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  1. I doubt you would see any performance improvements unless you replaced all of your RAM with faster RAM. You always want to add the exact same ones you already have, and even then sometimes you will run in to problems. The manufacturer could use different IC's for the actual memory/RAM chips of the memory module and on rare occasion that will cause problems. You definitely won't see any latency improvements regardless of RAM speed. CbB shows you your entire system's RAM usage. Unless you see that over 50% while working in CbB I wouldn't worry about it. Get a cheap little wrist harness to ground yourself to your PC case so you don't fry anything. Run Memtest 86 before installing the new RAM and after to make sure everything is working properly. You may find you actually have a failing stick of RAM and you might as well replace it all now. Don't overclock. All it does is stress your system. Buy actual faster RAM if it's that big of a deal to you. I ordered one of the recommended memory modules that my mobo manufacturer actually tested with the mobo. It's just straight RAM, none of the fancy stuff with heat sinks that are designed to be overclocked. I have 16GB. I just loaded a song with 9 tracks of TTS-1 and have at least 1 VST on every track, 4 busses with several VST's and Pro Channel in use on almost every track. I'm at 21% RAM usage for my entire system. It loads almost instantly and I have my buffer settings at 64. See my specs in my sig.. HTH.
  2. "Act Fast – Only 1 left at your store!" Good luck getting one. The stock shows 1 or 2 available at every B.B. in the KC Metro area, which translates to 0 actually on hand. You can get a USB 3.0 4TB backup drive on Amazon regular price $96 and have it in 2 days. I recently wanted to play some old Bethesda games on my PC and was looking for an older video card but PC parts are getting extremely hard to get hold of unless you pay a premium online. There is a massive PC parts store here in the KC area. Bigger than most big chain grocery stores to give you an idea of the size of the place. The shelves are empty except for Routers, cables, blank discs, misc. small stuff like drives and keyboards and mice. The only Mobo's left are high end ones, a hand full of SSD's and HDD's, and only high end video cards. I didn't see any RAM. Basically the only thing left on hand are the high end things most people can't afford. I went there because their online inventory said they had a video card I wanted. There were 3 video cards left in the entire 2 isle area designated for video cards. They said they stopped updating their website months ago because everything is flying off the shelves due to people being stuck in from the Wuflu. Everyone is on their PC's and upgrading, fixing, expanding, gaming, streaming. It's a golden age for PC parts manufacturers. The cheapest I could find a 6 year old video card that would play a handful of old games at a reasonable frame rate is $300 used on eBay. It's crazy.
  3. I just got a Presonus 1810c and I'm very happy with it. It has 4 line inputs on the back and 4 line/instrument/mic inputs on the front. Plus you have a bunch more ADAT options as well. There is a switch to set the front inputs to 'line'. I'm assuming that bypasses the preamp's but I am not certain about that and I couldn't find any information on it when I searched. I've had very good luck with Presonus audio interfaces. In fact, the 1810c replaced my Presonus Firestudio Mobile because I thought it had gone bad but it ended up being the pickups on two of my guitars had gone bad. What are the chances of that? Hah. The Firestudio Mobile is 11 years old. I posted about some trouble I was having with the 1810c here in another thread but it turned out to be a mistake I made during driver installation. Once I corrected it, it hasn't given me one lick of trouble. I'm running it on a 3.1Gb USB-C port. If you end up going with something by Presonus be aware when you install the drivers by default they select the driver for every product they make and if you rush through the install like I did and leave them all selected it causes problems. Deselect them all except for your specific interface. Not sure what your budget is but this was $400. I got a used like new one on Amazon for $369 and it looked like it had never been opened. A lot of guys here use RME interfaces, but they are a bit out of my price range for my needs. HTH.
  4. I recorded a video of me playing just the lead guitar part to Hotel California and posted to Youtube and set it to Private and not to monetize it. Nobody could see it but me and the people I shared a link to it with, and I could not collect any revenue. I immediately got a copyright strike and my video was removed. I disputed it and said there were dozens of covers of the entire song on Youtube and said it was ridiculous to delete and give a copyright strike to some guy in his basement playing just the guitar part to a crappy midi file of the song. 20 minutes later the video was undeleted and they set it so I could monetize the video, which I never had any intention of doing. That also started to make me wonder who is scanning the music seeing how they know instantly. What's to stop them from listening and stealing something the instant it is uploaded before anyone can hear it. So who knows. I can't figure it all out. I do know that I have 3 songs I've written that I will never post because I don't want them stolen. I have proof in the timestamps of the files when I first recorded them but it's just not worth the hassle. If you have something you cherish and don't want stolen then simply don't post it is the best advice I could give. I posted a country song on a site one time. I can't even remember what the site was but they had their own charting system. It reached #6 on their charts which completely shocked me. It had a very unique opening riff and low and behold if I didn't hear it on the radio a couple of years later. I recognized it right away because I had wrote it and it stuck out because it wasn't the typical cookie cutter rap/rock country you hear on the radio these days. I never officially copyrighted it and how am I going to go up against a huge record label. They'd just say it was coincidence and threaten to take my house if I pursued it any further. That won't happen again. 👍
