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  1. This is interesting to me. It would be handy to have a chord guide like this visible as you build a song with various instruments. How are you getting what looks like the Arranger to be visible in the PRV? Are the chord blocks placed there by the “fake chord” articulation map? This would be a big time saver, as opposed to having to place the chords of the entire song structure manually using an added Arranger lane.
  2. Eager to try this. Hoping it will work with Ample Guitar RB, the Rickenbacher VSTi. I’m thinking the keyswitch articulations are all the same across the various guitar models. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hi all. I know there’s an area for articulation maps, but I can’t find it. Anyone have the link? Thanks.
  4. From the manual: By default, clicking an Arranger section also selects underlying track events. Clicking again deselects track events, while retaining selection of the section. This behavior allows you to easily determine whether or not track events are included in section edit operations. Note that the selection highlight in the Clips pane indicates selected track events. To disable automatic selection of track events when selecting sections, click the Track view Options menu and disable Select Events with Sections.
  5. Billy86

    Valhalla Updates

    No BF sale at Valhalla. Do you know if they ever have BF sales?
  6. I would add Arturia’s to the mix. https://www.arturia.com/products/software-instruments/b-3-v/overview
  7. It’s on sale now. Not sure if it’s a good price relative to last year’s flash sale. https://www.toontrack.com/product/indiependent-sdx/ works with SD2.
  8. You may have to make sure your track is selected/in focus.
  9. Thanks for letting me know my Focusrite doesn’t support it. That does seem surprising, but good to know it’s not user error. 🥴
  10. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, that is all a foreign language to me. Maybe I don’t understand whether or not running in MMCSS mode is better than non-MMCSS. It’s touted as a new feature, so I’m thinking there’s a performance benefit to it? The announcement says: “To check if the driver is running in MMCSS mode, hover over the performance toolbar and it should show the Audio Thread Priority as "Realtime". My performance toolbar doesn’t read, “Realtime” after going through the suggested steps, which would indicate I’m not running in MMCSS mode, a mode that I assume is better performance-wise than non-MMCSS.
  11. Regarding this: The Use MMCSS option in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording now excludes setting MMCSS for ASIO drivers by default. If your ASIO driver supports MMCSS by default, no action is needed. If your ASIO driver has an MMCSS option in its control panel, you need to explicitly enable it now to get MMCSS performance from the driver. If MMCSS isn't supported, you can explicitly select Enable MMCSS for ASIO Driver to get MMCSS performance from the driver. To check if the driver is running in MMCSS mode, hover over the performance toolbar and it should show the Audio Thread Priority as "Realtime". If it shows "Time Critical" or something else, try enabling MMCSS for the driver. My performance tool bar read "Time Critical" when I hovered over it. So I followed the above steps, and it still says "Time Critical." Do I need to change something else? I'm using a Focusrite 4i4 Gen 3. The Focusrite Control software doesn't mention anything about MMCSS . Not sure if the 4i4 supports MMCSS? I've reached out to Focusrite to find out. Thanks.
  12. Hi all. Like others of you, I started experiencing crashes in Cakewalk after the update to Nectar 3.8. That Nectar was the cause was confirmed by CbB Tech support after they reviewed my crash dump file. I reached out to Izotope, and it is a known issue. Here was their response: <<Thanks for contacting iZotope Customer Care! We apologize for the inconvenience with this issue. We are currently tracking an issue with Nectar 3.8 causing crashes and are trying to collect some more information around this issue. If the crash that occurred created a crash log could you please share that with us? This will be helpful in order for our product team to investigate further. We would also like to get a system information file as well if possible .>> I provided them the files they requested. Hopefully, a fix is coming soon. EDIT: I rolled back to Nectar 3.7 and it fixed the issue.
  13. I have this issue as well. It seemed to happen after I updated to the newest version of nectar 3 Plus. I sent in a mini dump file to the cakewalk Tech gurus and they identified nectar as the problem. They also pointed out that cakewalk is not supported by Izotope . The gurus asked if I had reached out to Izotope . I haven’t, because the last time I did on another issue they simply pointed out that cakewalk is not supported. @Jimmy NaNahow did you revert back to 3.7.0?
  14. Wow. Seeing some of these numbers, I’m feeling a lot better about my (am I a hoarder?) plugin count!😂✌️
  15. Oh. I added it to my account, and it’s deducted automatically. First timer with the gift card. Thanks!
  16. So, I got the 30% discount to apply in the shopping cart on a product, but I couldn't see where to apply the $10 gift card. Where/how in the process do you do that? Thanks...
  17. Agreed! 😆 I thought my ridiculous number was high!
  18. @PavlovsCatThanks very much for taking the time to spell things out. Much appreciated. OTS has great tone but has been frustrating for me. I look forward to diving into all of this once I wrap the current tune I’m working on! I’ve tagged it to ‘follow.’
  19. I have OTS steel strings, but just can’t get my head around learning how to make the strumming work. Do you happen to know any good video instructional/tutorial resources? I’ve seen a the YouTube stuff, but am still waiting for the light bulb to go on.
  20. I haven’t had the chance to activate or use it yet. Life.
  21. Picked up SSL Vocalstrip 2 for $17.99. Regular $199. How could I NOT? 😆
  22. Both Fix Doubler and Flanger for $19. Regular $149. Phaser for $9. Regular $99. Weekend only https://www.softube.com/unlockable-offers
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