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    Ozone 9 & Nectar 3 Issues

    Try a reinstall of either one and see if it changes anything.
  2. JonD

    ASIO Drivers and no sound

    Looks like something's gone wrong with your ASIO drivers. Temporarily disconnect your interface USB cable, then uninstall/reinstall the latest driver package. Reboot your PC, then reconnect the interface. (To a different USB port if available). Check your ASIO settings to see if the missing I/O issue has been corrected.
  3. JonD

    Bandlab Latency

    What do you mean by "latency"? You mention running a test which suggests latency mon... Is that what you mean? Or do you mean a lag in between the time you press a key and when you hear a note...?
  4. Things to try: - Disconnect any bus-powered audio interfaces. Optionally, uninstall those drivers. - Do a CLEAN uninstall of Sonar using this guide: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013392/SONAR-2015-Clean-Install-Instructions - Re-download the Sonar installers/patches from CW Command Center. Temporarily disable anti-virus during install process. Using Run as Administrator, install Sonar X3, reboot system, then install Sonar X3e. Reboot system again. - If you get this far without strange problems or error messages, you're probably good to go and can just reinstall interface drivers, enable antivirus, and proceed as normal.
  5. The U.S. is still not doing widespread testing right now so there's simply no way to know how many infected there are here. I heard a Johns Hopkins Professor of Public Health guess that there could be anywhere from 50,000 to half a million people infected right now, just living their lives, out in public and unwittingly infecting more people... Let's look at Italy... Italy has been clamped down for a week or so -- and their hospitals are already overrun with patients with the viral symptoms. What does that suggest about what will happen here in the states in another week or two? Add to that there has been no widespread testing here, and and our borders are still mostly wide open. Bottom line -- no, the coming catastrophe HASN'T been overstated by mainstream media (BTW they're not the ones telling people to stock up on toilet paper), and if you're citing current U.S. COV19 trends as some sort of accurate metric of what's to come -- forgive me, but you've missed the forest for the trees, and/or must be listening to the wrong "news" organizations.
  6. So... You have an older, Echo interface (Last drivers for Win 7/8, correct?). It was working fine until a recent CW update.... Updating O.S. to Win 10 increased instability. No tweaks have fixed the problems so far... Seems to me you have two options: 1) You have Macrium installed. Assuming it's for doing system images/backups, and that you have been using it.... Use Macrium to restore back to a point where it was working fine -- then stop running anymore CW updates. You could probably update to Win 8.1, but who knows if everything will remain as stable. 2) Get a newer audio interface and update to Win 10 to fully support it.
  7. Agree with Starship. Wouldn't hurt to install Bandlab alongside Sonar and see how it behaves...
  8. Everything up to date? Interface firmware/drivers, Win 10 updates... Any processes running in the BG that could be causing the problem? (Anti-virus, wi-fi, etc). Also, look in Startup for any unnecessary tasks.
  9. I'd start by first uninstalling ASIO4ALL from your system. Connect your interface to a USB 2 (black) port if possible instead of USB 3 (blue), then try to install the drivers again, following the instructions outlined here: https://supportloudtech.netx.net/loud-public/#category/19805
  10. Okay, I will check the image and if it's good, create the ISO file (Will be later tonight). I'll contact you further by PM, so we don't monopolize the forum.
  11. Hi Bob, If you think it will help you, I'd be happy to upload the file. I don't currently have access to the PC, but I do have system images of the C: drive done early in the build. They are Macrium image files. I use the free version, so you could install the same to restore it. You'll only need to remove any applications and change the product key. If you need it as an ISO image, I'll have to convert it. Let me know. Jon
  12. I literally built a Win 8.1 system with CbB a month ago with the standard Win 8.1 OS download from MS and it works just fine. I didn't have to do anything special other than let all the available updates install afterward. Have you tried the OS repair utility? There are also NET Framework repair tools out there (though I've never tried them). If those don't work, how about starting over with the MS Win 8.1 download? Yeah, you'll have to reinstall any applications, but it should be smooth sailing from there.
  13. True, but why get a decent mic-pre, only to plug it into a cheap laptop sound chip? For about the same price, the better option is a single channel USB audio interface (with a decent mic pre built in). For example, the Behringer UM2 is $48. It uses the ASIO4all driver, but it's designed as an audio interface, so performance is way better than any onboard sound chip.
  14. AFAIK, there were no widespread issues reported here with Nomad Factory Blue plugins in Sonar. That would suggest the 2015 maintenance update didn't resolve any known issues with Sonar (since most users likely didn't know about the update and Sonar Plat didn't go belly up until late 2017). Make sure your friend has the latest version of Studio Mixing Suite - v1.0.0.8. Otherwise, I'd proceed with the idea that the issue is system-specific.
  15. An expensive video card usually installs a bunch of extra "utilities" with the software. Make sure there's nothing unnecessary running in the background. Go into Task manager-Startup and delete everything not absolutely necessary.
  16. Was it all working fine before? If so, have you made any recent changes to your system? Try disconnecting your wi-fi temporarily, see if that helps.
  17. The Amplitube 4 installer is free. I believe A4 acts as a shell for all of IKM's guitar software, even older versions (At least, that's how the IKM T-Racks effects system works. All effects you don't own are simply grayed out). Assuming A4 works the same way, your A3 "should" operate fine in the newer GUI. Worth downloading the installer and giving it a try. Also, if you haven't already, do a reset/rescan of your VSTs.
  18. This would suggest a background process interrupting/polling at regular intervals... Go into Task manager - Startup, and disable any tasks that are not necessary. (You'll need to reboot the system after this). Also, try running latencymon to identify any processes causing large latencies.
  19. What he said... In short, did you do the following? 1) Download the latest 2i2 driver package from Focusrite. 2) With the 2i2 NOT connected to your PC -- install the software. 3) Reboot your system. 4) Connect the 2i2 via USB. Allow a moment for 2i2 to load driver. 5) Start up CbBL.
  20. Agreed. If you're on Windows 8, you need to take it all the way to 8.1, which is a free update, then install all available updates (You'll probably find that Visual C +, and other necessary libs/utilities have been installed for you).
  21. XPand2 is a decent rompler for the money (Currently about $15): https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/64-Virtual-Instrument/1560-Xpand-2
  22. There could be a background process hogging resources, and console view pushes it over the edge... Run the free utility Latency Monitor to identify what might be causing the problem. Get it from here: https://www.resplendence.com/latencymon Also, go to Task Manager - Startup (This shows apps that auto-start and run in the background), and disable any you don't recognize. You'll need to reboot afterwards.
  23. Good point. Disabling all unnecessary processes in Startup (and then a reboot) is always the first thing to try when troubleshooting any problem like this.
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