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  1. I'm aware, I just think the audience is different. 6 years on the market for the VSM3 which has seen countless discounts for years now. Maybe it was planned, but I also don't think that such a sale was wholy deteremental to the sale of the vsm4 due to the time on the market, the price structure, as well as the distribution system. You mentioned hurting the release, honestly the VSM3 sale got me to look at the VSM4 release, and if anyone else was like me...that means they got some traffic they wouldn't have otherwise. I'd imagine PA has a FAR greater audience than Vertigo does...
  2. Anyone releasing a saturation plugin for almost $200, isn't exaclty trying to help their own sales. If they brought it to market with a reasonable $50 price point, sure, I'd make some correlation. But two different customers for a $40 plugin (or less with vouchers) and one for nearly $200 with no discount path....
  3. Terrible, no way I'd pay for that. I'm firmly against subscriptions anyway...so I was out before the ilok issue anyway. 👀
  4. 1,500 Does Slate require the cloud session? Or just Local Authorization with the Manager (but also not the physical dongle).
  5. Brian Walton

    AIR Updates

    Would be nice if they had a resizable GUI update. Many of these instruments are just fine sonically with some processing.
  6. Your OP doesn't make a whole lot of sense. You warn of using Chrome, which is a web broswer. Cakewalk doesn't work as a web app. It is a download and install on a windows machine full fledged DAW. I'd imagine the majority of us use this applciation. The "bandlab" web based app I have no interest in and have never used it. Cakewalk can handle an insane number of tracks on a decent computer. My computer specs are far less impressive and I've used the program for many years without issue.
  7. i'm already concerned about a possbile CPU hit given the granular section (along with everything else), though it seems you can turn off different sections (grains, spatial, and reverb).
  8. I agree for a modeled piano which equals low CPU and disc space it is usable...but if those factors are of no concern, sampled pianos tend to sound far better and there are many on the market for free or way less than the sale price. Pull up something like Meldas free offering and TruePiano and with the same midi playback there is a pretty substantial difference in tonal quality and realism.
  9. Seems they do it at least once or twice a year. Only reason I think anyone would want to consider it is they they need low CPU usage and small HD space. Many superior sounding pianos for cheap or even free.
  10. It is a normal sale price. Usually see that pop up a few times a year a various sites.
  11. Purchased - even though I can probably do everything it can do and more in MSaturatorMB I'd imagne. As for the comparison with the new VSM4. Seems like different tools, and with the pricing strucutre (with VSM3 being on the market for 6 years now), clearly they are looking at a different customer with a $140 price difference at the time of the current sale on both.
  12. Ahh yes, sorry. THey have multiple versions. This is what I use. https://www.ehx.com/products/micro-pog/ The full Pog is cool to for those really serious about it. The Nano is a nice space saving one. https://www.ehx.com/products/nano-pog/ I think there are some demos showing the slight tracking variations between the 3. But each should satisfy just about anyone.
  13. I think we are looking for insight into the upgrade path and if it will match Gig Performer's tiers based on date of purchase and price points.
  14. POG doesn't care if you play sloppy. 😃 OC-2 I used it on guitar and it would even glitch out on a low E. Demo does show it has some filter options well beyond what an OC-2 can do, but they also didn't fix the glitchy drawbacks either of the basic circuit (but they also let you know that pretty clearly in the marketing)
  15. Love Audiority too, also watched that video. But as someone that owned an OC-2 not one I ever wanted again. Too glitchy. I personally like the POG stuff from EHX becuase it tracks like you want and expect it to. Yeah, it is digital and doens't add any warmth or any of that....but the tracking is excellent and can do polyphonic too.
  16. Well it looks like they are modeling the Boss vintage monophonic octaver. If it is an accurte emulation...it will be "flawed" on that front. If you have ever used one, you will know exaclty what I'm talking about.
  17. Brian Walton

    PA Amek 9099

    $49 within a year is some wishful thinking, hope you are right though. Don't think we have seen the SSL-J get that low yet, have we?
  18. Brian Walton

    PA Amek 9099

    Yeah, that 2098 is great, only critiqe really is I think the UI should be resizable.
  19. Brian Walton

    PA Amek 9099

    Curious about your thoughts on the Acoustic Pickup system he designed for Taylor that is fairly heavily critizied by some. (at least the early ones, not sure if they corrected the problems). I thought it was an interesting idea, but perhpas not the perfect system they thought they made. I am a fan of Neve's consoles, prefer the sound over SSL for sure. The "N" console from PA is what I use the most these days, but still do not feel anywhere close to efficient with it....something like the SSL plugin layout is much more intuitive, I think. Absolutely agree everyone doens't need 10, but getting just a couple that are "just right" on all fronts seems like a pretty difficult task. Either the UI is cluttered, unclear or unintuitive or the sound doesnt' quite suit personal taste. This one looks like it has a fantastic UI, and I'd be shocked if it doesnt' sound great based on all the Brainworx plugins I've tried, honestly view them as one of the real leaders on the market.
  20. Brian Walton

    PA Amek 9099

    Does sound really matter on this one, just look at that beautiful thing! (ok if I'm nit picky, I'd argue that the artifical shadow the virtual knobs are casting is too strong - yeah it would look like that on a console, but we shouldn't have to deal with the darkened text in the box)
  21. It isn't even that hard. Just give us more ilok authorizations. I already bought an extra copy of each, but still woudl like to not have to transfer things around as I use more than 2 computers. That said, after getting MeldaTurboReverbLE, not sure I really need the exponential audio ones...and it doesn't have those terrible authorization limitiations.
  22. Confirmed, kinda lame since the non-NFR do give you 2 seats.
  23. I think you were correct in your first assessment, I'd have to check the serials, but I'm pretty sure the new one is NFR.
  24. Is it? Seems odd they don't have a website up, so you would have to actually install bandlab assistant on the "on-line" computer to get the offline one to work.
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