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  1. so basically your comment on you were Rick Rolled is :
  2. probably just forgot to put on a bra, couldn't be her intention to make them wiggle all the time.
  3. must try 'm on my Air guitar setup (59 LP with Mogami cable to a Schaffer wireless). no idea what cables are in my Marshall stacks.
  4. I like the Roland cables, very solid yet still flexible at reasonable price.
  5. my baby gone shootin' (great sounding snaredrum too imo )
  6. he sad so himself... considering Crabs Got Craig for 1st album title. (Happy Birthday Craig ! you rock !)
  7. cellfish drug a dicktit singer, suicide after 2 albums or so woud be handy
  8. Craig Got Crabs , a jazz death metal name from the pacific (or anywhere else) is looking for new band.
  9. carrots are good for your eyes (have you ever seen rabbit wearing glasses ?)
  10. wanted to be the first to congratulate you
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