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  1. Story of my life. It was brutal man. No rest period at all. 4 minute HIIT intervals with 1 minute rest @ slower SPM. Non-stop for 2 hours and ten minutes. Wednesday I did 7.25 miles, Thursday I did 11.25 miles. And I gained weight. I am so *****ing pissed. LOL I'm going home next week and wanted to get to my pre-winter weight of 250. I did drop a lot but I've been stuck at 256 for a week. I get up from the machine and there's water on the floor from my sweat. I'm hydrating, eating, sleeping, taking my supps. I turned 51 Wednesday. I'm too old for this shit. LOL
  2. I have to say, that's the best looking one I've ever seen.
  3. I'm more of an Air Bass guy myself.
  4. If you consider doing 15.11 miles on the rowing machine at the gym today lucky, then sure. I'm the luckiest mf on the planet.
  5. In case anyone is wondering what this idiot is talking about (Me being the idiot), an old wives tale states, "If you pee in the middle of the road you'll get a stye (infection) in your eye.". Something moms used to say to kids.
  6. Shane_B.


    I think the guy who does that is on vacation. I expect a coffee house cleaning shortly . . . (a lot of freds are gonna vaneesh)
  7. I thought you got those from peeing in the middle of the road?
  8. Shane_B.


    I got asterisked the other day for a phrase that means "a long time". I actually had to sit and think about why it was censored for a few minutes before I got it. The thought of what they thought I meant never entered my mind until they made me think of it. *shaking my head back and forth real fast blubbering my lips* I have lived in the midwest and south for a very long time. I take offense to the fact that they think the dialect that everybody uses out here is offensive. But being from New Jersey originally, we have a bit thicker skin than most, so it is what it is. Not sure if you noticed someone famous who a lot of us really admired a couple years ago and how brash he was. That's the norm out there on our East coast and I can totally understand how it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. But to me ... it just rolled right off my back.
  9. I was thinkin' the same thing but didn't have the fried grits to say it. I would have plowed that field in to the middle of next harvest. Whew. I have to go for an old guy shot in the thigh every two weeks. The nurse is a little southern bell. 'bout 5 foot 4. My age. Crystal clear bluest eyes I ever saw. Absolutely perfect and that southern draw. Every time she rams that needle in my thigh . . . uh, well. You get the picture. She takes her time now when I go in. Says she feels bad hurting me and goes really slow. I've told her I've lost feeling in my legs from the accident I was in and she could just ram and go but she never listens. Takes her about 5 ~ 6 minutes. I think she likes messing with me. Or feels sorry for me. Probably the latter. 🎡Makes me want to grab my guitar and play with it all night long . . . 🎡 (Ray Parker Jr.)
  10. #23 Twenty years after Mom said everything was going to be ok Shane and it still wasn't.
  11. Fixed. Your, uh, accidental typo got you asterisked. 😁
  12. Every time I see you post and see your Nimoy avatar all I can hear in my head is, "Ahhhaahhaa, bitter dregs.". You have to be a die hard Trek fan to get that one. 😁
  13. Mine is adjustable. It goes from 200DPI to 8000DPI.
  14. All three songs you posted were great. My favorite was the 2nd one called Midi Guitar Moods V 2.5.
  15. That video is truly unbelievable. I mean. Really. I don't believe it. I think there has to be some studio trickery going on there. I didn't think you could hammer like he is doing in that video with any of these midi rigs. For me I would only find this useful for making realistic sounding strings and like I think I said before trying to do some realistic sounding steel guitar parts for live and recording. I'm pretty good at faking it on keyboard to get the synth sounds I like but for big band type instruments like horns, strings, flutes, and so on, something like this would be a lot easier than having to go in and edit midi after the fact to tweak it how you would like it. I've spent hours editing strings. I would think/hope it would be a lot easier for me to get the nuances I'm looking for if I did it on my guitar to begin with.
  16. No strap is a deal breaker for me.
  17. They must be Super Duper Slinky's.
  18. Yeah, and Grandpa Jones wasn't old when he started either but look what happened to him. Danged shame.
  19. Yeah. Mitch at Sweetwater makes it seem like anything is possible with that thing. He shows bends and vibrato with the whammy bar but unless I missed it he didn't do any hammering. Here's a link to his vid on utoob. I've always wanted to try to emulate steel guitar triggering samples with something like that.
  20. This kind of childish behavior is why we can't have nice things down here!
  21. Hah! We posted at the same time and said the same thing. Another thing that's a good idea is to clean and replace the thermal paste on your CPU and GPU. Over time it breaks down. I'm always terrified to take those back out once they are in and working though. I've never done it but I've read that you should once a PC gets a few years under it's belt. This guy has a really good utoob channel on cleaning PC's. I'm glad the OP is getting it working well. When all this technology gets in the way it really ruins the creativity. (coughxcough1cough 😜). EDIT: Another thing I forgot to mention. Never spin the fans when blowing things out. Spinning them generates a voltage and if spun fast enough can fry your mobo. Hold them still with something that's non-conductive. I remember from my copier days Canon's were notorious for bad connectors. So bad you had to leave them plugged in and physically take something pointy like a straightened out spring hook or a small jewelers screw driver and push the individual little metal clamps on each wire in the connector through the connector and on to the pins on the PCB's. There were thousands of wires in some of those bigger machines and no way to replace entire harnesses without gutting everything to the frame. It was a nightmare. So glad I don't work on those anymore. Hah.
  22. It could have if it was running way too hot from vents being blocked. It could also be that a cable was making bad contact and the air jostling things around made it make better contact again. I used to service office equipment and PC's and lot of times reseating connectors on boards fixed a lot of odd problems. I recently blew mine out with an air compressor. It appeared clean but a lot of crap came out. It's scary to do but on older systems it's a good idea to clean your cpu and reapply new thermal paste. Same with the video card. It's really easy to accidentally fry something or zap your hard drives and have to format them if you don't wear a grounding strap or make sure you discharge yourself by touching something metal that is grounded like a fridge. With plastic Pex plumbing being widely used now touching a faucet may not work anymore.
  23. There is a sugar sub I use called Swerve. You can get it in several forms. Brown granulated powdered. I like it. Yeah you can tell a difference but it's better than most. And it doesn't spike your insulin like othe sugar subs. It passes through your body and is not processed and it's all natural. That's why it doesn't spike your insulin. Side effects ... until your body gets used to it you won't need laxatives ... I concocted a 0 carb chocolate milkshake with it. I use my Ninja smoothie maker. It's roughly 60 - 70 calories for a 16 oz shake. Freeze an ice cube tray of vanilla flavored zero sugar added almond milk. Its 30 cal a cup. My cube trays hold 2 cups. Use about half a tray or so of frozen almond milk cubes. 30 cal. 1 TBSP cocoa powder 10 cals. 3 or 4 heaping scoops of Swerve 0 cal sugar sub. Fill cup rest of the way with no sugar added almond milk. Roughly 30 cal. or less. Blend. Its really good and not bad for you at all. Sometimes I'll add frozen fruit too. If you like vanilla shakes skip the cocoa and put a couple drops of vanilla extract.
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