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  1. i already have thems installed on my PC,i tried some stuff to get them working but no luck the things i have tried is ( shell2vst) (FFX-4) but to no avail.. do i have another solution to make them working please cheer martin
  2. Steve dounload this one & tell me if you like.. easy eyes martin cheer martin
  3. ahhhg ok Scook thanks for the explanation
  4. is there a way to get the old cake FX in cakewalk bandlab??
  5. it's not because it's work on my computer,that it will work on another computer due to file-location
  6. SteveC can you make a screen shot of the vu-meters pls
  7. @fogle622 do you get the "blue sea" meter on console view?
  8. before EQ or after EQ?? what do you think?
  9. the projects im working on my master(whitout fx)peak at-18db is it ok?
  10. you both Grem and John help me alot with your reply!!! thanks martin
  11. @John what do you advice for RMS-peak at ?? (mastering)-0.3 ??
  12. that's where i start to hear a degradation of the sound..(loodness war some kind..)
  13. yes i mean -6 to 0 when im mastering then i go to -0.3 in this range i kind of hearing a degradation of the sound..
  14. from 0 to +6 on mastering i hear i degradation in quality of the sound(mix) do my ears hearing corectly?? thanks martin
  15. can someone take a screen-shot of the console-view with playback , the way i can see if the VU-meters looks like on my computer.. thanks martin
  16. @Jim i upload the theme update(containing FX-color) let me know if it works(yellow=FX) cheer martin
  17. you might look at ebay they have all kind of adapter,spliter ect..
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