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  1. have you tried diferente buffer\latency settings?
  2. (edit)i have to press shift before select the clip i just tried it and it work..weird.. LOL thanks
  3. hi there, what is the key to prevent the clip to move left\right when draging the clip to another track? i press shift,but it's not working.. thanks martin
  4. on my windows 10 it "auto-defrag once a week,if your system is not set that way,of course i would defrag..
  5. on device-manager uncheck "power option on all USB hubs
  6. have not tested resize but sometime, i get 2 ghost on CV as well has in TV...
  7. i already use it but that's long time ago)go on-preference-controle surface add ACT-contoler then on the pugin enable act
  8. i listen to it and i found no "bug" on the sound apart the guitar is not in-tune..
  9. we where not supose to be able to playback a project (with no data)to set up & listening the metronome??? martin
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