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  1. Fleer

    Waves Day 4 Deal

    Got this same deal exactly one year ago, almost to the day. Great one!
  2. Over at VI Control it seems these samples come from the original Albion 1 (legacy) and were not included in its successor, Albion ONE.
  3. Rast Sound has some interesting vocal packs too.
  4. And then they turned it into Big CEIL
  5. Got in. Got plate. Got out.
  6. Fleer

    Zynaptiq Bundle Sale

    Adaptiverb is incredible. Wormhole is close and Morph 2 is amazing as well. Zynaptiq is my go-to for creative plugins.
  7. That’s the only one I didn’t get. Don’t know why. Must be a Polish thing.
  8. sforzando is the reason I’m holding back
  9. If you’re missing a Chromaphone 2 pack, get those.
  10. https://www.arturia.com/reverb-gift
  11. I like to check who the “guy behind the pack” is. They don’t always say, but if it’s Martin Hall, go for it.
  12. Just updated with scalable GUI.
  13. Me three. Got the Deconstruction pack by Amon Tobin. Nice one, thanks AAS!
  14. There can be only one. You know which juan.
  15. Worse even, can’t unsubscribe.
  16. Sure, you get it for free with a purchase of $99 or more. Never tried it out, though.
  17. Quite interesting for only 1 GB in size.
  18. Free gifts are nice. However, these 2019 offerings from Sonokinetic are much smaller than they used to be. Take this Ostinato Noire for example, at under 3K samples, compared to the other three Ostinato libraries between 10K and 20K.
  19. Love that Celestia, waiting for the promised update.
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