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  1. Several: I gave away my Tracks 5 MAX license. From here, I lost like 8 jam points (I don't care), a free compressor (don't remember exactly which, it was a red/gray one, multi band I think), and I still can use all the Tracks 5 MAX plugins. From IKM support I have gotten no answer, and from Peter a kind of weird half logical answer... Why illogical? Because... I have like 4/5 separate licenses of different Tracks 5 MAX plugins, but in order to use them I have to install the whole Tracks 5 MAX package, there's no "select what you have" option, and he told me I should erase what I have no right to use anymore... But honestly I am tired of trying to doing the right thing... and tired of expecting people do these right... now if something doesn't work out (about anything) I just return it or bite the bullet...
  2. After 20 days they haven't fixed my issue, lol. I don't know what's going on, I firmly believe they want me to use free stuff without making it official. At this point in time I think I am gonna let IK M die on my computer (unless they fix my issue... no big deal though, but... it matters for future reference).
  3. Do you mean also the FREE stuff got updated?
  4. Nice sounds mate. Now I know why it was an instant buy for you, as you seem to having so much fun. 😎
  5. Now shut up and do something with those!
  6. Thats where I got it from 😂
  7. If I got it for 20 bucks, is that sweet or a bad deal?
  8. Carlos

    MODO Drum

    So, it's really 99, right? No mistake here? Is it worth 99? Or should I just put 99 into saving for Superior Drummer 3 crossgrade? (I've got lots of drums stuff, including EZDRUMMER 2 +25 Ezx's plus Addictive Drums 2 + 6 adpaks plus lots of Kontakt ones).
  9. The early slider on the other plugins from yours is what made me fall in love, can't wait to try this one out. Thanks for sharing these. The best.
  10. Already beat you to it, I grabbed the trial like on past December or something. That's why I know 110% sure this thing is beyond amazing If I kept only one EQ I think this would be it. By 2 miles.
  11. Do you have it? I can't tell on vocals coz I am still waiting on my Schiit to hear everything better and I just bought a Warm Audio 73 preamp with EQ (shh don't tell anyone). But judging by the videos, yeah, it's amazing.
  12. Hardware is 9600 bucks... lol... I so want this one. I will prob. get it today. 110% this thing is amazing on drums.
  13. If you buy it let us know? Or if you called MF? I would but I am not in the US.
  14. Does it really come with a 2i2 too? If so this is the craziest no brainer of the century
  15. I just bought Reaper 6 some days ago, best 60 bucks ever spent (I always used the "free" version 🥵 )
  16. This would be the best (I love the Early Level feature) if we could also load our own IRs. Thanks mate for this.
  17. Carlos

    Spitfire Felt Piano

    Taxes, lol, we the rich don't pay taxes ! (Ok, nope, I am not Rob. Kiyosaki)
  18. You're so nice matey, thx 😉
  19. IS this worth it? For 4.25 bucks? I have almost all Ezdrummer EZX, Komplete Ulimate 12, SD2, SSD5 and some expansions, lots of freebies.
  20. How do u get imprint free? Automatically by buying Splitter?
  21. Wow new version looks amazing. And they just released a bug fix 2.01 version.
  22. Mate, you haven't answered my PM. At least to me is very important.
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