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  1. Just a quick heads up: there are fewer than 100 copies of [url=https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/indie-melodica]Indie Melodica[/url] left. If you're interested in an expressive melodica library that's NKS Ready and licenses the Kontakt Player, this one is completely free!
  2. Here's a comparison of our five Evolution bass libraries, including the brand new Evolution Classic Rick Bass, demonstrating them playing different styles, pickup blends, picked vs fingered (when applicable), etc.
  3. Just a quick reminder that as of today there's only one week left to complete your group buy order!
  4. And that's a wrap--a big thank you to each and every of the nearly 2,000 people that participated in our Summer group buy sale! Hope you're enjoying all your new instruments!
  5. As long as you've signed up for the group buy sale, you have until the very end of July to actually complete your purchase or make additional purchases using the group buy discount.
  6. The only option to pay with monthly payments would be through PayPal Credit.
  7. That's correct, and yes, that's usually the way to get the best price if you're looking at a lot of libraries/bundles. That way you're leveraging as many rewards points as possible on the second, larger order.
  8. It's one Orange Slice per dollar spent (rounded). So if you buy a $99 library in the group buy at 60% off, the price comes to $39.60, earning you 40 Orange Slices, which can be redeemed for 4% off a future order. If it's your very first order, you get a bonus 100 Orange Slices. And there's also the Surveys for Slices system, where you can answer a few survey questions to get points (currently you can get a total of 170 points from that).
  9. I remember talking with you before about Evolution Mandolin a while back, and I really appreciate your comments and feedback about it. It does have a more raspy, bright tone to it, which could be good if you need something to cut through the mix, but would probably sound too heavy handed for other situations. I may have mentioned it already, but since then we sampled another mandolin (1920 Gibson A style) that sounds a lot mellower. The goal was to get that whispery soft pick attack when you play quietly, and focus on a gentler, warmer tone in general. I'll have to make a comparison video between both mandolins, because I was really surprised by how different they ended up sounding.
  10. The ones that require the full version of Kontakt have the text "Full version of Kontakt Required" instead of "Kontakt Player Included", and that information is also in the product requirements at the bottom of each product page. Lastly, when you add a library that requires the full version of Kontakt to your group buy order, it will be listed with the notice "FULL edition of Kontakt required".
  11. The group buy discount isn't reflected on the product pages, so the bundle pricing there is the inherent discount on the bundle, compared to the full price of buying all those instruments individually. The group buy discount will apply on top of the discounted bundle price. For example, the "Evolution Complete Bundle" would be $839.60 USD at the 60% off discount tier--even less if you have Orange Slices to redeem on top of that discount. If you add products to the group buy page in your account, it shows you their price at the current group buy discount on that page.
  12. We made it past 1,000! The download link for the bonus is on the group buy page in your account next to the 50% discount tier on the list.
  13. Yes, here's a general overview of the chord modes and strumming: And here's a video tutorial on using the strumming pattern editor: You can access a playlist of all the tutorials for the Evolution guitars here:
  14. Just not enough factory presets, due to limitations with the strumming editor itself, or just the realism of the strumming itself? I'm always looking for feedback so that we can improve things like that in future updates.
  15. At 1,000 participants, a cool little freebie will get unlocked, too! When we reach that tier, the download link will be on the group buy page in your account where it currently shows "1000 - 1249 buyers: 50% OFF [Reach this tier to unlock reward]".
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