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  1. Doing great on Ear training so far here, yay! I gotta eat it all in 90 days!
  2. Damn! See? I knew you posted it but couldn't find it, I searched for "Slate" but yours didn't come up at least first page.
  3. Did the King already post this? I don't get it. This is awesome. (Ypu need to make an account). (I did a search before posting). https://app.slatedigital.com/authenticate/sign-up?redirect=%2Fmy-academy&gclid=CjwKCAjwqdn1BRBREiwAEbZcR7hPWU0Nd4rKB-yep1kJeuUbHcDG230pORlok6l8fhzKvm7moRtVRxoC2EAQAvD_BwE
  4. Delete, I don't want to know details anymore. Such a pity. This plugin could've been great. Still, better trying and failing than not trying at all.
  5. I guess you don't want it either?! I guess I will keep it then 😆
  6. Carlos

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    I disagree For me it's PA. As I said, when this guy made a whole album with it, guitar oriented, it never sounded harsh. We all wondered where did he got his tone from.
  7. Yes we are, hahaha.
  8. Carlos

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    Awesome Zo, you're my favorite person on the internet so far (King, don't feel jelaous )
  9. Carlos

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    Yes, I love Darkglass myself. And Overloud's Mark II Studio. 😁 Honest, you're a pro mixer, right? I guess you know better (but me as making my own stuff for myself only, working with anything PA is not fun at all, to say the least, sound wise that is. To me all some PA amps, guitar or bass, sound tinny and harsh and bright, even if you try to darken the sound). I like some guitar PA amps but not all. Still I gravitate to IK, Nembrini or what the heck: Guitar Rig 5 (I have Komplete 12 Ultimate). I have always loved Guitar Rig, it has some good sounds in there (in the Petrucci forum there was this guy who made a whole guitar instrumental album with it and we all were marveled about his tone, this was like 8 years ago, wow, long time...). So, perhaps it's more about who's using it? Haha Idk I once told myself to never buy anything PA, and the moron of me seeing some "bargains" made me buy some, lol.
  10. Hi Carlos, We've just processed your recent order at VSTBuzz for FREE! “Sibilance” by Waves. Unfortunately we've just run out of license codes / serial numbers due to popularity. Don't worry though! We're already aware of this, and have ordered more - you'll have your code within the next 24 hours at the most (usually a lot faster!). We'll email you right away once the serial is added to your account.
  11. Carlos

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    IK all the way. The video you showed me is stellar. PA... I downloaded the demos and tested them... I never ever liked them a tad bit, to me they sound tinny, thin, nasty.
  12. I guess he's keeping the good for himself 😂
  13. Title Studio is a plugin ;( , so I don't need it, lol. https://borisfx.com/products/title-studio/ OVERVIEW Continuum Title Studio is a next-gen 3D titling and animation plug-in And yeah, at least ERA let's you opt out.
  14. I HATE to death when they want you to send your usage analytics... (Era bundle)... but free is free... right]?.. hahaha
  15. I don't know what Boris FX Continuum Title Studio (never heard of it) but free is free, right?
  16. I was so gonna get something at PB, this is awesome.
  17. And here I am trying to get rif off on KVR of Vertigo VSM-3 for 34 ;( So, this voucher is great, are there any plugins of theirs at 49 or something? Or we have to wait?
  18. Does Nembrini still do stuff for them from time to time? Because it seems these are not... (I mean, these don't have any good quality at all, even my grandma can tell). PA's money grab FTW!
  19. The WHO is in on it (Covid 19) wtf!? lol. Watch Valuetainment (youtube). And it's not just one guest who says so.
  20. Whoever makes this policy rules should be shot in the head... sorry...
  21. I use Reaper ;( (hahaha)
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