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  1. First came Adagio in sections version 1. Then Agitato. Then Anthology to replace Adagio. I want to say Agitato was also in Anthology also, but that could be wrong. I'm trying to remember what I had to own/buy to get Anthology free. Then they came out with the Adagio version 2. For the most part, I don't think the samples themselves were re-recorded. The differences were cleaned up samples supposedly to fix things like slightly out of tune samples or things that were off. They also redid some of the scripting. A lot of people who liked Adagio thought the new scripting took the charm out of it. I think that is why they came out with version 2.
  2. The Century stuff is really good. I do have a lot of 8Dio stuff. If you bought the Anthology, for about $8 they will give you the Adagio libraries that are the basis for Anthology. The version 1 Adagios have some problems but a really great sounding instruments if you can ignore the problems. I, myself, didn't have issues with them. But I am new to orchestral composing and probably didn't do anything complicated enough to run into problems. Anthology was supposed to fix them, but took a lot of the interesting stuff out. The libraries are watermarked as protection. So they don't show up in the library tab of Kontakt, but can be moved anywhere and will open in full Kontakt. I love all the percussion stuff - especially the weird ones. To me, the Hybrid ones sound a lot alike. By one and you are good. The pianos are great, as are the Claire winds on sale. Never buy at full price as they will always be on sale eventually. Edit: Also, the bundle discounts can be combined with the sale prices to bring even better discounts. Use the cheap libraries to bring up the prices if you don't quite hit the amount for a free library. My favorites are the Bottles which is $2. I also like the Seahorse.
  3. The $10 discount code didn't work for me. So I just got the Shultz Spectrum. I already have RedVerb. Haven't really used it yet. I have over $600 in APD dollars. Mostly because I don't really spend them. And when you do spend them, they give you more back....
  4. Yes, sorry, $298. They change it with the freebie. The Century Brass and Strings are good. I really haven't heard anything bad about them. I also like their pianos, choirs, and percussion, especially the odd percussion (i.e. The Wrenchenspiel) and the newer choirs. Most of their other libraries do what they do well. But what they do well may not be what you need in a library. I'm finding every orchestral library has its good and bad points. And, with 8Dio, never buy at full price. Eventually, it all gets discounted during a flash sale. And? I've yet to find a library from any developer that didn't have some issue. It is just whether that issue is something you can or can't work with as to whether it works for you.
  5. $248 not $348. Still, I probably won't buy that much because I already have too much except the Century stuff. And I'm not in a hurry. It will eventually be on sale for a really good price.
  6. Dzilizzi


    I thought they give discounts on the bundles if you own some of them? I have Adaptiverb and Wormhole, so the Design Bundle would only be for Morph. Has anyone ever upgraded to a bundle? I can't find anything on their website. Edit: I sent an email.
  7. Can you use this as a general reverb or is it just guitars only? I have Waves IR-L, but it sometimes is a pain to load external IR's into it.
  8. They have a full price????
  9. Today the Hammond has been added at $48. I don't think I have this one. https://8dio.com/instrument-category/8dio-instruments-on-sale-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instrument-samples/
  10. I think I will wait for the English version this time.
  11. I think tutorials always use 3rd party plugins because they are universal to all DAWs. So I'm not sure that is a good recommendation to get or not to get plugins. This is not to say that a lot of 3rd party plugins aren't better, just that the current DAW's (mostly) have pretty good plugins that can get you started without spending a lot of extra money. For the Air plugins, if you use even one on a regular basis, the $20 is a good deal. I wouldn't pay full price for the Air stuff though. It is on the lines of the old Waves plugins. Solid, does what they say they will do. Nothing fancy for the most part.
  12. I use the instruments more than the effects. But for $20, they are good effects. They have been around for a while and your current DAW probably has some that are just as good. ProTools has a mix of Air and Avid effects. I tend to use mostly Avid, but the Air Delay gets used as well as the reverb.
  13. This is true. They don't have sales often.
  14. Huh? IK has constant sales. This is just a newer product for them. And? I've gotten the group discount many times on IK products at JRRShop
  15. Kind of what I thought. Thanks 😉
  16. Is there a reason to get HALion if you have Kontakt, Omnisphere, and Falcon? I don't really use it when I use Cubase, so I have no idea if there is anything special about it.
  17. Dzilizzi

    IK VI Group Buy

    I just bought the Max deal - well a few months ago. I'm not sure I've actually loaded all of it yet. Not sure there is anything I need in instruments.
  18. I've actually had good luck with Iron. The secret is to change the strum every or every other bar. But use the keys that are next to each other so the change is minimal and it sounds closer to how a real guitarist would play. Throw a few mutes in and it's good. Then I use Amplitude or Guitar Rig to add effects, hide it in a mix and it is good to go. On it's own? Maybe not perfect. But most of the time the rhythm guitar is not overly exposed. So it works fast and easy for me.
  19. I guess it's a good thing I'm going to have to wait a couple weeks for it. 😉
  20. You can't use the link provided as that is for subscriptions. But in your account, there is a spot to add renewal from distributors. That is where I added it.
  21. Yes. It added to my perpetual license. I'm now good until 9/2024. Gives me time to decide what to do.
  22. So did I. If it is perpetual because they have some old ones, I will grab one if I can. I am currently good until 2022. Not sure what I will do after that.
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