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  1. Wow sound quality seems to be pretty good. Thanks mate.
  2. If those libraries are originally designed for a certain version of K, you should always, as in forever, save an installer of said version. If you don't have it the web is full of resources. Exercise your right to use your paid for libraries. And NI are crazy in that respect (not loading certain libraries? ) It's just samples and some code, darn it!
  3. That other thread was fun! I even forgot we are locked inside because of you know, the virus. Let's do it again soon ( ofc I jest( 😍🤩)).
  4. I am selling all my Plugin Alliance plugins, does that count?
  5. In before the lock. Too bad, this topic is hot with 50 replies! 😂
  6. I wanna know too. You loved this Izotope sht Larry 😋
  7. At one point in life I swore I would never ever get PA plugins. Now I realize I have 24... (ok, 2 more but they are 32 bit and getting the installers is a pain, I don't use 32 bit plugins anyway). Anyway I downloaded all the installers, installed one by one, opened Reaper, activated them all with one single action. Lo and behold it was a GREAT surprise to see almost all of them (23 of them, except Deverb (not Pro or whatever) had a better size, text included. That all guitar amps could have the cabinet bypassed (although I fear it was always the case?) I wonder if you can use only the cabs. Or just bypass the amps. And that some could be rescaled (I learned not to say resize, as I just learned with Superior Drummer 3 that you can resize and RESCALE, I just got SD3 in a deal, couldn't be happier) so now Vertigo, Focusrite (was way big), SPL Iron now looks MASSIVE! Yay.
  8. Oh man, sorry to hear about that (I didn't know the CW part or the Paypal's). Yeah, I'd be furious too. Hugs!
  9. You got banned? That's a first. I mean, I believe that the King could be banned, not you! (j/k King) lol
  10. King is the music one worth it? I mean do you have any experience with any of those programs?
  11. King you don't mention FREE in the title ( 🤗)
  12. I got Thorn and Geist too on the way
  13. Yeah once I saw this link I knew it could be so easy to deduce. Thanks mate with just one post!
  14. If you know it pm me, thanks
  15. Awesome, more power to you, my comment was directed to all those guys hitting a wall with their heads when having issues with the plugins, I would've just deleted them, troubleshooting is just a time sink, even if you succeed, not worth it.
  16. Keep buying Waves plugins guys. I say live and let die (a la Guns 'n' Roses).
  17. Do we have to wait for them to give it to us after we fill the very fast questionaire? 5 questions with multiple choices, doesn't take more than 20 secs.
  18. Dm > G > C. That's all you need! Take out the 3rd too of those chords for Rock! And it's free! 😚
  19. True, that's why I am not upset anymore 😆 😁
  20. Ok, I had high hope for this: NOT SCALABLE. Just because it can allow you to have more space/area for the EQ (just an example), that doesn't mean it's scalable! Who designs these things? You would think since engineers make this stuff, meaning very smart people, they would really think these things through. Same with the pos of Superior Drummer 3... get it in your head devs, we are in the 4k era (and beyond). Get your act together. In other words: TEXT elements and knobs and faders don't scale up, so it's bullshit calling it that way. 166.32 bucks for Ozone 9 advance just so it doesn't have a real scalable gui? 300 bucks for Superior Drummer 3 just so it doesn't have a real scalable gui? Grrr, I am upset (while writing this because after this I won't care lol ) 😝 Plus note: Take a look at Nembrini, that guy does have a brain! Audio Assault too (Viva Mexico!) Hell, even Steven Slate made an effort with Steven Slate Drums 5.5 (not quite there, 150% scaling isn't enough, but at least it does scale the whole thing).🤩 Izotope and Toontrack are supposed to be way BIGGER of a company than the other 3 mentioned above... sigh...
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