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  1. I had to change them and set them back. Now it's working - thanks.
  2. Do you mean open the settings menu? I saw your early comment and tried that, but maybe you mean something else?
  3. It's working for me. I'm on my laptop Windows 10 Pro, 20H2, 19042.685 1920 x 1200 It works on my DAW as well. I'll add that info later. I don't get any audio output on the stand alone version on my laptop or DAW. The app shows output, but it doesn't make it to the interface. My laptop is 9 years old so it's lacking in graphics support - the vst doesn't render in Live 10 on the laptop, but it's fine on my DAW.
  4. rsinger

    Korg Holiday Sale

    NP. It's not clear to me exactly how it works. Pro membership only comes with the D50 and TR808 so it's possible you can only get one of those with Pro. https://www.rolandcloud.com/roland-account/memberships/ The wording is - The Roland Cloud Holiday promotion Play 4 Life is back! For a limited time, purchase one year of Roland Cloud Pro or Ultimate Membership and get free Lifetime Key(s). Keep your favorite instrument for life, even if you don’t renew your membership. Use Roland Cloud for 365 days and discover which instruments you want to Play 4 Life. Act now, this promotion ends on December 31, 2020. That implies it's one of the instruments that's part of the membership.
  5. rsinger

    Korg Holiday Sale

    In Roland Cloud Play 4 Life. Scroll down a bit under news on the left. For a limited time, purchase one year of Roland Cloud Pro or Ultimate Membership and get free Lifetime Keys. Pro gets you one key and Ultimate gets you two. Then see membership - Pro $99.99 yr, Ultimate 199.99 yr. Then under Software Legendary stuff are $149 so you save $49 bucks and get a years membership. I like the their TR-808 better than the D16 so I may go for the Pro. I like the Jupiter 8 as well, but I have a jp-8080 and don't really need the Jupitar 8. I'm assuming only the emulations available under the membership are eligible for purchase.
  6. Pro on desktop and laptop. Mostly because I can disable automatic updates cleanly and update when I want.
  7. I think so. I mostly use the Brunetti and bass gear in TH-U and I don't think the Brunetti stuff changed. I'm not a fan of the iRig stuff ... What’s New In addition to the models available in TH3, TH-U includes: 15 new amplifiers, including the Superlead and Superbass models, Polytone jazz amplifiers and DVmark Triple 6 head 14 new cabinets Rig Player, reproduces models captured from real setups Amp Tweaks, mod amplifiers by customizing pre and power tubes A Shimmer Reverb and a Shimmer Delay An improved and redesigned Cabinet IR module A new multitrack looper Search function on the preset banks
  8. That depends It is common to have a bus with reverb. If I want to create a sense of space I do this or if it's atmospheric and so on. Reverb is also an fx - spring reverb on guitar or EP or something will be on an individual instrument. Compression is similar. You may want to compress individual instruments; you may want to level out the bass or rhythm guitar or it may give you a sound, but you may also have compression on a buss that groups some instruments together or the on the whole mix.
  9. In ASIO version 2.2 of the development kit - Presumably if ASIO 2.2 is supported then ASIOSTFloat32xxx and ASIOSTFloat64xxx should be supported.
  10. They're around, but you have to be quick. I bought one from Zzounds on Thursday 11/26. American Musical had them as well. It looks like they're selling out fast.
  11. The sound module/VSTi normally has some place to set the pitch bend range. +- 2 is a common default.
  12. You'll need to provide more information like the make and model of the drum module. If your drum module is the interface to the computer you should have some way to change the balance in the console between the console and the return from the computer or to turn off the monitor function. ASIO only supports one device. If your drum module doesn't have a way to turn off monitoring the module you can try WASAPI mode and use another device for output.
  13. I have ARC 2 and it made a big difference. I wish I had bought it sooner. My wife is working from home due to covid so I'm using headphones, but I'll probably upgrade and be ready for the future.
  14. I have both a Roland FC-300 and Yamaha MFC-10. I got the FC-300 to use with a VG-99, although now I'm using it more with an SY-1000. I also use it with SW. I was using the MFC-10 with Live, but now I'm just using the FC-300. Since I have the FC-300 I'm using it and like it, but it seems fairly product specific. The MFC-10 works fine and the SoftStep is popular although it doesn't have expression pedals. The FC-300 connects to the VG-99, but I also use a MIDI out when I'm not using the VG-99. I have a MOTU MIDI ExpressXT which is a MIDI router/IF. You can use something like the Roland UM-ONE mkII for MIDI to USB.
  15. Look in the MIDI track inspector. Above the fader is channel, bank, and patch.
  16. It's not very intuitive, but once you know how to do it it makes sense.
  17. Open TH-U and at the top there will be VST2/3, select that and select MIDI Input. Insert a MIDI track and select your input device and for output select TH-U. HTH.
  18. Echoes is a good buy at $19
  19. Open a project at the tempo of the clip. Copy 1 to 4 bars to another track. In the short clip apply groove clip looping. You should be able to save the clip as a groove clip. When you bring that in it should follow the tempo of the project. You can pull/expand the groove clip for the length of the song.
  20. For future reference, if you're still using the GR-33, you want the bend range of the GR-33 to match the bend range of the synth you're playing. See page 87 of the GR-33 manual.
  21. I like Blue Tubes and Echos, although I only use them occasionally. I think the IKM and Waves models of the 670, LA 2A, and pultecs are a bit better although I use the pro channel CA2A the most due to it's convenience. I picked it up at $99 and it was worth that.
  22. I like it for looping which I use to practice and play around with ideas. I'm on 9 std, but it doesn't support vst3 and I have a couple plugins that are vst 3 only. For $135 I'll probably upgrade. What has me on the edge is that zenbeats seems to cover my looping needs.
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