust me on this one YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK TO NORMAL HUMANS !
  4. Sorry Craig I caused your perfectly reasonable fred reported and then deleted ! Please expect my apollogies
  5. thought that highest court thingy was a classic distraction move orchestrated by the Lefty Guitar Lobby. of the 20 million lefty's sold just in US 2020 alone, some will end up here in Europe and in a few years a football coach here will shout ' When are we gonna do something?!'. sorry I no know religion.
  6. Audio Technica M40X best (most flat) I found so far, well in your budget (forget the M50x) I couldn't hear enough bass on Sennheiser HD600 and HD650, same for the Shure ones in that pricerange. AKG 412 and 712, no bass at all and a massive midrange hype, useless and overpriced. The Beyerdynamic have quite a spike at 10K, for me probably again not enough bass.
  7. here gas is only 9.45 usd / gallon
  8. maybe check neck finish (gloss sticky clearcoat on Player series ?), and doesn't look great on headstock either imo. for me would not matter. would just sand/buff it down. only had 1 Fender ever (blacktop Tele) and even that 'cheap' one felt awesome/built like a tank. good luck/have fun
  9. perhaps Guitar Center has the Mexico/China and these are USA Proffesional, Custom Chop or Masterbuilder
  10. still mad Clyde ate the whole bag ?
  11. Awesome Tele !! my Squier is under construction, should be ready somewhere 2022...will post
  12. I didn't ask, nuntheles(Paul) glad ye did knot answer
  13. was gonna ask 'why remove neck?' can only be a faulty trustrod.... so not gonna ask.
  14. https://www.news18.com/news/movies/the-simpsons-predicted-coronavirus-outbreak-in-1993-twitter-thinks-so-2526081.html
  15. one can connect Spdif signal to the Coaxial input on the Roland.
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