  5. And no matter what anyone tells you, this is the official state song of New Jersey. I have a very rare 45 of it.
  6. I'm from NJ Bill. Born and raised. Well, technically I was born in PA because the hospital was closer to where we lived at the time. But I moved to Iowa when I was 28, then to Missouri 8 years ago. That's a nice area she's moving to. I'm from here near The Delaware Water Gap. My parents owned a restaurant back home in the 70's. My brother has been a police officer there for 40 years. Most of my family is buried there. 👍 Most of NJ is nice. The Northern part and Southern part somewhat are rural, it's that swath in the middle from Philly to NYC that is rough. The northern part where I'm from is mostly protected forest. Parts of Philly are nice. Just avoid the Temple University area and stay on the main drag to the historical sites and she'll be ok. I really miss NJ. I loved IA too. I do not care for MO whatsoever at all in the least no how no way. I pray to God every night my wife changes her mind and wants to move back to Iowa to be near her mom and dad but she loves her job, they love her, and her moms relatives are all down here. If your daughter heads up north to the area I'm from she'll be able to get some ground up leftovers of a butchered hog. We call it Scrapple and it's served with breakfast. It's great. 👍 The seafood is good depending on where you go, places by the shore are the best.
  7. Well for God's sake don't mix up your IUD with an ICBM. Craig, would you like to field the meme on this one please.
  8. I just updated to the most recent version and the patch is still there on my system. I didn't do a fresh install, I just let CbB do an update. So I don't know if my old install of TTS-1 was overwritten or not. I checked my TTS-1 installation folder and it says the folder was last modified 1/8/2021. TTS-1.dll was modified 3/13/2018 tts-1-param.dat was modified 12/30/2011. The GIF folder under the Help folder says it was modified 1/8/2021. That said, the only thing that was modified was the folder. All the GIF files are dated 12/30/2011. I would assume/guess if any of the files were changed it would reflect the date they were changed, but I could be wrong. The only thing I can suggest is find it manually and create a user preset, or uninstall and reinstall CbB.
  9. 'tis, but it was written by Barry and performed various times by the Bee Gee's. He's even singing backups on the original.
  10. I finally got the replacement set from Amazon. This one was brand new never opened. The way these things smoke now just blow my mind. They have built in speakers with train sounds. It puffs out circles of smoke in time with the chugging. The faster you go the fast the circles come out. I also picked up a bottle of sugar cookie scented smoke. Can't wait till next Christmas. Only 10 months till decorating starts. 👍
  11. Never say never. 😁 It may be time for a fresh install of some things but I'm afraid to because I always struggled with getting things registered and activated. I still use Dim Pro and Rapture and both stopped working outside of CbB and Rapture won't work in CbB anymore either on my system. X2 won't even open now so I just assumed it was some sort of conflict with CbB. I don't have any desire to use X2, I'm just worried if I uninstall it I may inadvertently uninstall other things that came with it that I still use. But yeah, it hasn't opened in a very long time. I double click the shortcut or directly on the .exe and nothing happens. Fwiw, it all worked when I built this PC 5 years ago and it had Windows 10 on it then, but Windows 10 has changed a lot and the things I'm running in to could very well be related to it. Those are just minor things and I can't say enough good about CbB. After all these years and having so many options out there it's still my favorite DAW to use. I'm happy you're still here and it's still going strong. And you can't beat the free part either! Edit: P.S. I found the FX Vst's that were missing. I had forgotten that they are disabled by default. I found them and they are working great.
  12. Yes the sibilant tool is really nice. Every de-esser I've ever used, even the preset in Melda's AutoDynamicEQ which is my go-to de-esser now, takes the 'air' out of vocals. It does something that just kills the highs and I don't have the patients to manually apply it to only the parts I want. Using M5S would be the same as chopping up your vocal clips and manually bringing down the sibilance which is how I used to do it. I saw that video and yes it does look like it's improved greatly under the hood. I guess I'll go get on my knees and beg the wife to let me do this. I've spent a lot on my DAW lately unfortunately but I'm worried if I wait between versions too long my upgrade price will double.
  13. Has anyone here upgraded from Melodyne 4 Studio to 5 Studio? The only thing I see in M5S that I would use is it has a de-esser function now. It finds sibilance and adjusts the volume. It doesn't use compression and therefor doesn't alter the rest of the vocal signal. I was hoping to see some UI updates plus it always felt clunky to me for lack of a better word but it looks the same except it has a few new features. None of which I would use except the de-esser. It's pretty rare that I use M4S to be honest because the UI is difficult to use for me. Thanks.
  14. Oh no. I saw you guys talking about Waves and noticed I had an ancient Waves Central icon on my desktop. I figured I'd check it out to see what's installed because I can't ever recall using anything from Waves. Now it's loading some 200Mb file and I can't stop it and I'm in panic mode. Just got a message saying it will be automatically installed up reboot. I think this is a leftover of some free thing they gave away 6 years ago that I could never get to install. Uhg. ðŸ˜ąðŸ˜
  15. I can't believe you missed the big one on that site ... 50% off MXXX Modular Multi-Effect. It's on sale at Melda's site too but the base price is more thus you save less.
  16. The mix and style and everything all sounds great.
  17. Unfortunately they are making their way up here to MO. At least the locals have something to eat besides squirrel now.
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