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  1. And that's why I use Gimp and Blender. And the last hard copy version of Lightroom.
  2. I'm surprised you went with the Gigabyte HD 5450 Fanless Video. Jim's site indicates it's ok to use the embedded GPU. And I would imagine it's even faster than the 5450. I know my C/Gpu is faster than my old GeForce fanless. Looks like you should be future proof till at least April. 😋
  3. You sure do Have a lot of headphone stuff. I personally can't use them for long. Flares up the ol' rin tin tin.
  4. Presonus Studio 1810c audio interface. ART Pro MPAII Reference Series Mic Pre - The 'Reference Series' means it has factory upgraded tubes and blue backlit VU's. ART Pro VLA II Vactrol/Tube Leveling Amplifier. Blue Bluebird condenser mic. AKG K240 MKII headphones. Korg X5 keyboard. I'd like to get a new controller/drum pad/keyboard combo some day. My X5 is really old. It works perfectly but it's just a basic midi keyboard. It's so old I had to replace the internal battery. I soldered in a battery holder because the new 2032's do not last like they used to and I figured I'd be replacing it in another 5 or so years.
  5. Wow! Studio One runs on a Mac too?! Man it's such a great DAW. I love it.
  6. *Gasp* non-Sphere?! You just had to be different didn't you. (Am I allowed to say that?)
  7. Without going OT (we all know that never happens here), how the h e double hockey sticks are your mixes so good? I guess I was right when I said the magic is in the midrange eh? Do you strictly use meters, have a someone else double check? Pay Craigb to do it for you?
  8. One of my favorite movies. I watch it at least once a month.
  9. Back in the late 80's I wrote a song that was supposed to be in a movie. It was about a very famous singer from the 50's from NJ that died in a plane crash in 85. It went so far as to having a contract written up and the whole 9 yards. We got a letter one day saying his estate was threatening to sue them to make them stop production on the movie and that was the end of that. Never heard another word about it. But I'm still proud that some dippy kid from northern NJ made it that far with no experience at all at that level in the music biz. 👍🏻
  10. Got it. Lightning fast download and install. It was 194MB and only took a few seconds. It said I was downloading faster than my connection allows and it truly was. Zoinks. So far so good. 👍🏻
  11. Wow! I just finished watching the new features video for 5.2 this morning and I'm blown away. One of the things that really shocked me was they developed software that is available to any developer that will automatically scan and set up any virtual instrument and automatically set up all the controllers. I wonder if this will somehow be extended to external hardware eventually. First ARA, now this, and it's just starting. I can see a lot of amazing things coming in the future from Presonus. 👍🏻
  12. Depending on how old you are that's pretty good. The last time I did one of these home based tests I couldn't hear anything below 80Hz or above 12kHz at normal listening levels. It's dangerous to raise volume levels with home hearing tests. Once those little tiny hair like cells in your inner ear get knocked down from loud sounds they don't come back up and there's no way to get them up. That's the main cause of tinnitus and hearing loss and why subwoofers are so bad. You never even hear it comin'. That said, no, I don't think it effects your mixing and mastering that much unless you have complete missing pockets of certain frequencies. Take for instance a cymbal ride. It covers quite a wide range of frequencies but you really can't actually discern those higher ones even though they are there. What's the saying, the magic is in the midrange? I examined a lot of audio recordings on 1st edition CD's before the loudness wars started. What I found interesting was across the board on all the albums I checked on several different genres, rock, country, and classical was the low end rapidly rolled off at 100Hz and the high end rapidly rolled off at 10kHz. The only way to really tell what's going on with your hearing is to go to an ENT and have a proper test done where they hook up sensors behind your ears to check the auditory bones and play white noise along with tones to see if you have nerve damage. I have severe nerve damage from chronic inner ear infections. If someone is talking to me and they rustle a piece of paper or scuff their feet while walking everything becomes muffled and I can't comprehend what they are saying.
  13. Studio One's great. I highly recommend it over anything else.
  14. My very first PC was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. I had the optional cassette tape program loader/backup. A friend of mine who happened to be the music teacher at school had the optional suction cup telephone handset modem. I remember one time he connected to some questionable bulletin board in NYC and forgot he was hooked up. It ran for days and his phone bill was over $300 dollars. You could get different modules for it such as games and operating system upgrades like BASIC. I had a few games but never did get the BASIC cartridge. I programmed everything in it's proprietary machine language using CALL commands. I used to program animated artwork we call GIF's now. I made a drawing program one time that utilized the 9 pin din jack on the side so I could use my Atari 2600 joystick as a mouse before I even knew what a mouse was. I also wrote a program to turn the qwerty keyboard in to a musical instrument. I spent countless hours on that thing. The keyboards broke regularly. Radio Shack used to sell replacement keyboards for it. You can get an emulator for it now with all the ROM's of the optional cartridges.
