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  1. That’s the MPS, Marc, don’t mix things. (Dang, I want those verbs so bad)
  2. O9A doesn’t seem to bring much when compared to O8A. Master Rebalance for volume tweaks and the Low End thingie seem to be the only perks, and they’re not huge.
  3. I somehow get it. Not that strong, but I’m not particularly fond of the visuals. Then again, everyone says they’re so good ...
  4. Fleer


    It’s the poor man’s Output Exhale. And we’re all poor. So.
  5. Fleer


    Brand new? Got this a year ago. Marketing ...
  6. Here: https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr/page_klang.php
  7. Fleer

    Gulfoss EQ

    But it’s soooooooo good. Zynaptiq level good. And that’s pretty pretty good.
  8. Made a list of available LABS. These are the ones available now, all free: - 9/19 LABS Moon Guitar - 8/19 LABS London Atmos - 7/19 LABS Hand Bells - 6/19 LABS Pedal Pads - 5/19 LABS Music Box - 4/19 LABS Dulcimer - 3/19 LABS Scary Strings - 2/19 LABS Modular Piano - 1/19 LABS Peel Guitar - 12/18 LABS Frozen Strings - 11/18 LABS Synth Pads - 11/18 LABS Choir - 9/18 LABS Charango - 8/18 LABS Electric Piano - 8/18 LABS Amplified Cello Quartet - 6/18 LABS Drums - 5/18 LABS Soft Piano en Strings
  9. Still love that 88. Especially its pad combo.
  10. I know the feeling. I even love Movement. Go figure.
  11. And don’t look back. Don’t.
  12. Accurate too ? Man, we’re just simple folk. Edith: there can be only one.
  13. Sure. Just when you think you’re out, they suck you back in.
  14. She Who Must Be Obeyed
  15. Thanks for making me recheck FreakshowIndustries.
  16. GODTP. But those Sugar Bytes are sooooooo good, got Egoist, Thesys, Aparillo, Factory and Obscurium.
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