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  1. Fleer

    HorNEt Secret Sale

  2. Didn’t see Manny up there. Must have gone for a fag.
  3. Get the Maserati and the Wells. Then the CLA. Then the Puig.
  4. I have the Grand Piano Collection. So in order to get the updated samples I need to pay $99 even though I’m not interested in those other instruments? Sad show.
  5. And above all, AcousticSamples rocks 😎
  6. I absolutely love UVI Workstation, even more so than Kontakt. And these AcousticSamples libraries are simply wonderful. Some of the best I have.
  7. Yep, free Basstard.
  8. At last, some Ueberschall love 👍
  9. Can’t really compare with v1, Zo, as I started late in the game
  10. I just love Biotek 2 😎
  11. You’re the (quad) man, Mike!
  12. With you, Lord Mesh. Hope you get that IE thing solved.
  13. Don’t think you can, Mesh.
  14. Just checked. Over 200 iLok titles, working just fine.
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