  15. Celemony and Presonus developed ARA. They worked together on it. That was a huge shot in the arm for Presonus. That and Studio One has always been rock solid and Presonus makes really good hardware too that integrates with Studio One. Yes, there have been hiccups here and there but they were few and far between and fixed very quickly. That was not the case with Sonar. CbB is far better than Sonar by a mile, but it's too little too late, at least for now. I think that will change especially if they update the GUI a little. 4K support is a must now and it looks really bad on a 4K monitor. At least on mine. Maybe it's ok on yours. The people who were representing Cakewalk at the time took the Todd Howard stance saying, "It just works.". And that wasn't true unless you really knew how to tweak a PC to run a DAW and knew what things to avoid doing in Sonar. You never had to know any of that with Studio One. It truly does, just work. It will take some time and some forgetting that Sonar and CbB are the same before the tide turns for CbB but I believe it will happen. This is my opinion based on how I remember how things went down.
  16. Copyright claims on youtube are common. In my experience they simply mean that if you try to set the video so you receive ad revenue youtube will give it to the copyright holder. That's why people do not monetize and ask for donations instead. 50% of mine have copyright claims so if I ever monetize the video the copyright holder gets the money. I had 1 strike and takedown. I contested it and said it was a cover and they put the video back up and said I could monetize it. Still scratching my head over that one. It was a video of me playing the lead to Hotel California.
  17. The way they market Sphere you feel like you are getting more than you really are. It's still great if you have extremely limited time to be in your home studio but I don't know. I got along perfectly fine with version 3 up until now and I could have upgraded to it for $100 U.S.. There was a deal to upgrade to Studio One 5 for $100 that Larry posted here the other day and it ended before I got a chance to jump on it. I kind of regret that now. Normally the U.S. upgrade price is $150.
  18. I sold my Mesa and bought a cheap little Fender Champion 100. It's a bare bones modelling amp. That thing sounds better than any amp I have ever owned. I love it. It's a 2 x 12 combo 100 Watt modelling amp with a few hardware knobs for selecting the models and effects and that's it. It sounds really good with my Strat, Tele, and Sheraton II hollow body. Here's a link to YouTube vid about it. Ironically it's by a guy named Shane who also happens to play left handed. Hah. I'm right handed but play guitar left handed. It's a curse. For recording I just run my guitar through the 2 ART units in my signature and use Guitar Rig Pro 4.
  19. I had one of those way back when I used to play live. I regretted buying it very soon after. Never could dial in a good sound with it live. I ended up using it clean with a rack mount FX unit. I used a Strat back then and they don't seem to play well with those Mesa amps so maybe that was the problem.
  20. Thanks. I did have access but I must have used a password I didn't log so I'll have to contact them again. I'm keeping a written log of my passwords now. So far I'm up to 45. It's crazy.
  21. What do we do if we can't log in to the Command Center? I just tried and it recognizes my email, shows my old forum name, but won't accept my password. When I click reset password I never get a reset email. Any thoughts on the next step to take? Thanks.
  22. Yep you are right. She was a 16 year old lab that beat cancer 3 years ago and kidney failure for 2 of those 3 years. She was truly an amazing dog. They told us at MU that only about 1% of the dogs they treat go in to total remission like she did and 0% live 3 years after. They use her as an example to other people as to what can happen if you catch it early enough. My vet here locally told me he's had people ask him about her because they heard of her at MU and MU is 3.5 hours round trip from here. I'm not saying this because I'm biased but she truly was an amazing dog. The vet said it's an absolute miracle how she beat all that and lived 3 years after and she was the oldest dog in his practice. People bring their pets to MU Vet Oncology from all over the country. It was a hell of a good run she had and she's given a lot of other crazy dog people like us hope all over the country. You can't ask for anything better than that. I don't do sad old country songs anymore. I was born and raised on that stuff and I can't stand it anymore. I enjoy listening to it because those old recordings are fantastic on vinyl but it brings me down too much. I don't even play it for my own enjoyment anymore while I'm just plucking away on my acoustic on the couch. Hence the I Hear You Knocking cover and I have some other more rock oriented ones I've been tinkering with but it will be a while. I can't sit still and my mind wanders. I've lost 6 lb's in 2 days. I can't eat and I can't sit down. This is how my weight loss journey (i hate when people use that word lol) started before. When her sister Maggie died I couldn't eat for 3 weeks. I lost 50lb's and ended up in the hospital with kidney stones from being dehydrated. I never thought I could lose weight at my age so when I started dropping I joined a gym and lost the rest. I'm embarrassed to say how much but it was A LOT. I won two weight loss competitions back to back at the gym. I won $6K. All because of Maggie. Isn't that something? Thanks guys for letting me vent and helping me through this.
  23. The Aldi's story is really weird. I read one time that the one can sell cigarettes and the other can't. Don't remember which one and I don't feel like fact checking myself. But I read it somewhere. I like Aldi's although the one here is filthy. The ones up in Iowa were much nicer. Everything is much nicer up in Iowa.
  24. 5 1/2 is way too young. I'm sorry to hear that. And yepper, they are part of the family. Everything we did revolved around the dogs in one way or another. I can't get used to the silence in the house without her. It's horrible. I never noticed how loud the ***** furnace and CPU fan is on my DAW before. It's driving me insane. 😢
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