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  1. fwiw it's not a good idea to have two AV services running - -did the 3rd party app get updated recently maybe? good luck
  2. not necessarily as you'll have to set up the "things in your name" - i can understand the webshop bit but not the SSL certificate stuff which can be right pain... but good luck also, the HTTPS can be enforced server-side so even if you have left old non-S links, or a user has bookmarked a non-S link, the server will serve it as S, depends on your provider (it's totally do-able but whether they will-do is another thing)
  3. Randy Alvey And The Green Fuz ‎ - Green Fuz
  4. Bob Marley - we refuse to be what you wanted us to be
  5. T.Rex - Children Of The Revolution
  6. CHILDREN OF ALICE - the harbinger of spring
  7. another great yootoob channel https://www.youtube.com/c/BarryRobinson2012
  8. Faith No More - Falling to Pieces
  9. not their best but The B-52's - Song For A Future Generation
  10. and bringing it back David Bowie - Song for Bob Dylan
  11. Syd Barrett /Pink Floyd - "Pow R. Toc H. / Astronomy Domine
  12. Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to fly
  13. Flight of the Conchords - "Bowie's In Space"
  14. giant sand - Always Horses Coming
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