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  1. Again, what is the device? Does it have a name? A brand? How can we help if we don't know what it is?
  2. I don't know the answer, but based on the above I would try an uninstall from Start -> Settings -> Apps & features and see if that works.
  3. Line level is generally +4 db. You need to look at the specs for the pedal. For the DD-200. https://www.boss.info/us/products/dd-200/specifications/ Look at the input and output levels. Nominal Input Level INPUT A/MONO, B: -10 dBu Maximum Input Level INPUT A/MONO, B: +7 dBu Input Impedance INPUT A/MONO, B: 2 M ohm Nominal Output Level OUTPUT A/MONO, B: -10 dBu Maximum Output Level OUTPUT A/MONO, B: +7 dBu Output Impedance OUTPUT A/MONO, B: 1 k ohms Recommended Load Impedance OUTPUT A/MONO, B: 10 k ohms or greater Input is -10 to +7 dBu and +4 is between them so it'll take line level inputs. Also notice that input impedance is 2 M ohm. For guitar you want 1 M ohm or higher. If your audio IF's input impedance is less than 1 M ohm you should try using the dd-200 as a DI. HTH.
  4. If you get the DD-200 and you do a second take note that you can use the boss as a DI. It's designed to take a guitar as input. Use it between the guitar and IF and bypass the effect and see if it improves the sound on the first take. This won't work with all guitar pedals. A lot of pedals are designed for instrument level signals. You don't want to put a line level signal into those. It all depends on the pedal; some will work some won't, some may blow out. Also check and see if the tube in the audient is running at full voltage or if it's starved. Starved is ok, but you may be disappointed if you think it's full voltage and it's not.
  5. OK, that's a bit simpler. The input on the DD-200 is -10 db to + 7 db and +4 db is a common line level so you should be able to take the output of the IF directly into the delay. The output is the same -10 db to + 7 db so you can go directly into the IF. You need at least two inputs and outputs to record guitar and use outboard fx and as you say to get stereo you need two inputs and outputs for the delay. I haven't used outboard fx with CbB. There is a section in the documentation on it. Search the pdf version for external insert. It's on page 928 of version 26.11.00 .
  6. Are you re-amping or do you want to use the DD-200 as an external effect? What you describe here and the other post is an external effect, you're not going into a HW amp r u? You write that you're using an amp sim.
  7. I had a $25 loyalty voucher and used that to get gig performer 4 for $75. Seems ok to me.
  8. Absolutely. I do home recording so I can always re-record something. If you're a recording engineer I can see that it's nice to be able to tweak things after the artist has recorded.
  9. You'll find plenty of delay pedals on pedal boards. https://static.musiciansfriend.com/thehub/binaries/content/gallery/mf/interviews/eric-johnson-pedalboard.jpg There's a memory man and Belle Epoch on Eric Johnson's pedal board. They're before the amp. Try it and see. You run into problems if you want to push the amp's input or you're driving the amp really hard. Interesting comment from EJ - The HUB: Does your setup change at all for studio recording? EJ: It’s pretty much the same. I mean, I’ll use different pedals in the studio that I normally wouldn’t use live just for overdubs or something, but typically that’s the go-to sound that I could kind of cover everything I need to and, if I need to change it from there, it could be just a matter of setting the tone different, treble or bass or whatever, or different guitars.
  10. Looks like it's currently 15% off at Musicians Friend. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/spectrasonics-omnisphere-2/j20206000000000?rNtt=omnisphere&index=1
  11. The problem is you need Roland Cloud to run them. It want's to run in the background. I turn it off in Start, but it seems to change that setting when it updates. I think you have to run RC at least once every 30 days even if it's for life. I think RC is a PIA. I do like the 808 and D-50 so I am going to think about it.
  12. I'm watching for a discounted update to biab, I think I'm on 2019.
  13. I like some of those leslie amps without the leslie cabinet (a 1x12 or something) for a warm clean guitar sound.
  14. It depends on what you play and how picky you are. If you play fender rhodes they are often paired with fender twins. I usually go to either amplitube or s-gear for fender amps. If you play B-3 the leslie collection in amplitube is nice. This gb I got the leslie for t-racks for synth/organs rather than use amplitube.
  15. I almost held out this year and then ...
  16. That's in the manual - there is an illustration showing the different strikes. Shallow is the head toward the rim and open is in the center. https://assets.xlnaudio.com/documents/addictive-drums-manual.pdf Page 45.
  17. MIDI out can go to HW - synths and samplers. MIDI controllers also include pedals. As a guitarist I use a midi foot controller to control loopers, Ableton Live, and so on.
  18. I've got some of the Korg stuff and like that. Roland had a sale last year and I was tempted to get both the D-50 and 808. The Jupiter is good too, but I have a jp-8080 with all the knobs...
  19. There are two types of guitar synths - guitar to midi and wave shaping. The old Roland GR-300 that Pat Metheny used was wave shaping. In that vein there is also the GR-500, VG-88, VG-99, GP-10, and Boss SY-300 and SY-1000. Many of the later models also have gtr-to-midi. These are polyphonic. There are some multi fx boxes that have a synth fx, but they are usually monophonic. Electro Harmonix has made some pedals in the wave shaping vein like the Micro Synth. I'm not aware of vsts that are doing this although there may be some. Guitar Rig 6 has a Harmonic Generator fx - I think it is monophonic and is modelled on the Micro Synth.
  20. It's surprising that comes from a music tech company. They don't think people will have it on a DAW? They don't realize you don't want notifications while you're tracking? I have it installed, but I have startup and notifications disabled. I haven't purchased anything because of the implementation.
  21. Right click the Win Start icon and select Device Manager. Expand Sound, video and game controllers an you should see Korg nanoKontrol2. If so start CbB and in Edit -> Preferences -> MIDI -> Devices you should see nanoKontrol.
  22. I have one. I play guitar so it doesn't get a lot of use. Mine is branded Cakewalk by Roland and it works well with CbB.
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