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  1. In one installation at the studio I have the Cakewalk sound center synth that came with (I think) X3 Platinum. Unfortunately we never purchased any of the add-ons sample packs, and now obviously can't be had any more. Anybody knows if it's possible to buy or get them otherwise? Thanks!
  2. Apologies for not getting back but got distracted by the whole pandemic thing here in Europe last month and totally forgot about this thread. Thanks for the replies and good that it's being fixed!
  3. Do you export to identical word length and sample rate? If your tracks are really hitting 0dBFS (which they shouldn't until you want a master for physical CDs, you may have inter-sample peaks. Cakewalk's meters aren't True Peak so they show only the sample level, not the reconstructed analog signal meter. There's a free TP meter at youlean (and many others), if you place it on the master bus you will see if you have IS peaks or not.
  4. Cheers, open it does what you need. As I understand this is not so much a workaround as the "official" way of rejoining clips - you splice, do your adjustments and then finalize by creating an complete clip out of the parts. Best of luck!
  5. Not sure if it's exactly what you mean, but you can always select two or more clips and bounce them together with "bounce to clips". The side effect is that the new clip has a different name. If you have unwanted crossfades, you need to remove manually first.
  6. Absolutely +1 to this. A big problem of all DAWs is that they default to show all the 24 bits worth of dynamic range, with the double whammy of tricking inexperienced people into overcooking their levels (because they think if they can't see the waveform well there must be a problem) and for the others, having well-recorded takes look very small unless you zoom in to a more sensible range. Having to zoom take lanes one by one manually is an unnecessary pain in the bottom. Even more, it'd be great to have the option to configure the default size of each track or take lane, separately from buses where it may make more sense to see the full scale.
  7. Which gate are you using? Can well be CW, but I use sidechained gates a lot and never experienced the problem (Sonitus:fx Gate and Fabfilter-G)
  8. On my installation trying to freeze archived tracks simply closes the DAW, with no warning (and of course no saving of the project). It's happened a few times in busy recording sessions: the two buttons are so close so that it's easy to get the mouse a little wrong, and push "freeze" when you want to de-archive a track. 🙂 The result of course is disaster as anything after the last save is lost. To test: create a new empty project insert an audio track archive it with A push the freeze button on the side Bam! No more Cakewalk. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  9. Thank you Mark! No, just the delay section. The final sound is mixed in with an Eventide Ultraverb - Hall 1 setting I think - with the predelay tweaked. It's a very nice amp and the Nuvo is a crazy good mic for guitar, you can use it basically as you would a 57 but it sounds much better! The actual song is (will be) on a nylon string - I've just recorded the part last week.
  10. ..thought of sharing this. Btw, all of my band's productions have been produced with Cakewalk. It rocks even more now that's actively maintained.
  11. Thanks guys, good to know. It's not a big deal but odd as the plugins that appear on top are the ones I've just inserted (as they should) so no reason should point to no longer existing ones. Will change the layout configuration and see if it's a layout problem.
  12. A small bug perhaps. Normally, when I add an effect to a track (FX/+/Insert Audio Effect...), Cakewalk places it on top of the effect menu, so that it's quick to find should I want to add the same effect to another track. There's usually space for 4 effects there, meaning I can quickly reach for the last 4 effects I used. Some updates ago this stopped working: the last 4 effects get placed on top alright, but selecting any of them does nothing (i.e. no effect gets inserted). The layout I use for the audio effects is "by Manufacturer". There's no problem adding an effect again from the its position in the menu tree of course, and my workaround is simply to Ctrl+Move (copy) from one track to another in console view and then reset the effect setting to default. Is it something only I am experiencing? It's no showstopper but it was an useful little function that made the workflow a trifle quicker, so if it's indeed a bug and the fix is quick, it would be great to have it back. Cheers, -Cris
  13. I love the VX and imho it's got one of the easiest to set up compressors that I know of. Together with saturation options, the little nice EQ and the delay it's a killer strip. The de-esser is pretty useful as well. I've never liked the doubler but then there's no match to actually doubling vocals by using two takes. The only reason I've stopped using it is that I've experienced several times that, well into a project, it suddenly crashes (muting the audio or simply stopping processing) and never recovers. Perhaps that's why it comes disabled by default? Happy to see it can be enabled in CW now, I still have the version from Platinum but perhaps the bundled on would be better.
  14. Cheers @msmcleod have been out to sessions a couple of days but at the studio later this evening and will do (if I find how to send a PM that is 😁)
  15. Thank you, I'll give it a try - will this move the markers as well?
  16. I don't remember really, it's not that I used it often. I would guess a few months back.
  17. Hi, have a multitracked drum recording, (10 mics) and need to duplicate a couple bars. Usually I'd just select all the tracks, use Project/Insert Measures, put "2" select Markers and Events and slide everything on the right of the cursor a couple bars - then I'd select my couple bars of drums in all Tracks and simply Ctrl+move. This has always been working fine, but now doesn't seem to work anymore? Thanks!
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