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    Region or arrange markers

    +1. In Studio One and Reaper Regions are working great. You can zoom in and focus on your verses and arrange them very well.
  2. What about old plugins that were included with Sonar? I can install cyclone, rxp only with Cakewalk Sonar installed. Will it be updated to install them to Cakewalk by BandLab?
  3. Eve Ripper

    Tap Tempo button

    I would like to see tap tempo button near metronome settings toolbar.
  4. Eve Ripper

    Step sequencer changes

    I think we need sampler at first. Because concept of sequencer is to sequence. Maybe then add buttons to open sequencer slots for example.
  5. Eve Ripper

    Sought: good free drum samplers¿?

    I would recomend TX16WX. It is a sampler, not designed for drums, but it's like an old hardware sampler. Put waves into zones, check out groups, use it with a step sequencer built in Cakewalk. It's the best one.
  6. Why are you using Amplitube 2? What about Amplitube 4 Custom Shop?
  7. I may say that i'm in some retro, but here's another sampler that I would like to use: https://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/433-a-blast-from-the-pas - it's called Cyclone, which is based on Yamaha TX16W Sampler. The most needable feature is to record samples in it... But there's no way to sample VST and other stuff. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Solved-How-to-use-vocoder-in-SONAR-m3506514.aspx - There's a thread about using TAL Vocoder in Sonar. Today I am trying to record my bass guitar to Cyclone Sampler. Because there's no feature like send VSTi audio to VSTi, it's gonna be a little complicated. 1. I insert Cyclone as audio FX 2. I enable MIDI input in that 3. Enable Echo input of my bass guitar 4. Starting to sample, I setup gain level in that sampler. 5. I see indicators are moving. And then... 6.White noise sound. So does anybody can share their tips?
  8. Eve Ripper

    SonicCharge Cyclone sampler

    All right. Everything is working, just added PITCH MODE in Wave edit after recording.
  9. I was trying to record this old drum machine. But something is going wrong. 1. I’ve set it to midi sync with Cakewalk as a master clock. All right, it gets start command. 2. I’ve touched drum map in PRV and could hear notes from drum machine. So in PRV everything is fine. For example I would program drums in DAW and would like to record incoming signal from RX. 3. I hit play and record - and no audio signal on audio track. After I press stop- I can hear some midi echo maybe. I hear previous midi hits. I’ve tried to disable sync. So I still can’t hear my programmed drums. Only midi echo after stopping playback. What can it be?
  10. Yes it has MIDI OUT, MIDI IN. I have Roland Duo Capture EX UA. I'll check soon monitor activity.
  11. I've tried the same with Volca Beats. Everything is fine. So... I will look into RX-7 midi settings again.
  12. Eve Ripper

    Re: Addictive Drums 2 and Samples

    https://www.xlnaudio.com/support/can-i-load-my-own-samples-in-addictive-drums-addictive-keys-or-addictive-trigger No, you can't.
  13. 1)I know. It will be layered and modified (I write some industrial music). 2)there’s no problem in mapping. I can play all the notes in PRV. But I can’t play the sequence. 3)Because I would like to use it live then. Of course I make drums in CW with other samplers. But on one track I would like to use real drum machine)
  14. http://www.polynominal.com/site/studio/gear/sold/yamaha_rx7/yamaha-rx7-manual.pdf - here's manual. On page 34 - I've set Ch message one job 2 - set to recieve voices on channel 1. page 38 - Sync with MIDI. These are the settings that i have. I had tried to use drum machine in Reaper. Everything's almost fine. It plays notes that are in piano roll and plays my sequences that are in Drum machine memory.
  15. Eve Ripper

    Matrix view question

    So I'm trying to use Matrix view sometimes to make sketches and arrange loops, clips, etc. As I remember in Ableton we had something like instrument is not playing anymore if it has launched clip. So If I start midi loop in Matrix view, then if there's a midi events on a track, these things are playing together. Is there a button to mute midi playback in Matrix View?
  16. Eve Ripper

    Matrix view question

    No, no. Example: I have a basic drum track. It's in arrangement. But I think I could use some other midi loops. So I open Matrix View and drop there midi loops to listen. I start to play my arrangement. Drums which are there are playing. Then I choose my midi clips in Matrix View. So I get sound from original arrangement and it blends with my midi loops.
  17. Eve Ripper

    Matrix view question

    because I want to use it
  18. Eve Ripper

    Duplicate clips on grid.

    Painting is great but clicking is always faster.
  19. Eve Ripper

    How can I use Melodyne in CbB?

    There was a time when you were purcasing Sonar, there was a Melodyne Essential.
  20. Is there any chance to get back old way of reporting crashes?
  21. Eve Ripper

    One Year of Cakewalk by BandLab Celebration

    It was a long time in 2005 when I had a SONAR. After years of learning DAWS, Computer Music, I switched back to SONAR which had a great price. This DAW has a big story, many years of work. And I think it's the most important DAW for Windows users. Now we have all of it in a free product which is good and should be better. Polls and feedback loop are the main sources to move on)
  22. Eve Ripper

    Need sampler

    I think we really need new sampler to use it in Cakewalk. In world of free software I really like TX16WX which can be used not as a sample player but really as a sampler. https://www.tx16wx.com/ - link to TX16WX. This is a great free sampler which main task is to make samples, not to work with libraries, etc. It can be used with everything. I use it nowadays for drums which I like to play on midi pads at home. We had Session Drummer which really needs to be updated. I think modern music needs samplers with MPC workflow. On other hand we have Addictive Drums/Session Drummer for those who need real acoustic drums. We also had old plugins for this task. But nowadays do we really need to buy NI Battery? S1 users have a great Impact Drum Module and Ableton Live users can use Drum rack or Impulse drum sampler. I think Cakewalk needs its own thing to use.
  23. Eve Ripper

    New "by BandLab" releases?::.

    We need sampler, Z3TA, Rapture, iPad apps)
  24. There are comments in which he said that he had connected Cakewalk about those bugs.
  25. That sucks. When I was looking for a new daw like SONAR, which I've found on Steam and it's price was a deal, I saw your videos about mixing in it. It was like a real user experience.