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  1. I got the ENGL E646 (PA) as well, oh man, it sounds great too. Can't believe this PA guitar amps sound so good. BTW, I loved this performance, so musical:
  2. Only 1 guy sells it at KVR.. for 50... I'll wait for a bargain or that PA puts it on sale (but it definitely is priority #1)
  3. Just did... Ayyyy mamaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Sounds so good, just opened it, opened by default in CH4 (I immediately set it to LOW INPUT), lowered the volume a little bit just in case, LOWERED the Gain too a tad bit, had a chuggy rythm guitar run through it (I had the free Mercuriall TSC pedal before it on) pfffffffffff Sounds VERY GOOD, and it in the plate it says Modeled by Nembrini Audio. Instant buy mate, instant buy (KVR... perusing right now for a bargain... lol). PS Clean sounds very good (different that the Nembrinis Marshall, but maybe just as good, I guess depends on the song/mood). I really need to get rid of my Ampl Max 4 license (can't afford more sht, hahaah). Or wait maybe for Amplitube 5 and see if they get any better (they need to get much much better) although I read Kazrog on 2020 is gonna come and conquer the world? We'll see
  4. I agree to an extent, but have you used my suggestion? I was astonished to hear it first in an Ola Englund reviewing the Reaxis (Mercuriall) and then Mercuriall released the Chorus alone for free! Again, it works great to give the NOTION of L and R (double track), but of course if I were to make a recording, I would definitely record twice the guitar line/riff.
  5. I almost missed this post. Your IK preset works great, I put the Greenscreamer (Plugin Alliance) before it, messed with the input and output as you said, and it became tighter with a very good sound, indeed. Then I tested your Nembrini preset, with the Greenscreamer before it too, and set the Treble to 8 (you had it at 5) , upped the volume to exactly 4, and sounds amazing too. But then I set the Nembrini to Lead Channel, MASTER to 4, Bass to 4.5, Mid 7, Treb 7, Volum 9, Gain 4, Presence 5 and OMG!!! This is using my headphones (DT 990), can't use monitors right now (late night). You can make the IK's sound pretty good but Nembrini resonates like a real one, takes better pedals too. (Again, your IK preset is pretty good, I'd give IK's sound a 7, Nembrini 9.9 :P) I really suggest you use the free Chorus from Mercuriall, as it gives you the notion of what guitars would sound like if you double tracked (left, right). Their TSC (green screamer) and MEtal Area FREE pedals so good too. I just tested these before the Nembrini, ufffff,
  6. Keyword here. Yes. But I love the Marshall for clean too (Clean channel with some gain in it, for me sounds full and stellar). And for crunch too I really was dissapointed with the Soldano, even tried external IR's. Nothing I did made it sound great to my ears. And I never thought I would love to death the Marshall, until I saw the 80% sale, made me download the demo... INSTANT BUY.
  7. Here he runs a guitar riff through the Orange amp of Amplitube 4
  8. Why ? It sounds amazing! Better than Nembrini!!
  9. yES, zO HAs videos (very very good ones)
  10. Carlos

    Spitfire Solo Violin

    No pizzicato , some people don't like that (I don't have an opinion on that), whereast the whole package (Studio Solo Strings) it was taken from does include pizzicato . You can get Studio Solo Strings for 189!!!! Wowowowow, use the code guys... wowowow.
  11. Umm, IR are super imporant, yes, but for me is equally imporant what amp emu you are using. Nembrini takes the cake.
  12. And I know the Nembrini is way better than any IK or whatever. That's enough for me. If you dig more IK's more power to you. In your videos you seem to get good tones from it (using the Orange in the Overloud brothas). On my end I am super happy finally.
  13. Even this guy reviewed a real Marshall amp, and here he says the emulation sound better than the amp, haha
  14. Carlos

    Spitfire Solo Violin

    Read the Vi Control thread before you purchase, it seems is just a patch, it doesn't come with some articulations...
  15. Thanks you so much Ma'am. 🤩
  16. No way you can achieve the same tone and top notch quality with Amplitube vs Nembrini (Marshall). It's just not possible. Amplitube is a toy compared to Nembrini's Marshall one. Amplitube crackles or mini clips high transients (pick attacks or played hard chords) even if I lower the input volume... (when using distortion, which is more thank half their amps) Not saying it's bad, it's not. I feel there is not a bad amp emulation (among the famous ones), just not as top notch quality as Nembrini's Marshall
  17. I tested the audio with the Clean channel all the volume up (ok at 8 ) all bass (ok, 9) , no treble (FIRST lower the master volume) 1 presence on master controls too. 3 on Reverb.
  18. Oh yeah, first line is awesome, I believe I can achieve that with the Marshall Line has body/meat indeed, great tone.
  19. Ohhh, well, now we know!
  20. Carlos

    Spitfire Solo Violin

    This is the best news ever mate, thanks so much
  21. Omg just rememebered this video... Nembrini sounds so close but better (speaking about my above post) Speaking of Megadual and Megasingle:
  22. 🤩 I actually lower the bass (lead Channel). I love the clean channel with some gain (Volume knob on Clean channel) on it to give it "body". Actually this is the first amp where I add mids and highs (remember I even have Vintage Amp Room which has a Marshall stack). Ok, perhaps what I don't like about the Nembrini is the naming of some knobs: Volume vs Gain. Grrr it irks me... on the Clean Channel gain is Volume.... grrrr.... lol So lots of experimenting with the Volume/Gain knobs to actually see/feel what they do to achieve the great tone one has in mind. This amp for me means Guns n' roses and Kiss (there is a video where a guy peruses the presets, it can do even metal). And the aforementioned bands have the best guitar tones ever. Slash and Ace Freheley (and Paul Stanley).
  23. So far I know Megadual is so good, it does sound like (I love cab 003 and 005) a real amp, I haven't tested with other IR's though.
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