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  1. I have them, not worthy at all, can't wait to sell mine (locally). TOO Bright. I don't know why they make headphones too bright. It's like running chalk on a board... or a metal big spoon on a cooking pot...
  2. Edit: NVM, I just read it doesn't load as vst3 in Reaper, Cubase auto blacklists it, or something... waste of time and money, too bad...
  3. Weird, now that I have my system perfectly gathered and smoothed out, I got the chance to buy AD2 Custom XL plus Trigger plus Drum Vault (which is basically 2 kits without cymbals) plus the Transient plugin they have (DS 10), all for almost the same price as the Custom XL alone (half/sale price) and after disabling any processing within AD2, in order to get the "raw" sound, I feel they are the best drums in the market so far. And yes, I am aware they haven't updated in a while, and yeah, perhaps a new interface it's needed, idk, asides the fact that gallery and explore are pretty neat (they look fantastic, looking at the drumkit and those pictures to me are inspiring). Snare sound full as I think they should sound, room and overheads sound very very good and when compressed (as they "suggest" within the patches/presets) they come much more alive and I've noticed that lot of the drum sound is the overheads, so they win there in my book. Before AD2 I got very near in a time period SSD5 and comparing the 2 I think ssd5 falls short, specially the snares. Maybe it's the rooms, I don't know, I feel comparing the 2 SSD5 feels a little sterile, even though I swear they have one of the best kicks in the market (cymbals fall kinda short too now that I can compare to AD2). And please don't mention SD3, lol. I myself love Boutique Mallets and Modern Soul and R&B because it includes MEINL cymbals, which are in a totally different league than Zildjian and Sabian and whatever, but also, specially BM have a warm sound to the drums, that you can not only play 4/4 songs but can go crazy making ART. Jazz Sticks (haven't tried brushes but I am eager to) omg, toms sound like toms should sound (for some reason the development/progression/evolution of the toms' sound through the eras/years has changed so much to more compressed/plastic sounding (plastic for lack of a better word, here I am not trying to say plastic is bad, just comparing the Jazz Sticks sound, as it sounds more of a concert drum, more of a acoustic sound/drum) . My favorite drummer ever was and will be Mike Portnoy so yeah, I love his kick drum sound and all the kicks from the drum kits I have from XLN so far sound stellar (without processing, I hate processing, specially distortion, although maybe one day I will use that to make 1 frakcing song and that's it, lol). I liked AD2 so much more that I feel I need to buy another CUstom XL because I want 6 more kits (I went crazy before buying and did my fracking homework, time consuming comparing all the sets, making annotations etc and even then when time to decide it was very hard to choose, although Boutique Mallets was a no brainer)
  4. The good thing I noticed is that if you "register" your bought magazine here: https://www.filesilo.co.uk/ComputerMusic/ you can then download not only the plugin of that magazine, but there is a PC or MAC Effects, which gets you all the plugins that have been released till that said magazine, so I guess it's better to buy the latest if you want them all.
  5. I don't see anything of the sort https://pocketmags.com
  6. Um what a scam I can't access the vault, there is another site https://www.filesilo.co.uk/ where you have to register (again) and use keywords from the actual magazine to register said magazine, and weird the pages containing the keywords are MISSING from the magazine you buy... so I had to google the damn phrase to get the keyword, lol and register the magazine. I now can download the plugin that comes with the magazine and that's it, NOT ACCESS TO ENTIRE plugins CM collection...
  7. https://pocketmags.com/us/computer-music-magazine/october-2018# this one mentions Violet from Acustica Audio, sounds interesting
  8. So that's a yes? If so I am buying right away.
  9. For me the price was a bargain through Custom Shop, I had credits and jam points. Total "bargain" and no brainer.
  10. https://pocketmags.com/us/computer-music-magazine/july-2019# Here in 2nd page (look inside) , it says " Plugins, install and use Chorus CM, plus our entire plugins CM collection. Does that mean if I buy that magazine I get access to all those plugins?
  11. For Voices of Opera, I get better price here ;( http://www.soundsonline.com/voices-of-opera
  12. Thanks mate for taking the time writing that down for me Fractal it is then, haha.
  13. I need to ask you a VERY serious question (maybe it's not that serious to you, but...): Is the difference like night and day? Are u REALLY EXTREMELY happy with it? Like "omg, I will never part ways with it"? How long have you been playing guitar? I ask all of these questions to see if I pull the trigger on it.
  14. Carlos

    Waves Weekend Deals

    Lol Just tested it, wow... so true, everyplugin gives a better price and you can use the code...
  15. Peter, did you work your magic on me?!?!?! I need to know because if so I am morally obliged to buy the new bundle (I asked for it ofc), I noticed something, so please let me know. Thanks.
  16. Awesome, that rounding up idea is excellent. I have AT4 Max and TRacks5 Max and xtra stuff so practically what I am missing is the Brian new bundle.
  17. Howdy Peter, you quoted me but didnt' say anything about my comment: I can buy 50 credits adding to my existing 45, I'd have 95, but the new Brian bundle is 99 creds or 100, how can I get those extra 4 or 5? Because buying creds is a fixed amount, right? 25, 50, 75, etc. And I wouldn't like to overspend. My nickname on your site is Scarlettlol, if you could work some magic, that'd be great.
  18. Peter, how can I buy only 55 creds (54 actually) so I can buy the whole bundle through the Custom Shop (I have 45 creds there)?
  19. Well, if you get to confirm this let us know please, I am not gonna spend 5 bucks or a dime just to check if it's been fixed.
  20. You can't choke the hihats, lol, that's a miserable "feature".... it it wasn't for that I would've bought it
  21. Carlos

    Slate Drums Sale

    This was awesome, I got the Blackbird and CLA expansions, thanks for the tip.
  22. You can get for $79 Mixbus32c, which is better, right?
  23. I have the Soundiron Vocal Suite on sale (lower price than 80% off: 125 bucks) at Vi Control forum if anyone is interested. Yes, I can resell it. Cheers.
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