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  1. That's why I don't chat live either!!! haaaaaaaaahahahaha
  2. Holly sht, 2 more new amps!!! wow
  3. Love it. Specially when Zo calls me by my name (it warms up my heart... hahahah 😆😅🤣😂
  4. True, haha. I only visit KVR now to see if someone pm'd me about my IKM Total Studio Maxgrade (I am giving an amazing deal!)
  5. Sorry ;( I like AA quite a bit but it feels we need a whole building full of computers to run them at lowest buffer size (I can run as low as 48 samples!)
  6. Speaking of skills (and thanks for reminding me AGAIN of this, lol), I found a very good video (with the one and only Kush guy) where he talks about EQ'ing vocals (and I feel it applies to everything) but not in the typical way, finally someone who gives a good insight and different approach other than "cut here, boost there, compress here, this ratio, this fast attack, this slow release" (which every single youtube video says, lol): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gls252xwcc Right now I am seeing AA as a coloring tool, because even now with my Babyface PROFS (review coming soon Piotr, I have a GIANT list already of first impressions), on the lowest buffer size AA provokes playback crackles (even ZL versions). And one thing I don't like is having to add something AFTER the fact, I wanna hear how it sounds while recording. (and GOLD adds this je ne sais quoi to guitars (EQ) that to me makes them sound thicker without losing the guitar essence (metallic barely fretted string sound). Compared them to Softube Tube-Tech EQ (which probably is my "best" EQ) and Purple and Track5 Pulteq's and Pink. But since now I got Vol. 4 too I don't know what else I would want (or even need, lol).
  7. Grr, been playing with Gold and Purple... idk if I need them... comparing with Pink and other stuff... sounds different, yeah, but I don't know if they would be my endgame or if I already have them.
  8. Sounds pretty decent at least, right? Will try to play with it more (I just listened to the demo)
  9. MAYBE here: http://www.pspaudioware.com/plugins/reverbs/psp_2445/ Didn't try because I don't have an account nor want to create one.
  10. Now I remembered why I let Overloud die... it's been a year or more since this issue, every time I want to login I get this message, and I have to reset my password... I hate time consuming protocols... The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
  11. Me neither, I wanna live the longest but without Covid... People tell me this all the time... sigh... that I seem high... or drunk, because of my energy...
  12. Wow, I like that it's cheap! Finally! The 61 keys' price is less than the double of the price of the 25 keys'
  13. I hate to death they ask for personal info... wtf...
  14. Yeah, that's the ONLY reason I stayed with it....... 😆
  15. PC. Reaper 6. I can tell right away looking at the Performance Window. I tested several Acquas. Inserts.
  16. Just checked your updated form, mate you really improved it. Thanks so much!
  17. On my end using Purple or Single parts of a Strip (like just a preamp or just an eq or just a compressor) barely uses CPU. Versus using a Chain it goes for 3 to 5% cpu usage, no matter what.
  18. I am sad coz this thing is fugly 😂🤣😅
  19. I had my doubts but you're truly the King. Forgive me my lord! (ofc I didn't have doubts )
  20. Carlos

    Softube Vol 1

    Thanks so much. Although I can upgrade directly already in the Softube's website for 499. So I would save at least $224 but not the 499-419.16 . Thanks again King.
  21. Carlos

    Softube Vol 1

    Does this help to upgrade to Vol 4?
  22. Mate, you're awesome. I read the file now. My suspicions were right. I guess I will (.... confidential .... )
  23. Nope, it's ok, just downloaded it and installed it.
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