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  1. I used most of my jam points on Total Studio 2 Max recently, but I'll use what I currently have
  2. I have AT4 MAX+ (most of the collections included in AT5 Max). I don't plan on pre-ordering, but I'm sure I'll step up to V5. So it's $99 bucks to get the new tech and for another $50 I get the new gear. That seems like a no brainer to me. I plan on getting AT5.
  3. Headphones are fine. Make sure the Direct Monitor knob on the 2i4 is turned fully clockwise to Playback while you set everything up. You need Input Echo enabled and when you play you should hear the DAW. Record a few bars and play it back. Does it sound the same? You don't need to record hot, -6 dB or -12 dB should be fine.
  4. Make sure the Direct Monitor knob on the 2i4 is turned fully clockwise to Playback while you set everything up.
  5. It depends on your setup. Are you in a studio where the console is in an isolation booth? If not then if you are recording an amp with a mic you're probably using headphones. If not the speakers will create feedback with the mic and that creates problems. If you're mic'ing an amp and monitoring with headphones record a couple bars and listen back on the headphones - it should sound the same. If not why not? If you're recording direct a similar thing applies - you're either listening with headphones or speakers. Record a couple bars and play it back - it should sound the same. If not why not?
  6. First are you listening to the recording setup the same as playback? Make sure you're not direct monitoring your signal. What you hear when you are setting up recording should sound the same when you play it back. If they don't what is the difference?
  7. I use it on both buses and channels. I use values that sound right. For me channel drives are typically between 1 and 2.
  8. I think you are on the wrong forum. This forum is for Cakewalk by Bandlab, it's not for the Bandlab app.
  9. Considering it's called Live they don't have a way to specify that you want to record n number of bars of audio - you have to spend another $800 for push to do that. If you can live with one scene then you can use MSuperlooper. Zenbeats also doesn't support record n number of bars for audio. Both support it for MIDI.
  10. I use the Sony MDR 7506s even though I don't like coiled cables 😉 For mixing, practicing, and recording I like a flat response although I usually don't mix with 'phones.
  11. On a closer look I think Zenology Pro is over priced - it looks like it only has a single fx slot. Inside Zenbeats or MC-x0x there are fx slots outside of it so more fx can be applied. Zenbeats is sub only ...
  12. Zenology Pro is available with a lifetime license - it's $229. That doesn't seem too bad for what it is. The number of PCM tones available is really something. If you like the Roland sound there's a lot available. I've just started playing with it. The expansion models for it seem over priced - $149 each. SRX and ARIA stuff are available with lifetime licenses as well.
  13. Some Roland SW was transferred to the Roland Cloud Manager and consequently I have 90 days free access so I'm trying some of the instruments. It looks like most of the instruments are available for lifetime licensing as well.
  14. I updated both my DAW and laptop to 2004 without problems. FWIW.
  15. Do you turn off input echo when you play back? It's possible there is some bleed from the input that you don't hear.
  16. Thanks - it's not closing down the program ... Edit: Now the program is shutting down, but nothing seems to happen. Oh well.
  17. How do you update from 9.03? I select Update Now when ACID Pro starts and it downloads the installer, but when the installer runs it says it can't update while the program is running. ACID Pro won't close while the file is downloading. What am I missing?
  18. Add your first VSTi with MIDI out enabled and then add a second VSTi instrument and on the MIDI track that is part of the second VSTi set the MIDI Input to your first VSTi.
  19. To do that in HW it has to be supported in HW - that is you need a MIDI out or Thru. A similar thing applies. The VSTi must support MIDI Out. When you set up your first VSTi enable MIDI out. Create a second VSTi and set the input of the MIDI track to the first VSTi with the correct channel. Another thing is that the first VSTi will need to handle MIDI channel assignment (I think). Omnisphere does that, but I don't know how many do.
  20. Do you have echo enabled on the track? You don't need it enabled for loops, but you do for input.
  21. I can't say specifically, but I have 9 Eventide plugins and they are all iLok/pace.
  22. I like console emulation enabled and setup and an fx chain enabled so I use a track template as stated above.
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