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  1. I don't understand, isn't vinyl a free plugin? How can we upgrade from a free plugin?!?!
  2. I tried this on the last project of a live performed song I worked on. I too had missed the setting @msmcleod was talking about. I was not on the clip properties tab in the inspector where it's located. In case this may help someone stumbling on this thread: I was not successful at first but here is how I fixed things. It almost worked, but the last problem I faced, is that after setting all my clips to 'time base: absolute' and using the kick drum track to set the tempo by dragging it up on the time line so that Melodyne would extract the tempo, all my clips stayed in sync except for the the kick drum track that had been trimmed to the first beat by the process. Instead of starting a few measures in as it was supposed to, it started at the first beat desynchronized with the rest of the tracks. Before: After: I knew I could probably nudge it back into place, but decided to try one more thing. I undid the tempo detection, left all the tracks to 'absolute' except the kick track which I changed to 'musical', dragged the kick track to the timeline and the tempo map was created perfectly leaving the kick track where it belong. All tracks where in sync and I had a nice tempo map that followed a live performance, which I could set tempo related effects to! Yes! Something I struggled with for a very long time. Now it seems this thread has given me a new insight into the process of creating a tempo map from a live performance!
  3. Thanks for reporting back and thanks to @msmcleod for the tip. I'll try that next time I'm stumped trying to create a tempo map! Where is this setting located, I never came across it?
  4. I got it too! I humbly bow to the king. πŸ™ Thanks Larry!
  5. If all else fails, you may want to try doing a bounce to track for the vocal track. Then the new track will be a single clip and should adjust correctly to the tempo. But it would certainly be nice to be able to do it without this workaround.
  6. Excellent, glad it worked out. My drummer is not as steady as yours, and I can say that a tempo map with dozens of tempo changes, works well too. No crashes.
  7. I feel your pain John. I also struggle a lot with tempo and tempo map myself. I think for the uninitiated, it is a topic that is hard to grasp in Cakewalk. I do not have a solution, but I may have info that might help figure it out. Keep in mind that Mark and Craig are light years ahead of me knowledge wise and my suggestions should be taken with that in mind. What I have noticed when adjusting tempo, is when I do it at the start before I edit anything, I have much more success. When I have done some editing and a track gets broken up in two or more clips, things get moved around when I change the tempo. But only on tracks that made of multiple clips. I believe that if all you have are tracks that are one clip and all start at timestamp 0, it should be easier to change the tempo.
  8. The suspense is killing me! 😊
  9. Something I don't understand or is wrong in the video: I am pretty sure Larry post's deals before they are available, not seconds after they are!
  10. This is the first time I hear about this digital mag. Very informative! Their articles have a lot of depth. The Mixbox article with pros and cons paint's a more realistic picture than most reviews on YouTube. A well written article still can offer more info than a 10 minutes video it seems...
  11. Oh man, thanks Mike! Being a guitar player, I am not using midi all that much, although I love keyboards in a song. But with this new release of Cakewalk, I kept wondering what the fuss about articulation was. I must admit, shamelessly, that I have no idea what it is and how it is such a great idea. But now I'll go check out your video and I'll finally know!
  12. Thank you very much for this release. Cakewalk gets better and better and your hard work is truly appreciated. You guys rock!
  13. I also used to be an avid reader in the early days of the magazine. Its been running since 1975! For those who don't know: Electronic Magazine was co-founded by Craig Anderton you all see dropping here once in a while...
  14. You can take Peter's word for it: in a nutshell: The introductory pricing runs through December 31st but the release date will be during Q4.
  15. This is more difficult than I thought! Now I have to figure out the second word of a page of a magazine that isn't out yet! 😱 You guys are making these riddles very hard you know! πŸ˜‰
  16. This seems to be exactly the same as OutlawCM offered free with Computer Music magazine. Useful if you don't already have it.
  17. Who can't remember what plugins he has, tsk tsk! πŸ˜† I had to check too! 😁
  18. Got mine in a matter of seconds. Lucky me I guess. Now downloading the IR lib. Thanks @cclarry !
  19. But the images show two other entries for the Omni channel above the two ones highlighted!?!? I too am using the Scheps Omni Channel and it is working fine for me with the latest early access and previous versions... If there is anything I can try for you let me know.
  20. ... and no problem in that other DAW, what's its name again? Cakewalk I believe! πŸ˜‰
  21. Hum, I didn't see any options in the Waves installer about VST2/VST3, but is it possible that the VST2 was not installed, or not in a path Mixbus is searching for? Mixbus does not support VST3.
  22. With Mixbus, I got a warning message in the log: [WARNING]: Ignored VST plugin which is newer than cache: 'C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\WaveShell1-VST 11.0_x64.dll' (cache: 'C:\Users\Jacques\AppData\Local\Mixbus5\cache\vst\9af9eac4a9bf3ee865efb88f49e450d99498c75a.fsi64') Here is how I fixed the problem: Open the 'Preferences' window Click on 'Plugin/VST' Click 'clear' on both 'VST Cache' and 'VST Blacklist' (Although I believe only the cache is really necessary) Go back to 'Plugins' and click 'Scan for Plugins' Finally: go make yourself a coffee, it's going to be awhile..
  23. It's no that bad, and it may still be useful for your needs, but it has some glitches. Here is a portion of it at 150%. if you look closely at the boxes around ST/DUO/MS and at the filter types below them in DS2, you should see some of the artifacts of resizing. It is still quite usable, and if you have a high resolution screen it may not be much of a trade off to see things better. I hope this helps you decide. Cheers!
  24. I updated this morning. The resizing is so so on some plugins, good on others. It is pretty bad on the Scheps Omni Channel. The preset browser is quite nice for me. On the Scheps Omni Channel it makes it much easier to check out presets and zero in to the best preset (starting point) for a particular track. ex. just typing 'el' makes it easy to find all the presets for electric guitar. Very very nice! One feature not mentioned in the upgrade info: I got a ton of new presets for the Scheps Omni Channel which was well worth the 13$ I paid for WUP. Very nice surprise! All in all, I find v12 worth it.
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