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  1. Carlos

    Tone Empire BF Sale

    Any coupons King? I am gonna buy this one, it's amazing (better than any EQ I have tried on vocals: Any Tracks5, Any AA, even Pensado's (way better I think this one), better than Gem EQ's (overloud)). Spent hours testing, and found (again) this beauty. Sonically is another planet.
  2. Carlos

    Acustica Pensado EQ

    You bought those 3 already? Wow, still deciding whether I get the Pensado EQ, it's so 3d too, I tried it vs a passive EQ, which sounds nice, but it's like the Pensado's doesn't fill between frequences so it's more "transparent" and a touch of silkyness (just a tad bit) (testing on vocals mainly). Grrr, so hard to choose.
  3. Carlos

    Acustica Pensado EQ

    They answered already?!?!!? Awesome!
  4. Carlos

    Acustica Pensado EQ

    Oh no! Now I am sad too 😭 Write them mate, so they fix this. In the Gearslutz forum they are very out spoken and kind, so I don't think you will have an issue (although late response since it's weekend? Idk. I hope you demo (download trials) the plugins you want before buying, I know I am doing that and even though Pensado's eq is nice, very nice maybe in some sources, it didn't make me jump in joy. Ruby I feel it's an instrument EQ, not a Vocals EQ. I tried it specially on drums and it makes them sound so silky (specially hi hats, it makes them stand out but in a certain silky frequency instead of high or very high where it's kinda prominent way). I took out all my EQ's, even AA's, trying to achieve that silky sound... NO AVAIL! I did this for more than an hour, trying to save more than 100 euros... lol. But I am so spent mate, I even bought earlier Nebula for like 100 bucks (last sale), and that was stretching my wall.e.t aka credit card, lol.
  5. Carlos

    Acustica Pensado EQ

    I have Pink, Navy too, and omg, this Ruby is beyond awesome. I wish I knew about this one before (I know, I can download all the trials and demo them). I got a code for 20 or 18 percent. still kinda high Cheers.
  6. Carlos

    Acustica Pensado EQ

    MAte, I hate you! I downloaded Ruby and Pensado's... Ruby wins! So much 3d with Ruby, and it's so simple, goddammit! But it's expensive too, even with a code...
  7. Not worth it at all... don't sound high quality, and the only one "worth" it, not only is water but birds chirping...
  8. It's here ! it finally arrived! Thanks Waves! And the King!
  9. Does the 10 bucks Lite piano have an upgrade path to full later?
  10. Aw, that was sweet, thanks so much
  11. I tried to do the same, but now it won't let me type my email, takes me to the page after the one where you type your email address, and now it says "Your free Berzerk Distortion plugin will arrive by email within 4 hours." .... it was 1 hour now 4? lol
  12. Still waiting here.... sigh Waves
  13. Awesome, did you get the link to donwlod or serial number in your inbox?
  14. Already went there, clicked get it here, then you have to input your email address, then it will say within the hour you will get your link... then why did we "subbed" to it ages ago so that on 29th we'd get it if we have to go through a process again?
  15. Too bad, for 29 is a no brainer, is prob the best bass vst... but 69 ... too much... lol, thanks.
  16. Guitar solos were so good and the tone was pretty good. Lots of talent within the song.
  17. Carlos

    Overloud Mark Studio

    Shows 69 to me, and they dont send it to my country.. it's ones and zeroes ffs! lol
  18. It shows $69 to me ;(
  19. Carlos

    Sonarworks BF Sale

    I love you thanks, Reference headphone edition saved my life (thanks to Zo for suggesting it) . I wonder if I'd need just the headphones edition or the studio one
  20. Time to start downloading all demos!!! I think Crimson is a saturator my eye is on it.
  21. Carlos

    HorNET BF Sale

    Wow great prices, Songkey alone is worth a look.
  22. Carlos

    Softube Harmonics

    But then I tried my new Gem EQ plus Kush's and Softube's Tape, and got better results. THANK GOD Harmonics is not for me (so now I only have to spend 20 bucks on Kush's instead of 45 in Harmonics). I really wanted to love it
  23. Carlos

    Softube Harmonics

    I tested it on various sources, never excited me. But now I tested on a drums buss, character knob finally made me smile
  24. Carlos

    Softube Harmonics

    Demoed Harmonics now too. Not impressed at all. Kush's still my fave, but your taste may vary (but I really don't recommend Harmonics, not against it though).
  25. Carlos

    Softube Harmonics

    You really need to demo Kush's! So easy, download installer, use demo serial, that's it. I don't know why you say you can't demo it?
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